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Indo-Seychelles friendship association

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1 Indo-Seychelles friendship association
Congratulates & Honors Dr.V.Ramadoss for Winning “ African Entrepreneur of the year Award 2011” ... a vision to change impossibilities into reality ...

2 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Representative Mr.V.Thavasu Muthu Receiving the
award in Toronto

3 “African Entrepreneur of the year Award 2011”
14th August Toronto - Canada

4 Steps to Success Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Generosity Courage Ambition Devotion
Focus Determination Hard work

5 With K. Kamaraj - Chief minister of Tamil Nadu during

6 Personal Profile Place of birth - Nalladai, Mayiladuthurai, Nagai Quaid-e- Millet Dist, Tamilnadu, South India Father Name Mr.S.Vaithinathasamy Mother Name - Mrs.V.Anjammal Education MBBS., D.Ortho (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) Thanjavur Medical College-Madras University (1973)

7 With R. Venkataraman - President of India 1987

8 Personal Profile An excellent Role Model in pursuing Community Conscious and Citizen Excellence-driven business Models. Dr. V. Ramadoss has gone beyond his visible possibilities to uncover and achieve the impossibilities through his potentials, by going far to discover his potential with the call to human Service. Dr.V. Ramadoss is an astute Medical Practitioner and a passionate entrepreneur, who has spread his wings in various industries like, Medicine, Food Processing and Hospitality, Retail, Media, Gaming, Entertainment and Many more.

9 Receiving Award from A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

10 “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award from the
Personal Profile Born to a large family with 9 siblings, and from a humble village in Tamilnadu, South India, to a stately Businessman at Seychelles, he was conferred the prestigious “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award from the Government of India” Dr.V.Ramadoss has proved that poverty of imagination, ambition and perseverance is the cause of “poverty in society”.

11 With Mother Teresa

12 Personal & Professional Strengths
Ability to energize and inspire the vision with diverse business teams Entrepreneurial and potential analysis of investment into various Business projects Caring , compassionate and empathetic with leadership qualities and very analytical Able to juggle multiple responsibilities within the diversity of the business establishments


14 Personal & Professional Strengths
Excellent communicator and team leader. Extensive knowledge and appreciation of clinical and administrative governance Gifted Interpersonal relationship with those in Authority and subordinates Recommending strategic initiatives for development in business. Create and develop strategies with implementation of tactical plans that meet and exceed expectations


16 Public Offices Held Dr.V.Ramadoss in all his roles has enlivened his passion, for he realizes that passion is the genesis of genius. Better Questions lead to better answers and thus constructive changes. With his unique and impeccable ways, Dr.V.Ramadoss has changed the way the world was operating with these organizations. Few areas where he has implemented and established developmental milestones are: Served as President, Post Graduate Student Association of All Medical colleges affiliated to the Madras University (1983).


18 Public Offices Held Few areas where he has implemented and established developmental milestones are: Ministry of Health, Seychelles. Seychelles Chambers of Commerce. Seychelles Medical and Dental Association. Seychelles Medical and Dental Council. Indo Seychelles Friendship Association.

19 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Business Career

20 Dr.V.Ramadoss Group of Companies
Founder & Director The Rising Sun Daily Newspaper Ram Pictures Pvt Ltd Chairman & Managing Director Printing Press Holdings Select Seychelles Val Riche Mineral Water Bottling Unit Seychelles Agro Industries Ramsons Construction (Pty) Ltd Amusement Centre Royal Growth Inter Lotto Pirates Arm Restaurant Cocod’or Hotel Central Point Pharmacy Director Casino Des Iles Chief Executive Officer Hitech Services Seychelles (Pty) Ltd Casa de Maestro Birgo Guest House New Quincy Mall Peoples Supermarket

21 His Printec In the Private sector he employs over 1500 workers

22 Printing in Progress

23 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Achievement in the Film Industry
Worldwide release and running Successfully in theaters...

24 Business Values In Dr.V.Ramadoss's life, it is certainly not the events of his life, that helped to shape himself, but his beliefs as what they mean. The power of his sincere and selfless contribution helped him, to realize the experience of human life's deepest joy and the true fulfillment. When he invests and spends around he makes the whole society comfortable by his contributions - a rare quality of a successful man in today’s society. He has strong values for every dimension and sphere of life.

25 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Political Career

26 Dr.V.Ramadoss State Visit with the President of the Republic To India



29 Dr.V.Ramadoss With Chinese President Hu Jintao

30 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s With Cuban President Raul Castro

31 Countries Visited United Kingdom Singapore Rome Germany Malaysia
France Thailand South Africa China United Arab Emirates Hong Kong Maldives Japan Madagascar North and South Korea Mauritius Russia India

32 The installation of the Grotto of Our Lady of Velankanni (Our Lady of Good Health) from the holy town of Velankanni, Tamilnadu at Anse Etoile Church in Seychelles. (2000).

