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Photo mosaic and Photo-montage. Harmon 1970s Dali 1980s.

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1 Photo mosaic and Photo-montage

2 Harmon 1970s

3 Dali 1980s

4 McKean 90s

5 first attempt at tiling software 90s


7 The photomontage The photomontage is a process where multiple images are placed together to create a finished piece of artwork. In a montage, the individual pieces keep their identity as separate units, yet contribute to the whole.



10 The photomosaic A photomosaic is the same as a mosaic, where the image is made up of series of pieces (tesserra). In a mosaic, the individual pieces loose their identity an become part of the whole.

11 NASA has used the photo mosaic process for years to create panoramic views from individual satellite photos.


13 David Hockney was the first artist to use the photomosaic technique to to create surrealist/cubist pieces of artwork.



16 Other artists...






22 hybrid process (called montage) The current popular process is a combination of both styles. The individual units loose themselves to form the whole design, yet up close they stand out as individual picture.



25 All one image (or tile) creating design

26 Different images creating the whole

27 Tiles of different sizes

28 Offset images

29 step 1... Find an image(s) that you would like to create as a photo-mosaic. Find image(s) that you want to use as tiles for the photo-mosaic. DO NOT USE IMAGES FROM ONLINE

30 step 2... Be sure to either find light and dark images or create light and dark images in PhotoShop. Begin to create image collection by scanning images.

31 What does relative value mean?

32 Which image is lighter?


34 As the technique becomes easier to accomplish, it has been seen more and more. In this case (and the following image) it has been used to create a narrative or as an editorial statement.


36 Our version of Photo-Montage software only recognizes horizontal images. This means that unless you carefully consider your images, you may loose the tops of peoples heads or other important areas of an image.

37 You will have to take any vertical imagery into Photoshop (or other image editing software) and crop it to a horizontal format or Photo- Montage will do it for you. vertical formathorizontal format

38 If you would like to keep the vertical format for detail or composition reasons, two vertical images can be pasted together to create a horizontal image. This will also allow more detail by sneaking in more images per square inch.

39 Combining several images into a horizontal format is an additional way to squeeze more images per square inch into the mosaic. Be aware that when you do this, all the images should be as close to the same relative value as possible.


41 When using these links you are leaving the Chenango Forks server. – history of photomosaics ***** - photomosaic information and downloads - create a photomosaic – photo mosaic tool download – ghost tilings - photo mosaic landscape **** – photmosaic landscapes – cool photomosaics *** - photo mosaics - free photomosaic (if you speak or read Spanish) – barcode portraits

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