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KWLS – Tips and Tricks Beth Torrence

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1 KWLS – Tips and Tricks Beth Torrence
In today’s lesson you will learn some of the most important items you need to add to your KWLS listings to insure they get the most exposure and they reflect your brand. We will also show the power of the KWLS and My Listings, My Leads. MyListings, MyLeads is the philosophy behind all of KW’s lead generation tools.  It’s the basic belief that if someone is interested in your listing, that lead should go to you.  Simple enough and, in this session, we’ll take a closer look into how this works. Beth Torrence

2 Beth Torrence Southeast Regional Resources Director
KWU International Master Faculty Owner, myREDresources One of two instructors for eEdge for Leadership and Ambassador Trainers

3 Ground Rules Turn off your phone’s. Turn off your iPad’s “clicks.”
Keep the conversation focused on the value of KWLS. Write down the value points as we discuss them. Create a list of implementation items. You may want to have a conversation with a co op agent about this. What would you say to them? Make your list of what you will do when you get home

4 Ground Rules (Continued)
Hold your questions till the end of the session. Visit the KW Technology Booth for specific information about your situation. Note – This will NOT work the same way in every MLS You WILL have to investigate the best practices for YOUR area

5 What We Will Cover KWLS and My Listings My Leads
Where your KWLS listing is exposed Take control of your listing data KWLS – Beating syndication KWLS – Creating listings Q & A Resources Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!

6 KWLS and My Listings My Leads
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7 What is the KWLS? KWLS is OUR data
Keller Williams Realty is the ONLY national company to have this database! Your lead protection system You may ask…why is this such a big deal? Because it allows us to control what happens to it

8 My Listings, My Leads “My Listings, My Leads” is about building our agents’ businesses through: Connecting and Market Center website visitors with our KW agents Marketing our agents’ listings and generating buyer leads that go directly to you, the listing agent My Listings/My Leads is our internet lead routing system. It’s all about building our agents’ businesses. (Click) It connects website visitors on and the Market Center websites with our KW agents. By marketing our agents’ listings and generating buyer leads that go directly to the listing agent.

9 Where Your KWLS Listing Is Exposed

10 and Market Center Websites
If a client requests information about your listing on any of our national or office websites, that listing goes to you, the listing agent. This includes, <CLICK> your Market Center’s website, <CLICK> or any other Market Center or Business Center’s website that serves the same area, even if you don’t belong to that office. In most cases our office websites feature full a full IDX property search. If a lead comes in on a non-KW Listing, we route the lead to the office managing that website. <CLICK> We extend this same philosophy to our membership-based websites as well, like pictured here. <CLICK> Let’s talk about

11 KWLS Listing Landing Page
The listing landing page will also have several calls to action, your other featured or co-marketed listings, as well as a Make an Offer button for brokers and clients

12 KWLS Listing Landing Page
The listing landing page will also show a map, a virtual tour, request a showing and more

13 Locate Your KWLS Listing on
You can quickly find your KWLS listing on If the visitor starts their property search on, they have two ways of searching: One way is the “KW Quick Search” will show all KWLS listings in the area of their search. (Click) When they click on a listing, (Click) they’ll be directed to that listing agent’s landing page, and will get the lead. The listing landing pages generated by KWLS have a “” URL. If the visitor uses the “Search” field on the home page then they are routed to the most appropriate Market Center website based on the city and zip code they entered. Because is not a member of an MLS, it directs visitors to your Market Center’s website to display the property search results. This creative way of using allows us to quickly connect consumers to you, the real estate expert. Also, any listings you enter into KWLS are displayed as Featured Listings on the Market Center website and your eAgentC website – more opportunities for your listings to show up in property search.

14 Syndication Listing syndication has become one of the most sought-after marketing methods for listing information by real estate professionals in recent years and rightfully so, as we all understand the importance having our listings found everywhere. Syndication makes it easy to send to a large group of listing websites automatically.

15 Syndication
Through our partnership with ListHub, the KWLS currently is sending a listing data feed to more syndication sites than ever before!  You can view the sites by visiting Some of the sites (specifically Homescape) then take the feed and send it to their affiliates.  So Homescape, for example, has over 100 local affiliate sites:

16 Syndication KWLS is the #1 tool for helping you market your listings and generate buyer leads. It distributes listings to national advertising websites – like Trulia and Zillow. This is called listing syndication. Here’s how it works. You enter data in KWLS, which goes out to national advertising websites. Your listing is seen by visitors on those sites. When a visitor on one of those sites makes an inquiry on your listing, the inquiry is routed to you, the listing agent. Why we do this: You are in control of where your listing is marketed No KW agent will be charged for those inquiries (CLICK, CLICK) Every one of these syndication sites is in business for a reason. Their revenue comes from fees paid by agents to have their information displayed on the pages you see, as shown here. This is out of our control. (CLICK) What we can control is the “Contact Agent” call to action.

