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Selfridge AFB One Of The Oldest Bases In The US Recognized As

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1 Selfridge AFB One Of The Oldest Bases In The US Recognized As
One Of The Finest In The Nation

2 This Sept. 17, 1908, photo of Lt. Thomas Selfridge, left, and Orville Wright was taken at Fort Myer, Va., shortly before the flight that led to Selfridge's death

3 World War I Spads are lined up at Selfridge Field in June 1922.

4 Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, left, talks with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.

5 On April 19, 1928, Charles A. Lindbergh prepared for take-off after a visit to Selfridge Field.

6 Charles A. Lindbergh inside the cockpit on an airplane at Selfridge Field on April 19, 1928.

7 Charles A. Lindbergh sits inside his new airplane at Selfridge Field, April 20, 1928.

8 This photo from December 10,1929, shows the living quarters provided for married noncommissioned officers at Selfridge.

9 Selfridge pilots gather for a photo on November 21, 1930.

10 This aerial view of Selfridge was taken April 20, 1933.

11 Biplanes fly in formation over Selfridge Field on April 20, 1933.

12 These biplanes were part of an air show at Selfridge in 1932.

13 These biplanes were part of an air show at Selfridge in 1932.

14 Recruits at Selfridge try on their gas masks on October 16, 1939.

15 Amid Selfridge’s runways, hangars and barracks, the baseball diamond and tennis courts are visible on August 4, 1939.

16 Soldiers from the Michigan National Guard relax in the day room of the 80th Fighter Control Squadron at Selfridge Air Force Base in July 1942.

17 This Vought F4U Corsair was used by the Michigan National Guard to practice maneuvers on June 15, First deployed in 1943, the Corsair was considered an excellent dog-fighter aircraft.

18 A mechanic from the 56th Fighter Interceptor Group works in an airplane’s fuselage on April 29, Selfridge Field had been renamed Selfridge Air Force Base in 1947

19 The F-94 Starfire fighter jet, made by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, was the first operational all-weather interceptor jet used by the U.S. Air Force. This one emerges from the Selfridge hangar on July 20, 1952.

20 This F-94 Starfire fighter jet takes on live ammunition at Selfridge on June 20, 1952.

21 Two of 56th Fighter Group’s F-86 Sabres land at Selfridge on April 29, 1951.

22 After World War II, the 56th Fighter Group, one of the most highly decorated aviation units, was assigned to Selfridge Field as the 56th Fighter Wing. Mechanics are shown working on one of the group’s jets

23 Here’s a look inside the Michigan National Guard’s Selfridge Missile Master Control Center on June 14, 1960.

24 This HC-97 was equipped for search and rescue anywhere in the world
This HC-97 was equipped for search and rescue anywhere in the world. It was stationed at Selfridge in April 1966.

25 Due to rioting in Detroit, troops from the 82nd and 101st Airborn Division arrive fully equiped at Selfridge Air Force Base on July 24, 1967.

26 Federal Troops of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Division wait to board buses at Selfridge Air Force Base during the Detroit riots in the summer of 1967.

27 Selfridge’s 305th Rescue Squad is seen on February 12, 1969
Selfridge’s 305th Rescue Squad is seen on February 12, In 1971, Selfridge Air Force Base was transferred to the Michigan Air National Guard, becoming Selfridge Air National Guard Base, the first major active Air Force base to come under control of the Air National Guard.


29 A Selfridge ground crew works on the radar of a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom jet on September 18, 1980.

30 National Guard troops practice taking the plunge on August 12, 1982.

31 A pilot trains in a F-4C Phantom simulator on April 13, 1982.

32 Squadrons from Selfridge Air National Guard Base were deployed to the Middle East in 2004.

33 This F-16 from the 107th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, based at Selfridge, is equipped with a TARS pod for gathering imaging intelligence.

34 This USCG Dolphin helicopter participates in intercept drills with this USCG Guardian Jet as part of Operation Noble Eagle, an effort in 2006 by branches of the military and law enforcement air support that flew out of Selfridge to protect the skies over Southeast Michigan and Detroit during Super Bowl XV week.


36 An A-10 from Selfridge ANG rolls in on a target at the Michigan Air National Guard Air Gunnery range near Waters, Mich., as troops from Michigan get training to help them on their 2009 deployment to Afghanistan.

37 The United States Air Force Thunderbirds practice in their F-16 Fighting Falcons over Selfridge, August 21, 2009, for the free weekend air show.

38 USCG Lt. Junior Grade Dave Janney walks away from this Dolphin HH-65C search-and-rescue helicopter after co-piloting it on the ice reconnaissance mission during the 2010 winter season. The helicopter is stationed at Selfridge and patrols from Lake St. Clair to Lake Huron to report ice conditions and any potential vessel hazards.




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