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Welcome Welcome An Overview of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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2 Welcome Welcome An Overview of Interdisciplinary Studies

3 WHAT WE WILL COVER Advising Team Tracks in the Major University Requirements Transfer Credits Degree Requirements Online degree options Degree Audit Contact Information

4 About Interdisciplinary Studies University-wide program Leads to a B.A. or a B.S. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Housed in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies Designed for academic flexibility recognizing that there are many combinations of courses that meet the needs of individual students while still providing a strong curriculum and educational background.

5 Interdisciplinary Studies TEAM From Left to Right: Lee Logan, Miguel Naranjo, Leah Josepher, Iris Rios, Dr. Michael Hampton, Jessica Broerman, Pete Wallace, Allison Ennis, not pictured Marcelle Turner and Ashley Eden

6 Interdisciplinary Studies Program Tracks Interdisciplinary Studies track (B.A. or B.S.) Environmental Studies track (B.S.) Womens Studies track (B.A.)

7 Interdisciplinary Studies Minors & Certificates MINORS World Comparative Studies Environmental Studies Leadership Studies CERTIFICATES Cultural Tourism Leadership Studies

8 University Requirements University Credit Hour Requirement 120 Hours to Graduate 48 Hours of Upper Level 30 of your LAST 39 hours must be at UCF Nine hours of summer residency required Maintain at least a 2.0 UCF grade point average General Education Program 36 hours Gordon Rule Requirement 12 credit hours of Writing 6 credit hours of Math C (2.0) Minimum grade in each course CLAST Requirement Alternatives

9 What are Transfer Credits? Any non-UCF college credits AP, CLEP, other colleges/universities Verify with both institutions that transcripts have been sent/received Make sure with your degree audit that your credits have been posted

10 What will count in areas? Transfer credit from a regionally accredited University that is equivalent to a UCF course up to 15 hours What will not count in areas? Courses with S/U, P/F grades Test Credit (AP, CLEP)/Internship Credit Credit without course description or syllabus (Special Topics) What do we need? Course descriptions for any course that is not common course numbered or for a course that UCF does not offer Syllabi for any special topics courses Transfer Credits?

11 Why Meet With An Advisor? Explain Interdisciplinary Studies Confirm major and course requirements Maintain and correct your degree audit Explain undergraduate policies and procedures Advising on GEP, Gordon Rule, Residency Requirement, Foreign Language and Transfer Credit For overrides, waivers, petitions, etc. See an advisor at least once a semester

12 Interdisciplinary Studies Expectations Knights E-Mail is the Official Communication of UCF. Please make sure that you sign up for a knights email account today during the registration lab. (Graduation, Probation, Internships, IS News Letter, Etc.) While the advisors provide guidance and recommendations, the final decision on, and responsibility for your academic career rests on your shoulders. Your experience here will be most fruitful if you stay informed and visit with an advisor regularly. Evaluate your professors each semester for each class (all evaluations will soon be online).

13 Environmental And Womens Studies Students Break-out

14 Interdisciplinary Studies Track The most popular track (About 95% of our students) Consists of three different, non-overlapping, disciplines - two areas of study plus a minor from the list of minors offered at UCF Two core courses, cornerstone and capstone Individual plan of study developed working closely with advisor Great academic flexibility

15 Interdisciplinary Studies Track Begins on Page 192 in the 2009-2010 Catalog 54 Credits in the Major 6 credits in Two Core Courses IDS3933 Cornerstone Experience (1st semester in IS) IDS4934 Capstone Experience (last semester in IS) 30 credits in Two Subject Areas 15 credits each 18 credits (or more) in One Minor from UCF Of the 30 credits in the two subject areas, at least 15 credits must be upper level and at least 15 credits must be taken at UCF Students must consult with an Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor to enter the program B.A. requires one-year university level foreign language or proficiency or American sign language (SPA4614) B.S. requires one semester university level foreign language or proficiency or a multicultural course from our list

16 Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements Students must adopt the most current catalog Students must declare an Interdisciplinary Studies major at least two semesters before Graduation Students must earn a least a C(2.0) in each core course (IDS3933 & IDS4934) and in all classes in both subject areas No courses can count in more than one subject area or in a subject area and a minor (No overlap) Independent Studies and Internships cannot be used in the subject areas without prior approval by the Director

17 Interdisciplinary Studies Track core courses IDS3933 - Cornerstone Experience The Cornerstone course is meant to be taken at the beginning of your interdisciplinary studies experience. Interdisciplinary study essentials, including basic concepts and methodological tools, to synthesize material from disparate fields and apply them to academic plans and career goals. This course will include the history & definition of Interdisciplinarity, Academic information of the degree itself, and information on Careers and Graduate & professional schools. IDS4934 - Capstone Experience The Capstone course is meant to be taken at the end of your interdisciplinary studies experience. Student exposition of coursework demonstrating the understanding of interdisciplinary approaches and successful synthesis of interdisciplinary studies, applied to the course of study and academic/career goals. This course will bring together the knowledge across disciplines that has been developed.

