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Interdisciplinary Certificate Program Leaders in Sustainability.

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1 Interdisciplinary Certificate Program Leaders in Sustainability

2 Administration Co-Directors Charles Corbett IoES and Anderson School of Management Magali Delmas IoES and Anderson School of Management Student Coordinators Lucia Fischer Urban and Regional Planning Luskin School of Public Affairs Ciara Martin Molecular Toxicology PhD David Geffen School of Medicine

3 Through leadership development and multidisciplinary education that integrates principles of economic health, environmental quality, and social equity, the UCLA Leaders in Sustainability Graduate Emphasis provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance sustainability in their fields. LiS Mission Statement

4 Students in the LiS program will: 1.Connect students with sustainability professionals 2.Learn to integrate and apply the three components of sustainability in their fields 3.Receive leadership training 4.Gain exposure to best practices, models, and materials 5.Have opportunities for practical experience 6.Interact and collaborate with students from other disciplines LiS Objectives

5 Executive Committee: Charles Corbett (Anderson) Magali Delmas (IoE) Tim Malloy (Law) Vasilios Manousiouthakis (Chem Eng) Sean Hecht (Law) Carl Maida (Dentistry) JR de Shazo (SPA) Faculty support on campus Advisory Board: Sanford Jacoby (Anderson) Romain Wacziarg (Anderson) Randall Crane (SPA) Chris Erickson (Anderson) Tom Smith (IoE) Richard Ambrose (EHS) Erik Hoek (CEE) William Kaiser (EE) Deborah Estrin (CS)

6 LiS is an Award Winning Program Joining faculty from notable peer schools like Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School and Michigan's Ross School of Business UCLA has received the 2010 Dr. Alfred and Lynn Manos Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula. The Page Prize encourages efforts to expose business students to state-of-the-art environmental sustainability knowledge.

7 117 Graduates as of last year, 172 Students Currently Enrolled MBA FEMBA EMBA Urban and Reg Plan Public Policy Law Public Health (incl EHS) Ecology Education Electrical Engineering Env Sci and Eng Civil and Env Eng Film Geography 20 18 2 42 9 4 20 4 1 3 9 6 2 1 Architecture Atmos & Oc Sciences Sociology Ethnomusicology Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Materials Sci and Eng Biomedical Engineering Chemistry/Chem and Biomol Eng Psychology Engineering Molecular and Medical MFA Nursing Pharmacology Management PhD Molecular Toxicology 25115241311111112511524131111111 Breakdown by program of current enrollees:

8 (1) 16 quarter units of coursework 4 core units 4 unit core course (Winter 2014) 12 units of your choice, chosen from an LiS course list 1 choice course must be outside your home department/school (2) Leadership project (3) Regular participation in program events (4) Join the LiS email Listserv Requirements

9 Winter quarter, every year This year: Environment 277, Winter 2014, TBA was offered last year Tues 4:30-6:50, held in ENTRPNR C315, Anderson School of Management) Mix of theory of sustainability, applications, simulations, case discussions, analysis of sustainability reports, guest speakers, and projects Instructors: members of the executive committee and advisory board; professors across disciplines The sustainability core course

10 Environmental Law China's Urban Sustainability Environmental Law Clinic Water Law California Sustainable Development: An Economic Perspective Challenge Transportation and Environmental Issues Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community Environmental Economics Economics of Environmental Regulation Urban Environmental Problems: Water Resources Environmentalism: Past, Present & Future Planning Building Climatology Business and the Environment Management in Public and Private Nonprofit Sectors Social Entrepreneurship Green Energy Entrepreneurship and Strategy Industrial Ecology Sample courses at UCLA

11 Online Application (1) Answer a set of short answer questions (2) Submit a Resume (3) Submit a Photo Due N ovember 1, 2013 How to Apply

12 Online Form asp#one Round 1- Mandatory Due Friday, November 15, 2013 Round 2 Early Spring 2014 June 2013 Petition to Graduate

13 Lucia Fischer School of Public Affairs, Urban Planning Ciara Martin David Geffen School of Medicine, Molecular Toxicology Interdepartmental Program Administrative Support

14 Graduate Research Showcase – Present research with an sustainability focus Sustainable Farming/Community Supported Agriculture Call for Projects!

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