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Monterey County Competitive Clusters Sustainable Tourism.

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1 Monterey County Competitive Clusters Sustainable Tourism

2 Todays Objective: Refocus Why do you come to this meeting every month? What is the purpose or goal of the tourism cluster? Who should be involved in this group? What do we want to accomplish? AGENDA: 1)What is a Competitive Cluster 2)Why there is a Tourism Competitive Cluster 3)This Tourism Clusters History and Basic Info 4)ACTION: Plan for the Future Dont forget to validate your parking ticket.

3 What is a Competitive Cluster?

4 The term business cluster, also known as an industry cluster or competitive cluster, was introduced and popularized by Michael Porter in The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990). A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally. Clusters are important aspects of strategic management.

5 What is a Competitive Cluster? Milan – Fashion Seoul – Digital Media / IT Copenhagen – CleanTech Bangalore – Software Outsourcing Paris – Haute Couture Antwerp – Diamonds Rotterdam – Shipping NC Research Triangle - Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Telecom Tel Aviv – Silicon Wadi Wireless Telecom

6 What is a Competitive Cluster? Criticism: The hype around the industry clusters trend is waning The prerequisite for a regional innovation system is knowledgeable people who have the motivation and ability to start ventures. To succeed, these people need to be connected to one another by information-sharing networks… So, rather than obsess over clusters, we need to start obsessing over people. Vivek Wadhwa Industry Clusters: The Modern-Day Snake Oil The Washington Post, July 14, 2011

7 Why a Tourism Cluster? ….Besides the fact that tourism is the countys #2 industry behind Ag. Tourism is not an industry. It is a cluster of industries itself. Most destinations have a marketing organization, such as the MCCVB. Many destinations also have something like a Ministry of Tourism or government Department of Tourism Development that is responsible for tourism product development and destination management. Tourism clusters or destination management groups are responsible for the long term strategic and sustainable planning of their local tourism industry, from a business and community (resident) standpoint, in collaboration with the government. Community-Based Tourism or Civic Tourism (locally owned & managed) and ecotourism are methodologies that have been growing within the conversation of sustainable tourism and conserving a destinations sense of place.

8 Endowed Resources Are what weve been passed down, including natural environment and history - our heritage. These are the things that we want to protect by analyzing and mitigating the risks of negative environmental impacts of tourism through adhering to a sustainable management system (internationally recognized standards or policy through a long-term strategic plan). Heads in Beds We want to grow this industry by filling up our available hotel rooms year- round. If the average visitor stay is two days, we want to extend their stay another two days in order to double our countys $2Billion tourism industry. With this extra income we can find a way to help fund much needed projects and systems. This is recognizing the economic impact through sustainable development. Social Responsibility Another important aspect of sustainable tourism is evaluating the social impact. This is how we protect our local residents and ensure community benefit and participation. Subjects in this assessment are: local employment and education, avoiding traffic grid lock, carrying capacity, health & wellness, power grid, water supply, community improvement programs, community involvement & management, etc… Tourism Activity Can Be A Sustainable Regional Development Instrument

9 Monterey County Hospitality Association Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau Tourism Competitive Cluster California Restaurant Association State and Monterey County Parks Monterey County Economic Opportunity Committee Monterey History & Art Association Monterey Regional Airport Monterey County Arts Council Event Venues Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association Business Improvemnt Districts & Associations California State University Monterey Bay Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey – Salinas Transit Environ. Non-Profits Community Chambers of Commerce

10 Monterey County Tourism Competitive Cluster Launch Date: July 2003 (9 years) Chair: Currently none. Formerly Mary Pagan, Culinary Center of Monterey Mission Statement: To bring together a wide base of stakeholders who work in the Monterey County tourism industry and/or benefit from tourism revenues to increase local tourism and maintain Monterey Countys status as a leader in the nations tourism industry. Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of every month 4:30 – 6:00 pm Monterey Regional Airport Board Room Typical attendance: 5-20 people Format: initiative sub-committees progress reports, presentation, discussion and other announcements Competitive Clusters has been successful because it brings a cross section of the economic community together around very important issues to enhance economic development here in Monterey County. - Mark Verbonich

11 Monterey County Tourism Competitive Cluster Initiatives and partnerships (past / current & healthy / struggling) CSUMB Hospitality Program Tourism Improvement District Monterey County Magazine Grapevine Express Community Plan for the Arts Pebble Beach Food and Wine Harvest: Farm-to-Table Local Products, Local Menus Litter Hotline ( NoTrash) Fly Monterey Alliance EcoTourism Initiative Geotourism Map Guide heART of Dining Monterey Bay Restaurant Week Destination Salinas – California Welcome Center Film Festival Month Week of Wine & Wildflowers Wellcation: Wellness Destination MB National Heritage Area MB Sardine Festival Amgen Tour 2011 Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Symposium 2010 Monterey Bay Ambassadors ESTC12

12 Monterey County Tourism Competitive Cluster


14 So, why do you come every month to the tourism cluster? What do you want to see accomplished through this group? What are our goals? Please, consider the following and submit your suggestions to or bring them to the next Tourism Cluster meeting, August Chair(s) & Initiative Champions Mission Statement To bring together a wide base of stakeholders who work in the Monterey County tourism industry and/or benefit from tourism revenues to increase local tourism and maintain Monterey Countys status as a leader in the nations tourism industry. Goals Meeting Format Current Initiatives 1)Monterey Bay Ambassadors, 2) Monterey Bay National Heritage Area, 3) Monterey Bay Sardine Festival 4) ESTC12 5) Ocean Frontiers Screening with MBNMS Issues to Tackle Future Ideas and Initiatives

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