17 Syndication (CLICK)

18 Syndication You will also find on all Keller Williams properties, you will see the option to “View Listing Website” or (Click) “Provided By”. Both of these options will drive the visitor. (Click)

19 Syndication

20 Take Control of Your Listing Data
Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!

21 Why KWLS? # Photos? MLS = ? KWLS = 30 Brand Photos? MLS = NO
KWLS = YES! # Characters in Description? MLS = ? KWLS = 4000 Brand Description? MLS = NO Branded Virtual Tours? MLS = NO

22 Customize Listing Details

23 Customize Listing Details

24 Customize Listing Details
No featured agent but may see agent that purchased ad space We can’t control We control the contact me link – all bets are off – no syndication agreements to

25 KWLS – Beating Syndication

26 Listing Data Flow Agent KWLS MLS ListHub Local Sites
Wolfnet Market Leader Local Publications Agreements thru NAR

27 What if My MLS Already Syndicates?
Many MLS’s offer listing syndication service as a benefit to members. Members’ listings will automatically be syndicated to online marketing channels after they are entered into the MLS. So, what does that mean for you if your MLS already syndicates? (CLICK) NO PROBLEM!! Syndication Websites No problem! MLS

28 What if My MLS Already Syndicates?
Enter Listings Syndication Websites Agent Profile on When you put your listings into KWLS, (CLICK) we still send them to all of our sites … and our syndication channels… so your listing is getting maximum exposure on the Internet. MLS KWLS Enhanced Syndication Websites Listing Page KWLS Syndicates

29 What if My MLS Already Syndicates?
Syndication Websites If your MLS and the KWLS syndicate your listings to the same site, (CLICK) the KWLS enhanced listing always has priority. This means the more robust listing—the one with the extra photos, description, virtual tours—is the one that buyers will see. KWLS Enhanced KWLS Enhanced listing always has priority! MLS Syndication Websites KWLS Syndicates

30 Questions to Get Started
Does my MLS Syndicate? If so, how? Through what channels? Does my MLS give me the agent the ability to turn off that syndication? Does it give the broker the option?

31 Take Control of Your Listings
Turn off syndication at the MLS level. Add your KWLS listings manually. Turn syndication back on (if required). Listing landing page will direct visitors back to you, the listing agent. Beating syndication is process that can vary from MLS to MLS. Here are the best practices: After entering your listings in the MLS, turn off syndication at the MLS level (if they offer syndication) Enter listing into KWLS manually (you will always have the list hub feature turned off if you want to use this process) If your MLS requires you to turn on syndication (most have a 48 hour window), turn it back on if required, if not required, no need to turn it back on. Syndication companies will receive KWLS listing first and in some cases, it’s the only listing they receive! Please check with your local MLS and get details on their syndication process. If you feel your listing is not syndicating properly and you have followed all of the appropriate steps, please and provide as many details about the listing as possible so they can help you to determine why.

32 KWLS – Creating Listings

33 KWLS – Creating Listings
The Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS) is what powers the My Listings, My Leads routing system. When you enter your listings into KWLS, this lets us know that it’s your listing. From there, we distribute your listings to online marketing vendors on your behalf. Any time a visitor makes an inquiry on a property on any of those sites, the lead goes to you, the listing agent. You can enter your listings into the KWLS either manually, or <CLICK> via the ListHub Single Point of Entry which pulls your listings from your MLS and enters them into the KWLS for you. Two of the biggest benefits of entering your listings into the KWLS: If you only enter your listings into the MLS and allow them to be syndicated by your MLS, there is no telling where inquiries on your listing go. When your listings are syndicated through KWLS, you have control. More on that in a few minutes. Your eAgentC IDX presence is enhanced by KWLS data If you enter your listing into the MLS, the MLS will send it to the IDX Vendor (WolfNet) If you also have your enhanced data into the KWLS, the enhanced listing is sent to the IDX Vendor along with your MLS data and is then distributed to the Market Center website as well as to your own. REMEMBER: If your market center has List Hub enabled, you will need to uncheck the List Hub Single Point of Entry box to make your edits. Don’t forget to recheck when complete.

34 KWLS Creating Listings
Complete as many fields as possible to fully expose listing details. Room dimensions, additional features, fireplaces, etc. Much of this information does NOT pull from your MLS

35 KWLS Creating Listings
Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!

36 KWLS – Creating Listings
Provide full description using description field when creating a KWLS listing BE SURE TO LOCK THE DESCRIPTION USING THE CHECK BOX TIP: Add text “CONTACT OFFICIAL LISTING AGENT SALLY SMITH AT Visit us at for more information.”

37 KWLS – Creating Listings
Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!

38 KWLS – Creating Listings
Add multiple photos (up to 30). Consider using interesting photos, not just the front of the house.

39 KWLS – Creating Listings

40 KWLS – Creating Listings

41 KWLS – Creating Listings
Watermarking and Branding Software Microsoft PowerPoint Paint Photoshop Picasa

42 Q and A Questions about your specific MLS can be answered by the KW Technology Booth in the KW Exchange (Exhibit Hall). Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!

43 On - demand training videos
Support Resources On - demand training videos myKW > Education > KWConnect > Agents > Technology Training

44 > KWLS
Support Resources Answers to FAQs > KWLS

45 Resources Moving Forward
Weekly s from KW Technology. READ THEM! Slide #45 KW Technology: Rock Your eAgentC Site

46 To download a free copy of this presentation, GO TO:
KWFR14 3/31/2017 4:14:19 PM Thank You! Please complete an evaluation form found in the back of your program guide. KWFR14 Large Text #2. To download a free copy of this presentation, GO TO: © Keller Williams Realty, Inc. 2014

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