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Welcome to the 2014 Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference.

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1 Welcome to the 2014 Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference

2 Send your : Health form and Water Sport and Community Service Liability Waivers to the State 4-H Office by May 1 Absence release (if you must leave early) may be mailed or brought to Conference. First, take care of paperwork…

3 What to Bring Appropriate casual clothing For boys and girls: tee, polo or short sleeved shirts; knee length shorts, neat jeans or slacks

4 What Not to Wear Dress Code

5 What to Bring Clothing for Special Activities

6 What to Bring Clothing Accessories

7 What to Bring Extras Alarm clock Money for pizza, shopping, snacks, etc. Notebook and pens Personal toiletry items Prescriptions and/or over- the-counter medications Towels and soap Favorite pillow, if desired Inexpensive or disposable camera (optional), label camera with your name! Music, costumes, props or other items needed for the Talent Show, if applicable

8 What Not to Bring Bed linens, blankets, pillows are provided. Please do not bring valuables (expensive cameras, jewelry, laptops, or electronics).

9 When You Arrive Cars and buses may unload by Sellery Hall in the parking lot between Dayton and Johnson Streets A Youth Leader Council member will be there to greet you

10 Registration/Check in at Conference Adult Advisors check in their county delegations in the conference headquarters at Sellery Hall. Receive nametags, room keys & wrist bands for meals. Always have your wristband and room key!!! Nametags should be worn at all times!

11 Monday Afternoon Tours Meet in front of Sellery Hall at 2:30 for your tour. Camp Randall State Capitol Kohl Center UW-Madison Campus Geology Museum

12 Where will you be staying? Sellery Hall is a UW - Madison dormitory on the southeast corner of campus. Sellery Hall

13 Dorm Life Dorm rooms have two beds. You will be sharing a room with another delegate from your county, if possible. Rooms are air-conditioned and each has a refrigerator. The dorm has community- style bathrooms.

14 Meals Gordon Dining Facility is right next to your dorm Delegates need to wear their wristbands for entry. All you can eat!! A vegetarian entrée and many fresh veggies and fruits will be available.

15 Conference Rules No SAD (smoking, alcohol, drugs) Follow dorm rules Keep windows, screens closed Dont misuse fire alarms Honor curfew, lights-out times Dont use phones between 10:30pm and 7am. Dress appropriately

16 First Aid & Emergency Issues Please remember to drink enough water to stay healthy! First Aid is available 24 hours Emergency transportation is available If you are feeling ill, please inform an Adult Advisor or any staff member so they can obtain assistance for you

17 State Street A fun place to visit during afternoon free time

18 Safety Precautions State Street is Off Limits after Dark! Whenever away from the conference site, you need to be in a group with an Adult Advisor DO NOT give any money or talk to homeless people! Street Smart Issues

19 Safety Precautions Volunteer Coordinators will direct conference traffic. Please follow the conference route and be aware that Madison drivers are often aggressive. Warning: traffic doesnt always stop for red lights! Please wait for pedestrian cross signals Traffic Safety Issues

20 Free Time Free time is when County Delegation Photos are taken. Talk with your county to decide what kind of attire to wear. Everyone will receive a delegation photo Thursday before returning home.

21 Free Time Free time includes all sorts of fun activities like dances, cards, games, and fun runs! Hang out with old friends and meet some awesome 4-H members from around the state!

22 Gathering for Seminars Meet your group outside of Sellery Hall before walking or boarding a bus to seminars. YLC members will be holding up signs for you to find your seminar group and leading the groups to seminar classrooms or sites.

23 Seminars Seminars will connect you with people, technology, animals, or the chilly waters of Lake Mendota!

24 Madison Masonic Center Assemblies are held in the Madison Masonic Center, several blocks from the dormitory. Rides are available for those who need them.

25 Assemblies Theater rules –No flash photography –No hats or caps –No refreshments –No feet on the seats

26 Assemblies

27 Talent Show application forms are due April 1 st Auditions for the Talent Show will be held on Monday and Tuesday. Selections will be announced Wednesday morning. Talent Show rehearsal will be held Wednesday afternoon at the Masonic Center Wednesday Night Talent Show

28 State Groups The Team Art Team Assembling the State Art Exhibit Creating Art

29 State Groups Creative writing Rehearsal Set design Make-up Lights Sound Performance Drama Company

30 State Groups Take photos Create re-cap slide show for Thursday morning. Press Team

31 State Groups In rehearsal Performing on stage Showcase Singers

32 State Groups –wears matching polo shirts for identification –greets groups upon arrival –emcees assemblies –leads groups to seminars –Helps lead nighlty county meetings –serves as a resource for questions Youth Leader Council

33 Adult Advisors The Adult Advisors: –Register/Check in the group –Hand out Conference T-shirts, keys, nametags, photos and wristbands –Serve as seminar presiders –Assist with operational duties to ensure the conference runs smoothly –Support and monitor delegates

34 Volunteer Coordinators (VCs) The VCs: –Help coordinate the conference on-site –Serve as a resource for Adult Advisors –Ensure safety

35 When You Leave Please remember to clean your room and pack before the Thursday morning assembly. Dont forget to send your Thank You letters. Share your Conference experience with your county!

36 Enjoy 4-H Youth Conference Special thanks to Wayne Brabender, recent Wisconsin 4-H Photo Teams, Aaron Brown, Corallina Breuer, Annie Hobson, Kari Klasen, Gretchen Krause, Andy Talen, Ashley Viste, Kirstin Krudwig, and Haily Rubesch for their efforts in creating this orientation presentation.

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