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Fast acting Complex formulations Clinically proven ingredients

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1 Fast acting Complex formulations Clinically proven ingredients
UK’s top selling Professional Skincare PharmaClinix Ltd, 130 Bramley Road, Kensington, London, W10 6TJ, UK


ASCORBYL TETRA ISOPALMITATE -5% GLYCOLIC ACID - 6% L-LACTIC ACID - 5% RETINALDEHYDE - 0.6% (HIGH STRENGTH) HYALURONIC ACID - 5% FERULIC ACID 0.5% & MIXED TOCOPHEROLS SALICYLIC ACID - 2% ALOE VERA (SOOTHING) The scientific supporting evidence for using these ingredients and concentrations to manage Photo damage is presented in the following slides. *Store in cool place

4 PHOTO AGEX® Vitamin C 10% L- ASCORBIC ACID & 7% ASCORBYL TETRA ISOPALMITATE COMBINATION OVER 12 WEEKS: REDUCES PIGMENTATION REDUCES WRINKLES REDUCES INFLAMMATION IMPROVES HYDRATION INCREASES GRENZ ZONE COLLAGEN & mRNA FOR TYPE 1 COLLAGEN. Photo Agex® contains 10% L-Ascorbic acid & 5% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. REF 1 Fitzpatrick RE,Rostan EF.Dept of Medicine/Dermatology, University of California, San Diego, California. Double Blind half-face study comparing topical Vitamin C and vehicle for Rejuvination of Photo damage. Dermatol Surgery 2002;28:

5 PHOTO AGEX® Alpha hydroxy acids
Photo agex® contains Glycolic acid 6% & Lactic acid 5% Topical 8% Glycolic acid is superior to vehicle cream in overall reversal of Photo damage. Topical 8% Lactic acid is Significantly Superior to vehicle cream in reversing Photo damage, mottled hyper-pigmentation, sallow skin and roughness. REF 2 Topical 8%Glycolic acid and 8% L-lactic acid creams for the treatment of Photo damaged Skin. A double-blind vehicle controlled clinical trial. Arch Dermatology 1996 June;132(6):631-6.Stiller MJ, Bartolone J,Stem R,Smith S,Kollias N,Gillies R,Drake LA. Dermatology Clinical Investigations Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston USA.

6 PHOTO AGEX® Best Retinoid
Cosmeceuticals containing Retinaldehyde have been shown in large randomized clinical trials to have the most beneficial effect on ageing skin. Photo agex® has 0.6% (high strength) Retinaldehyde. REF3 Aesthetic Surg Journal.2010 Jan;30(1)74-77. Cosmeceuticals:the evidence behind the retinoids.Babamiri K,Nassab R. Wrightington,Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.UK.

7 PHOTO AGEX® Retinaldehyde
Epidermal and Dermal concentrations of Retinaldehyde and Retinoic acid were higher after Retinaldehyde with Glycolic acid as compared to both Retinaldehyde 0.1%alone and Retinoic acid 0.05% alone, the presence of glycolic acid increases conversion of Retinaldehyde to Retinoic acid Photo Agex® contains 0.6% retinaldehyde & 6% Glycolic acid. REF 4) Pharmacology of RALGA, a mixture of Retinaldehyde & Glycolic acid. Christian tran, Behrooz Kasree, Denise Grand, Pierre Carraux, Liliane Didierjan, Oliver Sorg, Jean-Hilaire Saurat. Dept of Dermatology, University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland. Dermatlogy2005;212(suppl.1):6-13(DOI: / ).

8 PHOTO AGEX® Retinaldehyde & Glycolic synergy (RALGA)
A Review of efficacy results of Pre-clinical & Clinical trials of Retinaldehyde 0.1% and Glycolic acid 6% tend to confirm the expectation for acne & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment. REF 5) Katsambas AD-Asygros Hospital,University of Athens,Greece.Dermatology.2005;210 Suppl1:39-45.

9 PHOTO AGEX® RALGA A combination of Retinaldehyde (0.1%) and Glycolic Acid ( 6%)has a higher skin depigmentation potential than Retinoic Acid (0.05%) in the tail skin of C57BL/6 MICE. Its depigmenting result was seen earlier than Retinoic acid ie only one week of application. REF 6) The depigmenting effect of RALGA in C57BL/6 Mice.Kasree b,Tran C,Song O,Saurat JH.Dept of Dermatology,Geneve,Switzerland.Dermatology 2005;210 Suppl1:30-4.

10 PHOTO AGEX® RALGA Human skin explants were treated with Retinaldehyde 0.1% and Glycolic acid 6.4% for 14 days showed decrease in melanin content.The number of Melanocytes was not modified. REF 7) RALGA(Retinaldehyde&Glycolic acid )decreases melanin content in human skin model.Boisnic S,Brauchet-Guiula MC,Nocera T,Verriere F.Prof J C Bertrand Hospital,Pitie -Salpetriere ,Paris,France.Dermatology.2005;210Suppli1:35-38.

11 PHOTO AGEX® Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid labelled with heavy hydrogen (3H) was shown by autoradiography to disseminate through all layers of intact skin in mouse and human skin. Polymers of KDa were recovered from both blood and skin suggesting active absorption as such large molecules would not enter by diffusion alone. Assist in carrying large vitamin C molecules deep into the dermis. REF8) Brown TJ,Alcom D,Fraser JR.Det of Biochemistry&Molecular Biology,Monash University,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia.The Journal of Investigative Dermatology(1999,113(5):

12 PHOTO AGEX® Vit C, E & F Synergy
Ferulic acid Stabilizes a solution of Vitamins C & E and doubles the photo protection of skin. Photo agex contains 0.5% ferulic acid with vitamin C and mixed tocopherols. REF9) J Investigative Dermatol.2005Oct;125(4):xii-xiii. Lin FH,Lin JY,Gupta RD,Tournas JA,Burch JA,SelimMA,Monteiro-Rriviere NA,Grichnik JM,Zielinski J,Pinnell SR.Duke University Medical Centre,Durham,North Carolina, USA.

Combination of Wrinkles & Hyper pigmentation with rough, sallow underlying skin. One week after peels of superficial acne skin as Retinaldehyde with Glycolic acid and Vitamin C has very good anti-comedogenic action. 1 week after Fraxel for rejuvenation where hyperpigmentation is also present. Start using initially three nights a week increasing frequency by one night per week. One week after Derma rolling or Microdermabrasion.

14 Photo Agex® Works
Conclusion Photo Agex® Works

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