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MS4 Annual Meeting May 24, 2011 Michiana Stormwater Partnership.

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1 MS4 Annual Meeting May 24, 2011 Michiana Stormwater Partnership

2 Who Are We? We are a partnership dedicated to providing stormwater education to the citizens of Michiana Partners: City of Mishawaka City of South Bend St. Joseph County Town of Osceola Town of Roseland Bethel College Ivy Tech Community College St. Joseph County Soil and Water Conservation District * Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) * St. Joseph River Basin Commission (SJRBC) * Lawson-Fisher Associates *denotes non-MS4 entities who voluntarily joined our partnership

3 Common Ground Location: Adjacent Communities Same Watersheds Same County

4 Differences Not all MS4s Budgets Manpower/Staff Diverse Audience

5 Individual Strengths Most of the Partners had already established some great projects individually. By joining together we all share the success of these great programs Almost overnight, each partner went from having one good program to having many great programs

6 Bethel College – Student River Clean-Up Project Annual campus event Part of student curriculum 7659 man hours since 2004

7 Bethel College/Mishawaka – Developed Stormwater PSA Video

8 Soil & Water Conservation District– Quality and Quantity of Existing Student Education Programs 327 water-related education programs for over 15,000 students since 2004

9 St. Joseph River Basin Commission – St. Joseph River Basin Symposium Great relationship with the professional environmental community and political leaders within our area

10 Bringing the Pieces Together Written agreement between partners Developed an Interlocal Agreement, signed by all partners Regular meetings Designate a chairperson to keep track of scheduling, minutes, etc

11 Bringing the Pieces Together Responsibilities of each partner Make them clear to avoid conflict Finances We dont collect dues, just proactively and jointly contribute as necessary -this also applies to time, manpower, facilities, etc

12 One Common Mission MSP Mission Statement Educate our Community on the importance of good environmental stewardship for all of our rivers and streams and provide the community with information, resources, and opportunities to help them develop or enhance their own efforts for the common good

13 Common Targeted Audience Elected Officials, Local Govt Leaders, Managers, & Staff Community Youth Residential & Commercial Contractors, Developers & Professionals General Public- Homeowners & Neighborhoods

14 The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts As a group, we have accomplished bigger and better things reaching a greater audience than any of us would individually

15 Contractor Field Days Audience- Construction Industry Financial Support Connections- Commissioners, Contractors, Mayors, Contractors and Developers

16 IUSB Rain Barrel Auction New approach to partnering Networking throughout the community lead to this event and introduced us to potential future partners New audience through South Bend Art Museum

17 Film Screening of Waterlife Soil and Water, Universities and St. Joseph River Basin Commission helped us reach a different and expanded audience Partnering with Soil and Water helped us utilize an alternative funding source: Clean Water Indiana grant from ISDA Local University provided location, guest speaker Professor Deb Marr, and free popcorn

18 South Bend Municipal Rain Garden CommUniversity Day Notre Dame engineering students volunteered their time to plant the rain garden

19 Challenges Elected Official Support Let them know what you do- regularly and repeatedly Getting partners on board Not everyone is interested or able Low Community response to certain events despite our best efforts Some things just dont work- be creative try new approaches

20 Contact Us Michiana Stormwater Partnership Mishawaka Planning Department 574.258.1625 City of South Bend 574.235.5933 St. Joseph County Town of Roseland Town of Osceola 574.235.9626 Lawson-Fisher Associates St. Joseph County Soil and Water Conservation District 574.291.7444 x3 St. Joseph River Basin Commission/MACOG 574.287.1829 Ivy Tech Community College 574.289.7001 x5426 Bethel College Physical Plant 574.257.3346

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