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PHOTO GALLERY Guided By Bhagvati Vekariya(09it027)

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1 PHOTO GALLERY Guided By Bhagvati Vekariya(09it027)
Prof. Chintan Sidpara Bhagvati Vekariya(09it027) Asha Yarlagadda(09it014) Khushali Rupareliya(09it153) ID

2 INTRODUCTION Photos elicit better and things more clearly.
Photo gallery is a collection of the beautiful moments that we want to capture through camera. Gallery is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script with built-in support for other multi-media/data files.

3 Why This Project? The photo gallery is divided into mainly into 2 parts Professional General

4 Cont.. Photos are stored in it’s best form.
Special effects, frames and borders can be provided to the photos. Physical photo frame also delivered. These photos cannot be tarnished as other physical photos.

5 Features Categories Sharing Uploading Rating Effects

6 Cont.. Liking/Disliking Scanner Comments Making Albums E- cards

7 Scope Photo gallery would be maintained by the administrator.
After uploading the photos the user has to wait for the approval from the admin. The user can make albums under various categories.

8 Cont.. A user can ask for deliver of the physical frame of photo from the admin. A user can follow others gallery also. A user can comment ,like/dislike or rate photos.

9 Conti…… A user can upload any number of photos in the albums of any category . A user can manage his/her account. A user can view others account

10 How you reach this project?
SHODH YATRA Sky Web Developer 150,Ring Road, Rajkot Sky Tech Technology Dhebar Road, met the Director Mr.Dhaval Lotia

11 SB Webs Website Design & Development 103,Sadgurudeep Complex, met Mr.Mayank Raichura We The Developers Tagore Road Met Mr.Prakash Rupareliya(one of the owners of the company)

12 Technology Front_end: C#.NET JavaScript Back_end: SQL Server 2008

13 Why this technology?? Easy Application Deployment and Maintenance.
Automatic memory management Versioning.

14 Side By Side Execution. Platform Independent. Access to the .NET Framework, which extends the Windows API


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