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2 Welcome and Thank You for Sharing this Important Time with US!
Parental Involvement United Front Open Door Policy Kindergarten – 4thGrade Principal-Jaime Madden Office Team: Carolyn Garcia & Elizabeth Muniz Lead Teacher: Tom Amenita 5th – 8th Grade Principal- Henry DiGiacinto Office Team: Marianne Kraut & Cheryl Kovalsky Lead Teacher: Ken Campbell Tonight is the first step in our year of education together as a parent school team! An important message that we can send together to your children is that we are working together to provide them with the best possible educational experience.

3 BUILDING A TEAM Building a team requires: Trust
Commitment to the mission Communication Collaboration Courtesy Conflict Resolution

4 Research conducted by the State of Michigan Department of Education
Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students’ academic success as family socioeconomic status. Some of the more intensive programs had effects that were 10 times greater than other factors.7 The most consistent predictors of children’s academic achievement and social adjustment are parent expectations of the child’s academic attainment and satisfaction with their child’s education at school.10

5 “Decades of research show that when parents are involved students have6”:
Higher grades, test scores, and Graduation rates Better school attendance Increased motivation, better self-esteem Lower rates of suspension Decreased use of drugs and alcohol Fewer instances of violent behavior

6 Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University has developed a framework for defining six different types of parent involvement. Parenting Communicating Volunteering Learning at Home Decision Making Collaborating with Community

7 PARENTING: Parent education and other courses or training for parents
Family support programs to assist families with health, nutrition, and other services

8 COMMUNICATING Design effective forms of school-to-home and home-to-school communications about school programs and children's progress SNAP GRADES- Weekly Newsletters- Website- Automated Telephone Announcements- Agendas Conferences with every parent at least 2x Per Year PEP/IEP/504 Conferences 2x Per year- REQUIRED Language translators to assist families as needed Spanish, French & Creole

9 VOLUNTEERING: Recruit and organize parent help and support
V.I.P.S Programs School Volunteering Requirement of 15 Hours School and classroom volunteer program to help teachers, administrators, students, and other parents Contact Morgan Mitchell!!!

10 LEARNING AT HOME: Provide information and ideas to families about how to help students at home with homework and other curriculum-related activities, decisions, and planning PTA Information Sessions Information for families on skills required for students in all subjects at each grade Sunshine State Standards Information on homework policies and how to monitor and discuss schoolwork at home

11 DECISION MAKING: Include parents in school decisions, developing parent leaders and representatives PTA BFA Board of Directors Independent advocacy groups to lobby and work for school reform and improvements Political Action Group

Identify and integrate resources and services from the community to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning and development Collaboration with NPB Recreation Center Resource Depot University of Florida Cooperative Extension Program Florida Power and Light Dr. Terry Couch South Florida Fair Grounds School District of PB County Palm Beach County Health Department

13 TEAMS HAVE RULES!! Chain of Command Funding Federal Government
Property Taxes Income Taxes Federal Government Florida Department of Education ½ Cent Sales Tax Funding Utility Taxes Bright Futures Academy School Board School Board of Palm Beach County Chief Executive Officer- Kendall Artusi Jaime Madden- Principal Henry Di Giacinto- Principal Janine Korody- Webmaster & Special Services Ellen White- Business Manager Marsia Tucci- Testing & Publications Alice McAnelly- Admissions & Extended Day Morgan Mitchell- Community Outreach Carol Merman- Health & Food Services Phil Robinson- Facilities & Transportation Marianne Kraut- Dismissal & Administration Sherry Vazquez- Data Processing Carolyn Garcia- Dismissal & Administration Administrative Staff Teaching Staff, Support Staff and Assistants

14 Federal Tax Revenue

15 Where do your federal tax dollars go?
Education Health and Human Services Social Security War on Terror Medicare Defense Medicaid Unemployment Welfare Interest on Debt

16 Florida State Tax Dollars

17 Florida State Tax Dollar Expenditures

18 Local Taxes Derived from:
77.88% Property Taxes: $3.1 Billion 10.91% Individual Certificate Sales 7.42 % State of Florida Remainder= Miscellaneous Taxes 2009 Tax Roll

19 Local Tax Expenditure 37.04% School District of Palm Beach County
$1,166,223,982.02 19.32% County Expenses 15.95% Municipalities 9.36% Waste/Water/Utilities 6.30% Fire Remainder= Miscellaneous Taxes 2009- Tax Roll

BRIGHT FUTURES ACADEMY $2.7 Billion Total Budget $1.4 Billion General Operating 51 % of Total Budget $1.0 Billion Capital Projects 37% of Total Budget $ 4,737, Total Budget $ 4,113, General Operating 87% of Total Budget $338,650 Capital Needs 7% of Total Budget GET INFORMED- GET INVOLVED VOTE Charter Schools get $0 from State PECO funds for Capital Charter Schools get $0 from the ½ cent sales tax The PBCSD voted last year to move a portion of their general operating funds into their capital fund and in doing so cost PBC Charter Schools over $1,000,000

