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Western Cape Sport Horse Auction

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1 Western Cape Sport Horse Auction
by D. Newman & P. Roodman

2 Lot 1 / Farhills Hero DOB: 2008/10/21 Sire: Serenity Samson Dam: Hera
Dam Sire: Unknown 162cm Friesian/Percheron x TB Gelding Backed Been lunged, had saddle and rider on

3 Lot 2 / Angel Eyes DOB: 2004 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown
Dam Sire: Unknown 157cm Percheron x Boerperd x TB Mare Dressage, Showing Great paces and lots of spunk

4 Lot 3 / Edo DOB: 2009/11/30 Sire: Axel Dam: Moheo Dam Sire: Cordoba
153cm SAW Gelding Lungeing Loads and trucks with ease

5 Lot 4 / Duftwolke Orkaan DOB: 2002/11/01 Sire: Omo Dam: Jennifer
Dam Sire: Favory / Maestroso line 150cm Friesian x Lipizzaner Gelding Driving, Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing Outstanding temperament, team potential

6 Lot 5 / Gossip Girl DOB: 2003 160cm Crossbreed Mare
Breeding, Showing & Dressage Has bred outstanding foals

7 Lot 6 / Amarrillo Montana
DOB: 1994 Sire: Dansawil Psquanel Dam: Cellehol Tamariska Dam Sire: Anschluss 165cm Appaloosa x Warmblood Mare Breeding, Limited Riding

8 Lot 7 / Something About Mary
DOB: 2001/02/01 Sire: Unknown Dam: Lotto Dam Sire: Champion of the Glen 157cm Clydesdale x Percheron Mare Dressage, Show Jumping Sensible mare with loads of potential

9 Lot 8 / Emilie DOB: 2009/12/01 Sire: Axel Dam: Like a Flame
Dam Sire: Lambent Light 151cm SAW Filly Lungeing, Loads and trucks with ease

10 Lot 9 / Duftwolke Orion DOB: 2002/12/01 Sire: Omo Dam: Bianca
Dam Sire: Favory / Maestroso line Friesian x Lipizzaner Gelding Show Jumping, Dressage Exceptional paces, brave jumper

11 Lot 10 / Jaybay DOB: 2000 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Dam Sire: Unknown
153cm Crossbreed Gelding Showing, Show Jumping, Dressage Good looking with great temperament

12 Lot 11 / Celtic Mist DOB: 1996 Sire: Jallad Dam: Lilly Lane
Dam Sire: Unknown 164cm TB Gelding Dressage, Hacking Rock steady, great for nervous rider

13 Lot 12 / Cyrris DOB: 2006 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Dam Sire: Unknown
Nooitgedacht x Boerperd Gelding First pony Quiet ride, would suit child

14 Lot 13 / Ebbe DOB: 2009/10/17 Sire: Dageraad Dam: Malabar Coast
Dam Sire: Crimson Waves 151cm SAW Gelding Lungeing Loads and trucks with ease

15 Lot 14 / Miss Molly & Foal DOB: 1993/12/12 Sire: Anschluss / Moana
Dam: Mrs Moss / Miss Molly Dam Sire: Moss Cable Namibian Warmblood Mare /Filly

16 Lot 15 / Foxy DOB: 2005 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Dam Sire: Unknown
145cm Crossbreed Gelding Dressage, Showing, Show Jumping Excellent all rounder

17 Lot 16 / Ella DOB: 2009/10/12 Sire: Dageraad Dam: Special Encore
Dam Sire: Special Preview 151cm SAW Filly Lungeing Loads and trucks with ease

18 Lot 17 / Biscuit DOB:2003 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Dam Sire: Unknown
152cm Crossbreed Gelding Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping Great paces and a big bold jump

19 Lot 18 / Find the Gap Text Box Text Box Text Box DOB: 2007/08/30
Sire: Jallad Dam: Coming Through Dam Sire: Unknown 162cm TB Mare Dressage, Showing Good looking mare, ready to compete

20 Lot 19 / Victor AKA Raven DOB: 2003 Sire: Unknown Dam: Serena
Dam Sire: Unknown 155cm Percheron x Friesian Gelding Weight carrier, Hack

21 Lot 20 / Moon Dancer DOB: 1995 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown
Dam Sire: Unknown 155cm American Saddler X Mare Dressage, Show Jumping Willing mare

22 Lot 21 / Whistlehot DOB: 2006/10/20 Sire: Whistling Wood
Dam: Lose Your Heart Dam Sire: Dominion Royale 161cm TB Gelding Show Jumping, Showing Sweet, willing horse with great scope

23 Lot 22 / Amicia Quintessa DOB: 2005/09/21 Sire: Shari-Silie Shahika
Dam: Minhah Hameyn Dam Sire: Maistro 147cm Arab Mare Showjumping, Showing, Endurance Completed 2 x 80 km Endurance rides

24 WITHDRAWN Lot 23 / Mystery Boy DOB: 2006 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown
Dam Sire: Unknown 145cm Crossbreed Gelding All Disciplines Superb all rounder

25 Lot 24 / Bolton Luna Magic DOB: 2005/11/02 Sire: Lindenburg
Dam: Haunting Lady Dam Sire: Phantom Earl 162cm SAW Mare Show Jumping, Dressage Shows excellent potential for all disciplines

26 Lot 25 / Connemara Madonna
DOB: 2010/04/17 Sire: Galileo Dam: Malinka Dam Sire: Dageraad Tom 153 SAW Filly Unbacked

27 Lot 26 / Samra DOB: 2001 Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown Dam Sire: Unknown
14.3h Connemara x Arab Mare Eventing, Showing, CB Show Jumper, Elementary Dressage

28 LOT 27 / Danefern DOB: 2005/09/16 Sire: Danasinga Dam: Fern
Dam Sire: Shirley Heights 161cm TB Gelding Showing, Show Jumping, Dressage,Eventing 1st Adult Novice Hack at Summerfest 2011 1st Adult Novice Eventing at Winelands 2011 2nd Adult Novice Hack at Octoberfest 2010

29 Lot 28 / ZONNEVELD ADEL DOB: 05/12/2000 Sire: N/A Dam: Stella
Dam Sire: N/A 157cm Friesian x Boerperd Gelding Dressage, Showing, Driving 2011 Malmesbury Show – Best 3 Gated Horse 1st 2011 Agri Prelim 2nd & Prelim 3rd Nice movement for Dressage Used for Driving & Weddings

30 Lot 29 / Sher DOB: 12/08/2011 Sire: Brandy Dam: Chardonay
Dam Sire: N/A Boerperd x Arab x Hackney Very Showy, lovely temperament All Round Hack & super brood mare Sale includes Free Service to Friesian Greyerspan Diesel & Dust(imported)

31 Lot 30 / Cadbury DOB: 2002/3 Sire: N/A Dam: N/A Dam Sire: N/A
Percheron x Boerperd x Saddler Cross Outrides, film shoots & commercials Super Jump, suitable for Novice to Experienced Riders & most Disciplines & Hacking

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