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Grain Handler U.S.A..

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1 Grain Handler U.S.A.




5 Why Choose Grain Handler?
Designed for the customer- Custom built controls to suit your needs, Dryer sizes available in multiple ranges. Expandability- Expand capacity by adding more tiers to your dryer, Upgraded motors can be purchased before you expand to cut expansion costs. Energy Savings- The Grain Handler dryer uses about 40 CFM per Bushel, Gas consumption costs at less than a cent per point removed. Single Phase Capability- Our Fan-Under models make it possible to dry up to 5,000 BPH w/ single phase power. More fans to distribute the HP, also means not replacing big expensive high HP motors. Increased Test Weight- Having a larger holding capacity allows the grain to be heated up over a longer period of time for a gentle drying process, this reduces stress cracking as well. Low Maintenance- Minimal moving parts, No screens to plug or clean.

6 Single Gas Trane- All of our models only require a single gas trane, this reduces maintenance and part replacement. Quality- Grain Handlers are made out of all G90 galvanized construction. Quiet- We use low speed centrifugal fans which don’t create a lot of noise. Adaptability- Our control panels can be configured w/ many different moisture controllers, saving you money if you already own one. All components in our panel can be purchased by you, nothing is proprietary to us. Simple- Running the Grain Handler is easy, a few switches, set your temperature and unload speed. Re Sale- When it does come time to upgrade, selling your used Grain Handler shouldn’t be a problem or you can simply trade it in. Internal Vaporizer- Our LP models come w/ an internal vaporizer, save money not having to buy an external vaporizer. Customer Support- We care about our customers, Service crews and Phone support is readily available.

7 What is different about our dryer
Uses less CFM compared to cross-flow style dryers, less CFM means less HP Enclosed roof to keep out the elements and used as a pre-heat section Drag conveyors on bottom of dryer to discharge the grain Dryers layers are built w/ all the same gauge steel all the way up 1 dryer, 1 gas trane, 1 control panel – no stacking or modifying No screens to plug-up or clean Options of gravity fill, level auger, level drag or scalper drag Offer conventional or fan-under models Better quality grain – food grade quality - our dryers are gentle on the grain Multiple smaller motors instead of larger ones

8 Cost Savings Electricity – 40 CFM per bushel compared to 80/100
Fuel – Requires less BTU’s per pound of water removed Vaporizer included on LP models Increased test weight – Dries evenly, no blending No down time for cleaning Re-use your existing moisture controller

9 We also Offer Conveyor drags Scalper Drags Pit Curve-up Drags Catwalk
Towers Bean Ladders Y-Discharge Transitions


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