21 What is a Charter School?
Charter Schools in Florida shall…. Meet High Standards Provide Parents with information about their child’s growth Improve student learning Encourage the use of innovative learning methods Create innovative measurement tools Provide competition Create new professional opportunities for teachers

22 Charter Schools Have Board of Directors
Bright Futures Board of Directors Mr. John Gnecco- Chair Mr. Bob Frein- Vice Chair Mrs. Rebecca Nelson- Secretary Mr. Frank Walker Dr. Terry Couch Mr. Giovanni deFrancisci Board Meetings are held at the Riverside Campus 6:30 PM on the 4th Tuesday of every month

23 Mission Statement “Provide families with an educational alternative to the currently available school programs, for students enrolling in grades K-8, in accordance with the highest professional standards and in cooperation with school families, key stakeholders, and community members, in an effort to foster academic excellence in a small, safe and nurturing environment that uses an integrated, interactive, multicultural program where each student’s individual talents are recognized and students are encouraged to reach their full potential, while striving to achieve 100% literacy growth. All parties are taught to recognize the different developmental stages of growth from childhood to adolescence with the ultimate goal of the student realizing their full potential and becoming productive, competitive citizens in a global economy.” Why do parents bring their children to our school? Key stakeholders and community members- who are these people? Small- we are dedicated to having small campuses. Huge goal- but we want students to be successful- PTA inviting speakers- Understanding who they are- their strengths and weaknesses and understand the world around them.

24 BFA is a Safe School!! New for 2010-2011:
Car Decals See Appendix ID Student Identification Badges Staff Uniforms Visitor ID Badge Printers Crisis Response Training See Appendix CR

25 Attendance & Absences Students must be in attendance for 40 of each 45 days in a 9 week period Make up work must be submitted within ONE DAY on return for each day absent. You must turn in a note, SIGNED BY THE PARENT, in order to receive an excused absence (Details PBCSD P7)

26 Arrival and Dismissal Team
Riverside Staff: Phil Robinson-Marianne Kraut-& Ken Campbell Lighthouse Staff: Carolyn Garcia-Lynnae Steinberg-Rhonda Gordon Prosperity Staff: Tom Amenita- Steve Soloman

27 Arrival Time School Starts at 8:00AM (this does not mean you arrive into the parking lot at 8:00AM!) EARLY BIRDS Students can arriving as early as 7:30-7:44 AM(NO EARLIER) and must be signed in to Before Care! After 7:45 AM they may go directly to their class! LATE ARRIVERS After 8:00AM students are considered tardy and MUST be signed in at the front office!

28 MAP and Manners Map See Appendix P Manners
Please review your arrival/dismissal map Manners No cell phones in line Do not block traffic Obey street signs (no left turn out of lot) No Yelling at Staff No drinking and driving Stay Alert Remain in your car

29 Dismissal- the basics Dismissal begins at 3:15 on regular school days and 11:15 on half days. THERE WILL BE NO DISMISSALS BETWEEN 2:45 AND 3:15 UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE OR THERE IS A FAMILY EMERGENCY No pick up changes without prior written notice.

30 Dismissal- the nitty gritty!
Half Days: 11:15AM regular dismissal NO AFTERCARE PTA hosts Art in the Park!!! Regular Days: 3:15PM regular dismissal 3:30PM Shuttle Bus Rider Dismissal

31 Shuttle Bus Riders Shuttle Bus Departs Promptly at 7:35AM from each campus and you MUST have your child there on time or you must transport! (See Appendix T) Shuttle Bus forms must be filled out for your child to ride the Bus. (get out your forms!) Bus Rules must be followed. (See Appendix BR)

32 Bus in General Students at BFA ride the bus for various reasons- (get out your Bus Permission Form!) AM/PM Shuttle Sick Clinic PE Transportation Sports Clubs Connections Aftercare

Before Care- Opens at 7:30AM Breakfast $1.00 After Care- (See Appendix A) Begins Monday, August 23 All AC students will be shuttled to Riverside Campus $50 Registration Fee See Aftercare Forms

34 Aftercare Fees Due the 1st Friday of the Month
Full Time Care: 3:30- 6:00 1st Child: $200 Per Month 2nd Child: $150 Per Month 3rd Child: $100 Per Month Part Time Care: 3:30- 4:30 $100 Per Month Per Child August is paid for by the $50 Registration Fee!