33 Humane Contributions Dr Ramadoss’s vision is not to represent Human to God but God to Human. He has displayed the power of love in attaining spiritual sanctity with secular sanity. Instrumental in the installation of the Grotto of Our Lady of Velankanni (Our Lady of Good Health) from the holy town of Velankanni, Tamilnadu at Anse Etoile Church in Seychelles. (2000). Made Financial contributions to many Catholic Churches across Seychelles. In the process of installing the Grotto of Our Lady of the Seas - Ave Stella Marie at the Fisherman Community’s request.

Established framework for recruiting medical professionals and doctors from India to Seychelles. Contributed tremendously towards various charity purposes. Took part in many diplomatic delegations to India including the Seychelles President, Prime Ministerial delegations to India. One of the few Privileged Indians to hold the diplomatic passport of another country he has adopted as his second home. Had the privilege of being appointed as Personal Physician to the Past and Present President of Seychelles. Held the charge of Seychelles Defense Forces Medical wing. Represented Seychelles in many International Forums

35 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Professional Career

36 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Professional Career
Personal Physician to HE Ex-President France Albert Rene Personal Physician to HE President James Alix Michel Restructuring the Defense Forces Medical Wing Physician to the Dignitaries in the Country Service to the economically challenged society in Seychelles and India

37 Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Professional Career
Performed the role of Special Advisor to the Minister for Health. Trade commissioner for Seychelles in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. Created employment opportunities for local citizens and expatriates through his business organizations, where 1200 families are earning their livelihood. Key player in the decision of Government of Seychelles to send its citizens to India for specialty treatment. Opened the gateway of Medical tourism between India and Seychelles. Has conducted Medical Camps for free cataract surgeries/ENT / Mammogram screening for the people of Seychelles.

38 Contributions for the secular Causes
Dr.V.Ramadoss believes that “Life is a gift”, Which offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more, than the ordinary. He has realized more of his potential by giving to humanity at large. Few of his contributions are listed below. Contributed to various community causes across the globe for the areas of concern pertaining to Human Health, Religious Charities, Old Age Care, Orphanages, Eye care physically challenged amongst many others. Contributed Eastern Gopuram Construction to Tirutani Murugan Temple in Also a Silver Kavacham to Lord which is regularly used in the festivals on the Lord. Supported many economically, socially and physically challenged individuals to pursue their studies and careers, apart from providing help in comprehensive medical attention. Donated to various natural disasters including the Orissa Floods Donated to the veterans who lost their lives in Kargil War

39 Diplomatic Roles Member – Delegation led by President France Albert Rene-1987 –North Korea Member – Delegation led by Principal Secretary, Ministry of Health, Seychelles (1990) Member – Delegation led by Vice-President, James A Michel (1994) and personally visited Mother Theresa in Calcutta Represented in the Commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the Asian-African Conference in Jakarta (1995), attended by 62 Asian African heads of the States Trade commissioner to India, Srilanka, Nepal and Tamilnadu (1996) Member – Delegation led by Vice-President, James A Michel (1996) Member – Delegation led by the Minister of Education (2001)to sign MOU between India Universities and Seychelles Government Member – Delegation led by the President France Albert Rene to Abu Dhabi (2002) Accompanied the President to Lebanon -2010

40 Diplomatic Roles Member Represented Asian African Summit (2005r-delgation led by President James Alix Michel – Heads of State meet-Jakarta 2007 Member – Delegation led by President James Alix Michel –Beijing Olympics -2008 Member – Delegation led by President James Alix Michel –UNESCO Paris -2009 Member – Delegation led by President James Alix Michel –SCCI –Seoul South Korea-2009 Member Delegate- Team led by President J.A.Michel – at Shangai, China for World Expo in April 2010 Met and interacted with many world leaders during the delegation representation, including the Vice Presidents of India, Present Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh and the Prince of United Arab Emirates Was part of the Presidential entourage to Cuba -2010 Was part of the delegation to India-2010 As Seychelles chamber of commerce and Industry Chairman , hosted the Economic forum consisting of representatives from the Indian Ocean countries held in Oct in the Republic of Seychelles.-2010

41 Dr.V.Ramadoss Family Wife Married Dr Julia Dasan, an Obstetrician and Gynecologist by profession. She has served as Consultant – Ministry of health, Government of Seychelles. Daughter - Nalini pursuing medicine studies in Malaysia. Son Prem Kumar is currently studying in International School, Seychelles, aspiring to pursue a career in Flying.

42 Dr.V.Ramadoss Seychellois Pioneer A Legend

43 Thank You The Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight- But, while their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night - Henry Longfellow

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