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2 -OLCN has always had the vision of returning to our original state of being a self-sufficient sovereign nation. -We have never ceded our Inherent rights and we are moving towards once again thriving within the laws that have been given to us by the Creator. -This means developing the capacity to be independent through successful business, investments and effective governance. -We do not wish to be dependent on any level of government. -This is why we are working hard to develop our own resources, and making a stand for sovereignty. -We are creating a Declaration of Sovereignty that will be presented to all Treaty No. 6 Chiefs and are seeking community endorsement.

3 To remain a Proud and Self-Reliant Nehiyow Indigenous Nation that exercises our inherent rights given to us by the Creator. We will protect these rights and our land for the benefit of OLCN citizens, so we are preparing our future generations.

4 To work collaboratively in an OLCN Integrated Approach driven and guided by regular scheduled Month/yearly community-citizen Band meetings by Council, Elders, Program delivery and Business forums, to effectively implement relevant governance and leadership capacity to achieve economic self-sufficiency and community wellness.

5 ONION LAKE CREE NATION STATS: On-reserve – 4000 Off-reserve – 1300 The Onion Lake Cree Nation is situated 50 kilometers north of Lloydminster in Treaty No. 6 Territory where we have lived since time immemorial. The community land mass of 21254.6 hectares is divided in two sections: Makaoo and Seekaskootch. Onion Lake First Nation is an independent band, Treaty No. 6 Territory.

6 COMPREHENSIVE GOVERNANCE INTEGRATION PLAN COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: We value working together with the individual, family, community and established partnerships. We strive to honor and respect the dignity of every individual to attain higher education learning and a livelihood. We accept the life-long Education journey to our Cree Nations community wellness being traveled in shared innovation, responsibility and partnership amongst OLCN programs, for whom, we provide quality services.

7 INTEGRATION OF TRADITIONAL PRACTICE & KNOWLEDGE Commitment to Quality: We strive to establish the best in Creator Law, Natural Law and supportive legislative law for the Onion Lake Cree Nation We engage and fully prepare our Elders to be available to our staff in all positions and we commit ourselves to recruiting and training our staff to meet this need. We structure our Cree government and governance within an implemented, integrated Framework to optimize the Elders inherent wisdom, including the work experiences, skills and contributions of our leadership and staff.

8 OLCN - INTREGRATED GOVERNANCE MODEL ORDERS OF BUSINESS & RELATIONSHIPS Based on OLCN Elders Cree Oral History, we value the family as the heart of the Onion Lake Cree Nation. We work collaboratively to promote family/community wellness and link to economic partnership services. We encourage the wisdom and balance of Cree indigenous and western knowledge for physical, mental, social, spiritual and economic wellness in the individual, the family, the community and the world in which we live. FAMILY WELLNESS

9 Delegated Technical & Management Support Operational Principles: WAKOHTOWIN W orking collaborative amongst Council-Programs- Boards-Citizenship A ccess to program and community services are optimized K indness and respect to the individual and family O utcome and process measures continuously evaluated and improved H ub of Onion Lake Cree Nation organization is the family T ogether with the band citizen as an active and informed member O perate financially as accountable and viable into the future W hole organizational and program systems designed to maximize coordination communication I nterests and needs of the OLCN Nation drive the organization to determine what we do and how we do N ot complicated but simple and easy to understand and implement

10 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Band Owned Companies with Strong economic benefits – the business structure maintained by Business Development Corporation (BDC) -Onion Lake Gas -Beretta Construction -Askiy Apoy -Onion Lake Energy

11 Other successful and profitable OLCN business operations include: 1.Makaoo Mall Developments Ltd - retail and Fuel services 2.Onion Lake Enterprises Ltd. - janitorial services 3.All Nations Building Supplies Ltd - building materials and supplies 4.Property Management - building & lands 5.Onion Lake Health Inc. - medical office business operations 6.OLCN Ambulance, 7.Fire Protection 8.Peace Keepers professional services 9.Private-owned Member Businesses

12 OLCN recognizes a successful economic strategy is to diversify: The OLBDC allows us to build upon human capital and build capacity at home. We need a strong local economy that builds upon our strengths in the region. We are currently developing a comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that will help OLCN set strategic direction to ensure future success. We are creating an investment company, so we are proactive in identifying opportunities in a timely and organized fashion that fits with our investment criteria. We will grow Onion Lake Energy whereby we will develop our own resources but also capitalize on existing partnerships with companies like Black Pearl Resources and FOGO Energy Corp. We have recently signed 2 Treaties with other Nations to allow for future economic partnerships. (Shoshone USA Tribe and Wanska Energy Treaty) We are evaluating potential partnerships and ventures in other countries at this time as well. We bring in experts and tap the knowledge of our executive to implement these objectives.

13 Signing the TLE Framework Agreement allowed us a mechanism to own the mineral titles to our land and control the surface. We still are working to bring our Capital/Revenue Trust home to OLCN and this will be done this fiscal year. Having the right leadership and staff is critical to any nations success. We have stable leadership at OLCN and quality staff. Negotiating and signing various partnership agreements took time, money and goodwill on the sides of both parties. Investment on Educating our people and others as to the Economy and where OLCN is moving forward. Developing a relevant governance structures, financial laws, community plan, financing options, business/investment strategies are all ongoing. Thinking big and believing as a collective that we will achieve our VISION

14 Onion Lake Cree Nation has set high standards, and takes advantage of opportunities so we may progress as a Nation to benefit future generations. Ekosi !

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