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1 #KWFR #KWRI FOLLOW TALK KWLS – Tips and Tricks Beth Torrence

2 Southeast Regional Resources Director KWU International Master Faculty Owner, myREDresources One of two instructors for eEdge for Leadership and Ambassador Trainers Beth Torrence

3 Turn off your phones. Turn off your iPads clicks. Keep the conversation focused on the value of KWLS. Write down the value points as we discuss them. Create a list of implementation items. Ground Rules

4 Hold your questions till the end of the session. Visit the KW Technology Booth for specific information about your situation. Ground Rules (Continued)

5 #KWFR What We Will Cover Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!5 KWLS and My Listings My Leads Where your KWLS listing is exposed Take control of your listing data KWLS – Beating syndication KWLS – Creating listings Q & A Resources

6 #KWFR KWLS and My Listings My Leads Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!6

7 KWLS is OUR data Keller Williams Realty is the ONLY national company to have this database! Your lead protection system What is the KWLS?

8 My Listings, My Leads is about building our agents businesses through: Connecting and Market Center website visitors with our KW agents Marketing our agents listings and generating buyer leads that go directly to you, the listing agent My Listings, My Leads

9 #KWFR Where Your KWLS Listing Is Exposed

10 and Market Center Websites

11 KWLS Listing Landing Page


13 Locate Your KWLS Listing on

14 Syndication

15 Syndication

16 Syndication

17 Syndication

18 Syndication

19 Syndication

20 #KWFR Take Control of Your Listing Data Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!20

21 # Photos? MLS = ? KWLS = 30 Brand Photos?MLS = NO KWLS = YES! # Characters in Description? MLS = ? KWLS = 4000 Brand Description? MLS = NO KWLS = YES! Branded Virtual Tours? MLS = NO KWLS = YES! Why KWLS?

22 Customize Listing Details



25 #KWFR KWLS – Beating Syndication

26 MLS Agent KWLS ListHub Agreements thru NAR Local Sites Wolfnet Market Leader Local Publications Listing Data Flow

27 MLS Syndication Websites MLS Syndicates No problem! What if My MLS Already Syndicates?

28 MLS KWLS Enhanced Agent Profile on KWLS Syndicates Syndication Websites MLS Syndicates Listing Page Enter Listings What if My MLS Already Syndicates?

29 MLS KWLS Enhanced Syndication Websites KWLS Enhanced listing always has priority! Syndication Websites KWLS Syndicates MLS Syndicates What if My MLS Already Syndicates?

30 Questions to Get Started Does my MLS Syndicate? If so, how? Through what channels? Does my MLS give me the agent the ability to turn off that syndication? Does it give the broker the option?

31 Take Control of Your Listings 1. Turn off syndication at the MLS level. 2. Add your KWLS listings manually. 3. Turn syndication back on (if required). 4. Listing landing page will direct visitors back to you, the listing agent.

32 #KWFR KWLS – Creating Listings


34 KWLS Creating Listings Complete as many fields as possible to fully expose listing details. Room dimensions, additional features, fireplaces, etc. Much of this information does NOT pull from your MLS

35 Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!35 KWLS Creating Listings

36 KWLS – Creating Listings Provide full description using description field when creating a KWLS listing BE SURE TO LOCK THE DESCRIPTION USING THE CHECK BOX TIP: Add text CONTACT OFFICIAL LISTING AGENT SALLY SMITH AT Visit us at for more

37 Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!37 KWLS – Creating Listings

38 Add multiple photos (up to 30). Consider using interesting photos, not just the front of the house.

39 KWLS – Creating Listings


41 Watermarking and Branding Software Microsoft PowerPoint Paint Photoshop Picasa

42 #KWFR Q and A Go to Insert Footer and enter the breakout title here!!!42 Questions about your specific MLS can be answered by the KW Technology Booth in the KW Exchange (Exhibit Hall).

43 #KWFR On - demand training videos myKW > Education > KWConnect > Agents > Technology Training Support Resources

44 Answers to FAQs > KWLS Support Resources

45 Resources Moving Forward Weekly s from KW Technology. READ THEM! KW Technology: Rock Your eAgentC Site Slide #45

46 #KWFR #KWRI FOLLOW TALK Thank You! Please complete an evaluation form found in the back of your program guide. To download a free copy of this presentation, GO TO:

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