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Building Retrofits: CCI and the Green Schools Alliance March 21, 2010.

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1 Building Retrofits: CCI and the Green Schools Alliance March 21, 2010

2 The GSA / CCI Partnership Craig HIbberd, Green Schools Alliance CCIs Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program Arah Schuur, CCI Case Study: Lee College Steve Evens, Lee College / Jim Swan, Johnson Controls How this works. Q & A Arah Schuur, CCI Contents

3 3 The GSA/CCI Partnership

4 GSA & CCI: Getting to Carbon Neutral CCI and Green Schools Alliance have entered into a partnership with the goal of promoting GHG reduction programs in K-12 schools: 2009: with the assistance of many industry experts, created a best practices toolkit as a resource for schools interested in learning about and conducting an EPCbest practices toolkit 2010: will initiate and support at least five (5) building energy efficiency projects with GSA member schools.

5 5 The Clinton Climate Initiative: Building Retrofit Program

6 Deliver carbon and sustainability commitments Existing buildings use an average of 25% more energy than new buildings LEED for Existing Buildings focuses on energy, water conservation Students are demanding green, LEED, high-performing space and new buildings are providing this Capture wasted energy & money There is excess energy and savings trapped in existing buildings, typically 20 – 50% Reduce energy use & lower operating expenses Energy efficiency retrofits offer low-risk, high-return investment Upgrade/renew aging infrastructure, address deferred maintenance Improve facility comfort & performance Benefits of Building Retrofits

7 7

8 8 ACUPCC Schools Best practices contracting Discounted products Incentives to do retrofit Discounted products Technology Suppliers Implementation Partners Cities Financial Institutions Discounted products Commercial financing products CCI Retrofit Model

9 Benefits of EPCs Innovative Contracting Model in which Project Cost and Energy Savings are Guaranteed by ESCOs EPC Projects Pay for Themselves Owners Control Process CCI ESCO partners agree to: Deliver financially justifiable & sustainable projects Work in alignment with CCI negotiated terms and conditions Work with CCI to minimize costs and pass on results Energy Services Performance Contracting (EPC)

10 CCI is serves as a pro bono consultant to schools in designing and implementing a building retrofit project. Facilitate project development and implementation Connect schools with ESCO, financial and technical partners Provide technical assistance Ensure that best practices are followed Provide access to supplier partners and product discounts Share best practice examples at each stage of project Measure and share results CHAMPION ACTUAL REDUCTIONS IN GHG EMISSIONS Role of CCI

11 Case Study:

12 ESCO: Johnson Controls Inc. Buildings: 35 Footprint: 589K square feet Construction duration: 12 months Project cost: $9.9M Annual cost savings from energy & maintenance: 32% ($716K) Simple payback: 15.6 years (financed over 20 years) Electricity: 43% reduction (7.4M kWh) Natural gas: 16% reduction (4,200M Btu) Water: 30% reduction (5.2M gallons) Carbon emissions: 4,400 tons CO 2 OverviewFinancesAnnual energy savings Lee College, Baytown Texas

13 13 What led us to consider an Energy Performance Contract? Accumulation of deferred maintenance cost on 40 year old buildings. Lack of available funds to make much needed repairs and improvements to infrastructure. Inefficient energy use due to age of infrastructure. Rising energy and operational costs Lee College, Baytown Texas

14 14 What were the immediate benefits? Many items proposed to be included in the FY 2009 operating budget were covered in the energy performance contract thus freeing up funds for instructional needs. Ability to finance facility projects in the energy performance contract eliminated the need to sell bonds to finance the costs. Lee College, Baytown Texas

15 What are the long-term benefits? The replacement of key infrastructure items allows the College to maintain these items replaced under warranty agreements. Additional budget can now be directed towards student learning rather than facilities. 15 Lee College, Baytown Texas

16 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 1: Lighting Improvements Existing T8 Fixtures will be retrofitted with new, T8 Ballasts, and Philips 28 Watt T8 Energy Advantage Lamp featuring ALTO Lamp Technology for all 4' T8 lamps. 7,550 Fixtures in audit, 7,372 retrofits, 1,338 existing efficient fixtures not included 1,377 sensors (504 wall-mounted, 873 ceiling-mounted) $167,237 Annual Savings