18 Interdisciplinary Studies Track core courses Cornerstone IDS3933 Students must be declared IS majors (not pending) Must have ENC1102 Should be in first or second semester in program One online section/one mixed mode section We maintain waiting lists when the class closes Capstone IDS4934 Must be in graduating semester Must have completed IDS3933 with C or higher Must get permission from IS Department Multiple online and mixed mode sections Online reserved for online and regional campus students only

19 Interdisciplinary Studies Track areas of study Arts Behavioral & Social Sciences Commerce Communication Computational Sciences Education Engineering Health Humanities Letters & Modern Languages Life/Biomedical Sciences Physical Sciences Public Affairs

20 Interdisciplinary Studies Track UCF Minors (Listed by Areas) ArtsBehavioral & Social Sciences Art HistoryAnthropology Art - Studio Anthropology in Multi Studies DanceInternational & Global Studies Digital MediaNorth Amer. Indian Studies Film - Cinema StudiesPolitical Science MusicPolitical Science/Prelaw Theatre - GeneralPsychology Sociology CommerceCommunication AccountingInterpersonal/Organizational Comm. BusinessMagazine Journalism EconomicsMass Communication Finance Hospitality Management Marketing Real Estate Entrepreneurship

21 Interdisciplinary Studies Track UCF Minors (Listed by Areas) Computational SciencesEducation Computer ScienceCoaching Information Technology Early Childhood Education Mathematics Education Statistics Exceptional Education Fitness Training Recreation Tech. Ed. & Industry Training English Lang. Arts Education Mathematics Education Science Education Social Science Education EngineeringHealth Engineering LeadershipCommunication Sci. & Disorder Secure Comp. & NetworkHealth Information Mgt. Intelligent Robotic SystemsHealth Services Admin. Health Sciences

22 Interdisciplinary Studies Track UCF Minors (Listed by Areas) HumanitiesLetters & Languages HistoryEnglish - Creative Writing HumanitiesEnglish - Linguistics Judaic StudiesEnglish - Literature Middle Eastern StudiesEnglish – Tech. Communication PhilosophyEnglish - Writing Philosophy, Rel. & PopFrench Religious StudiesGerman Italian Spanish Life/Biomedical SciencePhysical Science BiologyAstronomy Molec. Biology & MicroChemistry Physics Public Affairs American Humanics Criminal Justice Emergency Mgt. & Homeland Security Legal Studies Public Administration Urban & Regional Planning

23 Interdisciplinary Studies Track UCF Minors (Listed by Areas) Aerospace Studies African American Studies Aging Studies American Studies Asian Studies Cognitive Sciences Environmental Studies Energy and Sustainability European Studies Interdisciplinary Informatics Technology Latin American Area Studies Leadership Studies Medieval & Renaissance Studies Military Science Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Technical Entrepreneurship Womens Studies World Comparative Studies Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Minors (Can be combined with any area as long as no courses overlap)

24 REGIONAL CAMPUS AND ONLINE Interdisciplinary Studies track is available at Regional Campuses and online Areas and minors available on Regional Campuses depend on the regional campus course offerings Example: Business minor and Commerce area will be available Palm Bay and South Lake but not at Leesburg Online only areas and minors are limited

25 Online Program Students must complete all University-wide graduation requirements (general education, foreign language, CLAST, Gordon Rule, etc.), some of which are not available via distributed learning. (Completion of an AA degree is highly recommended)

26 Online Program The on-line Interdisciplinary Studies Distance learning program is different only in that the areas and minors available to you are limited. The areas of study currently available on-line are: Areas of StudyMinors Behav. & Social Sci. -Political Science, Sociology (limited) Education -Tech. Ed. & Industry Training Health -Health Service Administration Humanities -History Letters -Writing Public Affairs -Criminal Justice (not guaranteed) Legal Studies (not guaranteed) Womens Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)

27 How to get a Degree Audit Log in to myUCF, then… Select Student Self Service

28 How to get a Degree Audit After Student Self Service, then… Other Academic Drop Down – Degree Audit

29 How to get a Degree Audit Go to Submit Report

30 How to get a Degree Audit Go to results tab and view audit

31 Areas for Employment Advertising/Marketing/Sales Public Relations/Spokesperson Business/Management Entrepreneurship/Freelance Work Law and Government Health Professions Education (Teaching) Writing, Technical or Creative Helping Professions Media and Entertainment Library Studies and many more!! Check out Career Services & Experiential Learning for more career information.

32 Helpful Resources University of Central Florida - ( Interdisciplinary Studies - ( Registrars Office - ( Student Academic Resource Center - ( University Testing Center - ( Career Services – (– Experiential Learning - ( Online Catalog - ( Academic Calendar - (

33 Contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies Location: Classroom Building 1, Suite 302 Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Phone Number: (407)823-0144 Advising: Call or Stop by the office to schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor. (Appointments Preferred) Peer Advisors are available to assist with questions or concerns.

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