35 Connections Program See Appendix C
Connections Begins Monday, August 23 All Connections Classes will be held on the Riverside Campus All Connections students will be shuttled to the Riverside Campus Connections Dismissal is at 5:00PM Sharp! Please do not be late to pick up your child! See Forms

36 Connections Classes Art Music Drama Athletic Training
High School Portfolio Preparation Tutoring

37 Connections Fees Classes are offered Monday- Thursday
$10 Per Class for BFA Students $15 Per Class for Non-BFA Students You can take as many as you like- up to 4 per week! Scholarship Opportunities are Available! See application form

Student Illness Policy (See Appendix IP) Do not send your child to school sick!! Use common sense- Fever Free for 24 hours Diarrhea/Vomit Free for 24 hours NO RASHES or OPEN SORES- Chicken Pox-MERSA No Lice! No Scabies! Pink Eye Symptoms

39 BFA Health Clinic To reduce the spread of communicable diseases, students that are not picked up with in an hour after parents are contacted (or if the parents can not be contacted) will be sent to the Riverside Clinic where they will be isolated from the general population. The clinic staff will continue to attempt contacting the parents- letting them know where to pick up their child. A $5 convenience Fee will be charged for each hour a child is kept in the clinic.

40 Community Outreach Immunization Program
See Appendix HC BFA will offer immunizations to our students and the community at large, free of charge, at the Lighthouse Campus from 3:45-6:30PM on dates to be announced.

41 Medications Policy See Appendix MP Your child may need a 504 Plan!!
Notify the school if your child has a diagnosed health condition that requires accommodations, or medications, or could require special care in emergency situations! If your child does not have a 504 plan and you feel he/she may need one- Please contact Janine Korody or Carol Merman to discuss your child’s needs!


43 Florida Kid Care & Accident
Insurance See Appendix KC See Appendix SI See Forms-2 Florida Kid Care offers health insurance options for families!! Florida School Insurance offers accident insurance based on the needs of students and their parents!

44 School Communications
TEAM- Telephonic Emergency Announcements and Messages (Please fill out form) Friday School Newsletter School Website Classroom Newsletters Message Boards Calendar- School District & BFA Calendar

45 SNAPGRADES.COM Empowering Parents and Students
Parents and Students can log on and review homework assignments, grades, attendance and communicate with the teacher Log on to Enter your child’s name Bright Futures Academy North Palm Beach Florida

46 Discipline Florida State Statute 1003.04
Each public K-12 student must remain in attendance through the school year, unless excused by the school for illness or other good cause, and must comply fully with the school’s code of conduct.” See Forms: Parent Student Acknowledgement

47 Parent Teacher Conferences 2 Times Per Year!
PEP- Personal Education Plan IEP- Individual Education Plan 504 Plan- Medical Needs Plan LEP Plan- Limited English Proficiency Plan Goal is to review progress and goals- Academic and Social

48 Discipline Florida State Statute 1003.04
“The parents of each public K-12 student must cooperate with the authority of the student’s district school board, superintendent, principal, teachers, and school bus drivers according to ss and , to remove the student from the classroom and the school bus and, when appropriate and available, to place the student in an alternative education setting, if the student is disobedient, disrespectful, violent, abusive, uncontrollable, or disruptive.”

49 School’s Code of Conduct See Appendix D
Should be followed at all times when at school, on the school bus and/or at a school function NO Behaviors: Disruptive-Rude-Disrespectful-Non-Compliant Lying-Cheating-Stealing-Destroying Property Irresponsible Bathroom Usage Bullying-Gangs-Cyber Threats-Gossip Inappropriate Touching of ANY KIND

50 Consequences Detentions- Held at the Riverside Campus
5-8: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 3:30-4:30 3-4: Tuesday 3:30-4:30 Conduct Improvement Suspension- Repeat Offenses or Level 2 or Higher 1st time offense Removal from the Program- Repeat Offenses or Level 2 or Higher 1st time offense

51 Conduct Improvement 1 or 2 in conduct on report card
Conduct Improvement Classes are held at the end of each 9 week period from 3:30-4:30PM Monday- Friday Report Card Conduct Grading Scale 4: Contributes to the learning of self and others 3: Contributes to learning of self 2: Disrupting the learning of self 1: Disrupting the learning of self and others

52 Grading Grading Composition 4.0 Regular Scale 4.5 Honors Scale
Participation Homework Assessments Principal’s Honor Roll: All “A’s” All 4s in Conduct Honor Roll: All “A’s & B’s” All 3s/4s in Conduct B.U.G Roll: Up in at least one subject- down in none 4.0 Regular Scale 4.5 Honors Scale Grading Scale: “A” 89-80 “B” 79-70 “C” 69-60 “D” 59-Below “F” Academic Dishonesty- Including Plagiarism and Cheating will result in a ZERO for the assignment or assessment!