17 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 2: Solar Window Film Install 22,476 sq. ft. of VE-35 solar film and 7,489 sq. ft. of R-20 security film, (Security Film to be installed on ATC / Library only) $41,818 Annual Savings

18 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 3: Water Conservation Improvements Retrofit existing 1.6 and 3.5 gallon per flush toilets with High Efficiency (HE) 1.28 gallon per flush toilets 24 Elongated front ( 1.0 Gpf / 3.8 Lpf ) two piece, pressure-assist toilet. 7 ADA HET 1.28 Floor mounted Closet / Manual 1.28 piston 24 Standard height HET 1.28 Floor mounted Closet / Manual 1.28 piston 207 HET 1.28 Wall mounted Closet / Manual 1.28 piston Retrofit existing 1.5 gallon per flush valves with "Pint" High Efficiency (HEU).125 gallon per flush Urinal Systems 68 High Efficiency urinal System (bowl and battery sensor valve) $47,022 Annual Savings

19 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 4: Boiler & Steam System Improvements Boiler System Improvements Replace two (2) existing 300 Hp boilers, de-aerator, and feedwater pumps (auxiliaries), with three (3) 100 Hp boilers each will provide increased efficiency and operational flexibility. and auxiliaries.

20 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 4: Boiler & Steam System Improvements Steam System Improvements Install new steam traps and drip legs on main steam header and distribution lines and install automatic thermostatic vents at the end of main and secondary branches. Install (5) new Spirax Sarco Steam Control, Manage, and Measure Package(s), (1) in the main header, and (4) on the secondary lines branching off the main distribution header at the following locations: TV Buildings (one station serving buildings 1,2,3 & 4) Gray Science Bldg Arena (Wellness Center) Gymnasium In main distribution header immediately down line from Gymnasium to isolate the remainder of the system Install (1) new condensate return system. Make corrections as identified in the February Report: Science Building Vault Arena (Wellness Center) Gymnasium Music Building Social Science Building Moler Hall Bonner Hall $30,128 Annual Savings

21 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 5: AHU/DX/Package/Rooftop Unit Upgrades 909 Decker Replace existing Carrier RTU Replace existing Payne RTU Replace existing Carrier 70 ton chiller Physical Plant Building Replace existing Carrier 30 ton chiller Replace existing boiler Replace CHWP and HHWP

22 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 5: AHU/DX/Package/Rooftop Unit Upgrades Diane Gray Childcare Center Replace existing York package unit Replace existing Lennox AHU Replace existing Lennox and Nordyne condensing units TV-10 Replace Lennox RTU1 Tucker Hall Replace Carrier condensing unit SDX1 Replace Carrier condensing unit SDX2 TV Buildings Replace remaining CV boxes on 1 st Floor of TV1 Replace all FCUs in TV2,3,4 $43,603 Annual Savings

23 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 6: North and South Plant Improvements South Plant Replace (2) existing chillers, with (2) 600 ton water cooled chillers Install (3) new secondary chilled water pumps Install (2) new primary chilled water pumps Install (2) new condenser water pumps Refrigerant monitoring system. No SCBA required New purge fan and duct, reuse existing roof supply fans Install new 1200 ton twin cell cooling tower located on existing tower basin North Plant Install new VFDs on existing cooling tower fans Install new VFD on existing York centrifugal chillers $158,734 Annual Savings

24 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 7: Power Factor Correction Install new power factor correction capacitor banks in the South plant serving the 208 Lee Electrical Service Industrial grade capacitors have a life expectancy of 20 years with no maintenance. New equipment shall be Eaton / Cutler Hammer power factor correction capacitors, or equal. $9,649 Annual Savings

25 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 8: Direct Digital Controls Upgrade remaining buildings to full DDC controls Typical for AHU/Package/Rooftop Fan Start/Stop Fan Status CHW Valve Control Space Temperature Space Humidity C02 Sensor Heat Stage O/A Fan S/S Typical for Pump Pump Start/Stop Pump Status VFD Control $179,629 Annual Savings

26 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 9: Computer Power Management Verdiem Computer Power Management Software SURVEYOR Software Package for 2,349 PC Computers 3 year SURVEYOR Annual Maintenance and support Installation of SURVEYOR: Server and Client Software Baseline Data Collection Verdiem Analysis of Baseline Data Collection Energy/IT Policy Rollout Post-Enforcement Data Collection $35,245 Annual Savings

