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The Birds of San Elijo Lagoon SELC Presidents Council Meeting November 10, 2009.

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1 The Birds of San Elijo Lagoon SELC Presidents Council Meeting November 10, 2009

2 A Year-Round Home for Some

3 California Thrasher Bewicks Wren Nuttalls Woodpecker --Photos by Scott Streit

4 A Winter Home for Many Shorebirds flock to the friendly confines of San Elijo Lagoon during the non- breeding season to take advantage of the mild climate and good foraging conditions. Western Sandpiper -- Photo by Chris Mayne

5 A Sanctuary for Endangered Species Over 90% of the historic range of coastal salt marsh no longer exists in California. This habitat loss has affected many birds, including the Beldings Savannah Sparrow. This endangered specie is thriving in the pickleweed that abounds in San Elijo Lagoons coastal salt marsh. --Photo by Chris Mayne

6 Light-footed Clapper Rail --Photo by Scott Streit

7 California Gnatcatcher --Photo by Thomas Blackman Snowy Plover –Photo by G. Tepke Least Tern –Photo by C. Mayne

8 A Repository of Rare Birds The Yellow-green Vireo seldom strays north into California from its Central American breeding grounds. --Photo taken at San Elijo Lagoon on July 23,2009, by Trent Stanley

9 The Prothonotary Warbler is an eastern species that rarely finds its way to San Diego County. This migrating bird was spotted and photographed in the large cottonwood tree next to the Nature Center parking lot on October 31, 2008. -Photo by Eric Kallen

10 Sandhill Crane --Photo by Chris Mayne

11 A Nursery for Breeding Birds Black-necked Stilt and Chicks --Photos by Chris Mayne

12 American Avocet in Breeding Plumage --Photo by Chris Mayne American Avocet in Winter

13 Song Sparrow --Photo by Scott Streit Song Sparrow Nest with Cowbird Eggs Brown-headed Cowbird (Male)

14 Bushtit --Photo by Fritz Wihelm Bushtit Nest

15 Great Egret --Photo by Mary Claypool

16 Great Blue Heron on Nest --Photo by Larry Spann

17 Least Sandpipers A Shorebird Haven

18 Willet --Photo by Chris Mayne

19 Long-billed Curlew --Photo by Scott Streit

20 Whimbrel --Photo by Chris Mayne

21 Marbled Godwit --Photo by Chris Mayne

22 Greater Yellowlegs Long-billed Dowitchers

23 Semi-palmated Plover --Photo by Chris Mayne Ruddy Turnstone --Photo by Neal Solomon

24 Shorebirds On One Leg --Theres nothing wrong! --Way to conserve body heat --Will occasionally shift legs --Will often hop on one leg if they need to relocate a short distance --Lots of different shorebird species do this behavior Marbled Godwit Willets

25 A Home for Waders Great Blue Heron --Photo by Eric Kallen

26 Snowy Egret --Photos by Chris Mayne

27 Black-crowned Night Heron –Photo by D. Aguilard Green Heron –Photo by C. Mayne

28 Little Blue Heron --Photo by B.J. Stanley

29 White-faced Ibis --Photo by Eric Kallen

30 A Salt Water Marsh Common Moorhen Sora American Coot

31 A Former Duck Hunting Club

32 A Proud Home of Raptor Nation

33 Osprey and Crow --Photo by Chris Mayne

34 A Site for Little Brown Jobs

35 And Our Urban Guerillas

36 San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy Sponsors An Annual Christmas Bird Count Each December, But In November…

37 Youre On Your Own!

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