53 Curriculum Methodology and Assessments
Curriculum: Materials and Books used to teach students Methodology: The Way the information is taught Assessments: Measurement Tools

54 Curriculum BFA uses a WIDE variety of curriculum materials to teach students on their various levels and learning styles We use almost every major text book publisher used in education! Holt Mifflin-National Geographic-Scott Foresman- McMillan-McGraw Hill- Harcourt-Steck Vaughn-Write Source-Zaner-Bloser-Glencoe-Prentice Hall-Singapore Math to name a few!

55 Methodology Front Load International Awareness
Foreign Language Acquisition Achievement Grouping Physical Activity every day Art/Music/Theater/Film Integration Student Directed- Teacher Facilitated “Human beings migrate for various reasons to meet their basic needs and may alter their new location”

56 Assessments Classroom Assessments FCAT SSS Diagnostics
Teacher generated Written Tests, Essays, Student Projects, Oral Presentations FCAT Reading-Math-Science-Writing SSS Diagnostics 2 Times Per Year

57 Back Packs and Lockers Student Organization
Students may bring backpacks to school every day- except for the last week of school Please do not allow your student to “HOARD” stuff in their back packs- teach them to empty them regularly! Lockers are available at the Riverside Campus and will be assigned during the first week of school. Each MS bag has a coupon for $5.00 toward the cost of a lock and locker.

58 Student Organization Each 1-4th Grade Bag contains an Agenda
Please check your child’s agenda each day for notes and conduct grades 5-8 will only get agendas when deemed necessary Students need to work toward self-management so they will be prepared for High School and beyond

59 School Activities Civil Air Patrol EDU-Garden Sports Program
Field Trips School Social Events Clubs See form: Permission to Participate in School Activity Form

60 Civil Air Patrol The Civil Air Patrol is the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. NPB County Squadron Flight-152 Student receive aerospace education, drill and ceremonies, fly away trips and are tasked with various operations to support the US Government and the State of Florida Meets Monday Nights 6:30-9:00 for students 12 and older Fees are from $70 and up- depending on uniforms and travel expenses

61 EDU-Garden “Teaching our children respect and responsibility for the environment while motivating them to develop an intrinsic desire for learning and the courage to think beyond the classroom” Research field for hands on exploration! Archaeology, Botany, Entomology, Conservation, Recycling, Team Work, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, and Much More

62 Sports Program 5th - 8th Grade
“Encouraging a love for the outdoors and athletics for life, while providing a competitive team building program, and teaching sportsmanship to meet the needs of all athletic abilities” Intramural and scholastic sports activities Sports include: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Lacrosse

63 Field Trips K-4: One grade level field trip per 9 weeks
5-8: One subject area field trip per 9 weeks 4th Grade: St. Augustine 5th Grade: 6th Grade: 7th Grade: 8th Grade: Field Trips are a privilege, not a right! Students must meet behavior requirements to attend field trips! NO 1s or 2s in conduct

64 School Social Events Friday Night at the Riverside (K-8)
School Dances (5-8) Veterans 5K Run- Community Outreach (K-8) Thanksgiving Day Feast (K-8) Giving Chain and Toy Drive (K-8) Charter School Week (K-8) Holiday Musical (K-8) Showcase of the Arts (K-8) Holiday Musical & Showcase of the Arts- Gardens High School- Theater Etiquette

65 Clubs “After school extra-curricular activities that encourage camaraderie and foster self esteem” Scottish Dance Jump Rope Chess 4H Clubs Begin September 13th $10 Fee per club! Space is limited

66 PTA “Together we’re Better!”
YAHOO-BOOHOO- Lighthouse Campus PTA Art in the Park Days- ½ days Fundraisers PTA Café- Oct. 27th Lighthouse Campus PTA Fun Night- January 22nd PTA Family to School Week February 14th-18th Teacher Appreciation May 2-6 Monthly Meetings with guest speakers

67 Volunteering Confidentiality Agreement
Bright Futures Parents must volunteer 15 hours, per active parent each year All volunteers and school visitors must present identification upon entering school grounds All volunteers/visitors must sign into the VIPS program All volunteers/visitors must wear the printed name tag indicating that they are a visitor at Bright Futures Academy

68 Volunteer Opportunities
PTA Events Concession Stand Duties & Food Specials Thanksgiving Feast Class Parties Field Trips EDU-Garden Sports Teams Friday Night at the Riverside Facility Needs

69 Food and Concessions See Appendices CS, EC & GW
PTA Sponsored PIZZA FRIDAY Great Wrap Wednesday Concession Lighthouse- Select Days Prosperity- M-F 9:50-1:30 Riverside- M-F 9:50-1:30 School District Food Service $1.75 K-5 $

70 Question and Answers: Supply Drop Off:
Lighthouse: Week before school starts items may be dropped off in bins outside the office and brought in during the 1st Week of School Riverside: Week before school starts or 1st Week of School The first week of school- supplies will be collected out front at drop off or in the home room class We follow the PBCSD days for hurricanes and other make up days


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