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Digital Imaging and Photo Emulsion Silkscreen

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1 Digital Imaging and Photo Emulsion Silkscreen

2 What is Silkscreen Printing?
• Silkscreen is a stencil printing process. • Ink is forced through a stencil made on fine-mesh polyester or silk fabric. • Stencils can be made with cut paper, contact paper, photo emulsion, and other materials. • Silkscreen printing is used to create multiple prints of your image, or image and text. Silkscreen can be used on paper, fabric, canvas, clay, and other flat surfaces.

3 Silkscreen Examples Lincoln by Robert Rauschenberg
16 Jackies by Andy Warhol Poster by Carolyn Brown

4 Digital Process: Silkscreen prints from photos
• This is the digital version of the Photo Lith process. • Instead of making a high-contrast print with Kodalith paper and chemicals, it can be done in Photoshop, and printed onto acetate transparencies. • This is great for detailed images which would be ridiculously hard to hand-render. • Color planning can also be done in Photoshop.

5 Supplies and Tools Diazo Emulsion- Speedball and other brands
Emulsion remover- Speedball, etc. Silkscreens- polyester for acrylic & wter based inks Squeegee Silkscreen inks Black “stencil” made of paper, toner on acetate, ink on acetate or translucent paper

6 Selecting a Photo Image
• When selecting photos for silkscreen, look for clear SHAPES or LINES. • Photos with good contrast are best, but others can be fixed in Photoshop. • Avoid photos with distracting clutter around the main subject. Poor photo for silkscreen Better photo for silkscreen

7 Preparing Photo in Photoshop
Each image needs to be output in black to create the photo stencil. Open photo in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Create a high contrast image: Image>Adjust>Threshold OR Image>Adjust>Contrast

8 Planning Colors Once you get the basic image done, you can use Photoshop to plan colors for printing.

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