27 Facility Improvement Measures FIM 10: Vending Machine Controls JCI will install and commission new VendingMisers on Thirty Two (32) existing Beverage Vending Machines and Five (5) Snack Vending Machines $3,367 Annual Savings

28 Total Project Impact $716,433 Total Annual Savings

29 29 Getting Started

30 Through the GSA/ACUPCC partnership, schools will be selected to receive CCI and Green Schools Alliance pro bono assistance The schools that are selected will work with CCI staff to design and implement retrofit projects in 2010 Schools are applying to receive significant support from CCI and the schools that complete the process will see CO2 and cost reductions, and become models for the CCI and GSA effort. ACUPCC Retrofit Project

31 Project Development Process SN Implementation Associate Arah Schuur (CCI Program Director) CCI Finance Team Procurement Decision maker CFO / Financial Decision maker Legal Decision makerTechnical Lead or consultant Resources provided by: GSA School Green Schools Alliance CCI ProcurementTechnicalFinancialLegalBest Practices / PilotsProject Management Jason Koman (CCI Product Manager) Project Manager CCI City Director Project Development Manager (Louisa Plotnick) SN Implementation Associate

32 GSA School Responsibilities Project Manager Procurement Decision-maker Project Manager Technical lead or consultant Project Manager CFO / Financial Decision-maker Review and agree to undertake EPC project development process Obtain internal commitment to proceed from all decision-makers Determine how project will be financed Identify project goals and economic criteria Assign resources - Assemble team, project manager or hire consultant Create project schedule and manage to ensure milestones are met Understand EPC process and commitment Select building and gather required data Execute the procurement process according to applicable procurement rules Prepare and conduct ESCO selection process and select ESCO Review and determine which CCI Purchasing Alliance products to include in project Understand EPC process and commitment Hire outside technical support, if required Evaluate audit and other ESCO reports Review technologies included in project Provide input for final project scope decision Manage implementation Understand and recommend measurement and verification process Understand EPC process and commitment Determine how project will be financed Work with ESCO, banks and CCI to find third-party finance, if applicable Project Manager Legal lead Project Manager Understand EPC process and commitment Hire outside legal expertise, if required Negotiate and sign audit contract Negotiate and sign EPC contract Work with CCI to obtain case studies, lessons learned and tools from pilot projects Connect team members with other early adopters if applicable Participate in reporting results and work with CCI / SN to champion results Project ManagementProcurementTechnicalFinancialLegalBest Practices / Pilots

33 CCI Responsibilities General EPC education and project guidance Qualification of pilot signatories Guidance on establishing project team, workplan and schedule Ensure communication between all parties is running smoothly and project milestones are being met Education on procurement process and tools Help with procurement preparation: review of tender documents, decision process, assembly of base information on buildings Support in ensuring that CCI Purchasing Alliance technologies are incorporated Monitor vendor commitments to best practices Education on technical issues and available tools Review of Investment Grade Proposals and other ESCO submissions Support during project development process Recommend outside consultants if needed Education about financing EPC projects Review of investment analysis Guidance in designing financing procurement process Introductions to Financial Institutions Explanation of key issues in energy performance contracts Introduction to legal consultants, if needed Share case studies, tools, examples Connect Signatories with other early adopters Collect and manage results, champion successes Project ManagementProcurementTechnicalFinancialLegalBest Practices / Pilots

34 GSA Responsibilities General education and project guidance Qualification of pilot signatories Guidance on establishing project team and schedule Ensure communication between all parties is running smoothly and project milestones are being met N/A Facilitate the exchange of best practices and learnings among member schools Share case studies, tools, examples Connect member schools with other early adopters Collect and manage results, champion successes N/A Project ManagementProcurementTechnicalFinancialLegalBest Practices / Pilots

35 Is your institution ready? – Have you considered addressing your buildings energy use to control costs and/or reduce CO2? – Are you ready to implement a project that will start reducing carbon and costs in 2010? – Can you dedicate/hire appropriate resources to support the project? Next Steps – Read the ACUPCC toolkit for EPC in higher education – Assemble stakeholders and start to build will – Stage Setting conversation with CCI, Green Schools Alliance Getting Started

36 Louisa Plotnick Project Development Manager, CCI Craig Hibberd Program Director, Green Schools Alliance Jim Swan Account Executive - Higher Education Johnson Controls

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