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Photo documentation Cheryl Stock

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1 Photo documentation Cheryl Stock

2 the body as site physical visual aural virtual cultural the encoded dancing body: contemporary dance classical ballet Butoh martial arts trance dance adapting and inventing new choreographic processes to encompass the poetics of technology (Hellen Sky, 2005) Shane Weatherby, photo: Sonja de Sterke

3 transforming the body in site traces, residues and accents of the performers, as well as felt and imagined past presences in the sites provide a transformation of the body in site. Ko-Pei Lin & Elise May, photo: Sonja de Sterke

4 shared experience of site traces, residues and accents of the performers, as well as felt and imagined past presences in the sites provided a transformation of the body in site. Photo: Hyojung Seo performers and audience journey to the next site relationship of performers and audience to each other in relation to site

5 animating the sites through light creative industries precinct transformed lighting designers: David Murray & Justin Marshman Photo: Aaron Veryard

6 prescient terrain Brisbane-based team of Prescient Terrain sites the body as an unsettled topography exploring the transformation from animal to human states in the landscaped environment of Kulgun Park, Kelvin Grove Urban Village. Photo: Aaron Veryard

7 prescient terrain site

8 prescient terrain personnel Richard Causer choreography Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey sound score Maria Adriana Verdaasdonk performance concept Rosa Hirakata costume design Hsin-Ju Chiu rehearsal assistant performers Richard Causer Shane Weatherby with QUT dancers: D'Arcy Andrews Jane Eastwood Angela Goh Tegan Ollett Todd Madden Sean McColgan Monique Singh Kimberly Smith Hsin-Ying Tsai Shane Weatherby Photo Aaron Veryard

9 prescient terrain - kulgun park Richard Causer Photo: Aaron Veryard

10 prescient terrain - kulgun park Photo: Hyojung Seo:

11 presences the point Photo: Hyojung Seo Cheryl Stock direction Bridget Fiske, Liz Lea, Elise May, Ko-Pei Lin and prescient terrain cast performers

12 presences Elise May, Photo: Fiona Cullen

13 Vanessa Mafé direction Jondi Keane installation & performance Avril Huddy movement & performance Charlotte Cutting video designer Jason Hargreaves cinematographer David Pyle multimedia Jason Organ lighting Janet Crow costumes Avril Huddy Jondi Keane, Photo: Fiona Cullen separating shadows

14 The Brisbane-based team transformed this site from its usual function as a foyer into a performance corridor where a wide screen allows the shadows cast by the performers live actions to merge with video projections of shadows. Fragments of dance movement juxtaposed with daily actions, sound and text highlight the experiences and sensations explored through shadows. Photo: Fiona Cullen

15 ether Richard Causer Photo: Aaron Veryard

16 Ria Soemardjo Photo: Aaron Veryard Tony Yap director/dancer Madeleine Flynn composer/musician Tim Humphrey composer/musician Naomi Ota visual artist Ria Soemardjo vocalist Melbourne-based ether team creates a virtual temple from 13 kilometres of cascading rope, and a sound score incorporating tropical night sounds recorded at the site with reverberances from international temple sites, accompanying a ritual performance by Tony Yap, drawing on Malaysian trance dance. ether

17 Tony Yap Photo: Alex Chen ether

18 Photo: Aaron Veryard

19 living lens Elise May & I-Pin Lin photo: Aaron Veryard

20 Japanese, Australian and Taiwanese artists develop living lens as a three-dimensional living painting. The performers wear motion sensors to create transitions and interdependencies between visual, sonic and bodily elements. Ko-Pei Lin Photo: Ian Hutson

21 living lens Photo: Fiona Cullen

22 living lens Photo: Ian Hutson

23 living lens Richard Causer Photo: Aaron Veryard

24 global drifts live and streamed choreographic event, occurring simultaneously in London, Brisbane and Seoul 21st century dance using motion data generated by performers and audience alike in the urban architectures Photo: Seo Hyojung

25 streamed through global networks, data is transformed into real time audio visual environments projected to architectural skins of buildings, portals to other worlds which animate civic space Photo: Hyojung Seo global drifts

26 dissolving presences small vignettes, featuring performers and creators from other sites, this site draws on traces, residues and intermittent fragments of other sites in a sharing, re-development and re-invention of existing movement, sound and visual material Photo: Aaron Veryard dissolving presences

27 dissolving presences Cheryl Stock concept/direction Sarah Rubidge Tetsutoshi Tabata visuals direction Madeleine Flynn Tim Humphrey sound direction Richard Causer, Bridget Fiske, Liz Lea, Ko-Pei Lin, Elise May, Ria Soemardjo, Tony Yap and prescient terrain cast performers

28 dissolving presences connecting the live and virtual body as site and in site Photo:Hyojung Seo

29 dissolving presences the body as site: Ko-Pei Lin & Elise May Photo: Aaron Veryard

30 residual memories serendipitous connections accumulations and dispersals new possibilities

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