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The detection and prevention of ID Fraud

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1 The detection and prevention of ID Fraud
Keesing Technologies Rosalie Koerts ( ) EVS 15 May 2013 Bled, Slovenia

2 www.keesingtechnologies. com
Agenda Identity Identity documents: Security features and combating imposter fraud Keesing Technologies Demonstration: ID document verification in seconds com

3 Identity An identity is not: What is an identity?
A passport DNA A person of flesh and blood What is an identity? a set of data that came into existence upon birth which can be reduced to a single, unique person It’s an administrative concept!

4 Identity document Purpose of an identity document:
Facilitation of business: proof of someone’s identity and nationality Facilitation of travel Many different documents: Passport Identity card Visa / Residence permit Driving licence “Special” passport

5 Checking an identity document (1/4)
Use your head Interpret what you are looking at Beware of imposter fraud Use appropriate tooling Verify as much as possible automatically Whenever in doubt, ask the experts…

6 Checking an identity document (2/4)

7 Checking an identity document (3/6)

8 Security features Every identity document has its own, unique characteristics and security features These features draw on some (more or less) standard concepts, such as: Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) UV Photo attachment RFID Chip Optically Variable Features Secondary Portrait Image

9 Machine Readable Zone (1/2)
Contains: Information about the document bearer Information about the identity document Check digits Approximately 70% of all forged documents contain MRZ errors (!)

10 UV (1/2) Under UV, special patterns may appear

11 Photo attachment (1/3) Photo’s are glued, stapled, laminated or integrated Photo’s are integrated by laser engraving or printing Photo substitution is a very popular attack Prevented by laminates: check for damage or double laminate! Checking photo attachment is difficult to perform automatically!

12 Photo attachment (2/3)

13 Photo attachment (3/3)

14 Optically variable feature (1/3)

15 Optically variable feature (2/3)

16 Optically variable feature (3/3)

17 Secondary portrait image (1/3)

18 Secondary portrait image (2/3)

19 Secondary portrait image (3/3)

20 Biometrics and profiling (1/3)
Imposter or look-a-like fraud Tactical profiling versus technical profiling Both picture and behavior are very important

21 About Keesing Technologies
Established in 1923; part of Hologram Industries since 2010 The most comprehensive database of identity documents ( > 2,600) Advanced and proven authentication solutions Helping more than 6,000 organisations and government institutions worldwide to securely authenticate identity documents

22 Keesing DocumentChecker
The world’s most comprehensive database of international ID documents Access to +2,600 documents: passports, identity cards, driving licenses, visa’s Information about documents from over 200 countries and organisations Access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk

23 Keesing ID AuthentiScan
Automated check, authentication and validation of international identity documents (highest level of multiple cross checks) Immediate access to Keesing DocumentChecker No specialist knowledge required Various possibilities for reporting and/or data sharing PDF report available of all checked identity documents Access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk Available for online and offline use Already used by dozens of local authorities

24 Extensive authentication. Straight forward solution.
Live Demonstration Extensive authentication. Straight forward solution.

25 Efficiency Know that the ID document presented exists, is authentic and valid Immediate access to detailed information of the performed checks Unique completion with immediate access to Keesing reference database (2,600 ID documents) Always access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk

26 Checking the world’s ID documents since 1923
Meet us! Visit and find out where you can meet us for a live demo of our solutions. Or contact us for further information via: E: T: Checking the world’s ID documents since 1923

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