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Смуток Елена Дмитриевна,

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1 Смуток Елена Дмитриевна,
учитель английского языка, МАОУ «Лицей», г.Балашиха Система тренировочных упражнений по введению и закреплению грамматической темы “If - clause”

2 Conditional Sentences
Real condition Unreal condition If he reads more, it will be easier for him to study. If he studies in our group, we shall appoint him a monitor. If they go to the country next summer, they soon will feel better. Referring to the present or future. Referring to the past. If I knew English literature better, it would be easier for me to study. If he studied in our group, we should appoint him a monitor. If they went to the country every summer, they soon would feel better. If I had known English literature better at school, I should have written a better composition at the exam. If he had studied in our group in the last course, he would have been our monitor. If they had gone to the country last summer, they soon would have already recovered.

3 Types of Conditionals Condition Clause of Condition Main Clause
Translation Real (Type I) If it looks like rain, (Present Simple/Cont.) we’ll stay at home. (will+ Infinitive) -- Unreal- Present/Future (Type II) If I had more time, (Past Simple/Cont.) I would come over (would+ Infinitive; could+ Infinitive; might+ Infinitive) бы Past (Type III) If you had gone there, (Past Perfect) You would have seen him(would, could, might +have+ Participle II) Types of Conditionals

4 What Type Is It? 1.Если он завтра придёт , мы зайдём к вам вместе. 2.Если вы будете внимательнее, вы не будете делать таких ошибок. 3.Если бы он внимательнее слушал объяснение, он не сделал бы этой ошибки. 4.Если бы он был хорошим шофёром, он не попал бы в аварию. 5.Если Боб не примет наше предложение, ему придётся самому решать свои проблемы. 6.Если бы эта книга не была такой интересной , я бы не перечитывала её снова и снова.

5 Translate and Define the Type of the Clause.
1.If they offer us their help, we’ll accept it. 2.If Walter insisted, I would join them tomorrow. 3.If Ann were more polite, she would not behave like that. 4.If anything had been wrong with the car, they would have gone by train. 5.If we had let them know . They would have met us at the station.

6 Complete the Sentences (fall, sell, catch, make, pay, get up)
If you run after two hares, you none. If you lie down with dogs, you with fleas. If the sky , we’ll catch larks. If you argue to carry the calf, they you carry the cow. If you not a servant, he will pay himself. If you the cow, you’ll sell her milk too.

7 Make Sentences (Type I).
If +we don’t hurry, I can’t get a flight, You come home late, I don’t feel well, You have any problems, I can understand you It will be nice You’ll be cold What are you going to do I’m sure they’ll understand please come in quietly. I’m not going to work. we’ll be late. I’ll try to help you. I’ll fly home on Sunday. +if you don’t wear a coat. you don’t pass your exam? you explain your problem. you speak slowly. you can come to the party.

8 Put the Correct Form of Each Verb in Brackets.
1. If you (not study), you (fail) the test. 2. We (die) if we (not get) help soon! 3. If you (look) in the fridge, you (find) some cold drinks. 4. If there (be) no oil in the engine, the car (break) down. 5. I (lend) you my umbrella if you (need) it. 6. The sea level (rise) if the planet (get) hotter. 7. If you (eat) your sandwiches now, you (not have) anything for lunch! 8. You (be) safe in an accident if you (wear) your seatbelt. 9. If he (save) all his money, he (be able to go) on holiday to Canada. 10. I (not come) with you if you (not bring) John! 11. It (be) hard to find a hotel if we (arrive) late. 12.The alarm (ring) if there (be) a fire.

9 Complete. Use If or When. 1. .…… the show finishes, Cathy and Adam will need a wash. 2. They’ll tell their friends about it …….they go to school. 3. Will you do the quiz …. I do it with you? 4. I’ll know the answers…… the questions are about sport. 5. ….. we’re too nervous, we won’t win. 6. I’ll watch the show …. I get home from school.

10 Try to Show Your Deskmate that You Understand What He or She Says
P1: Eat an apple a day and you won’t need a doctor. P2: I see. If I eat an apple a day, I won’t need a doctor. 1. Don’t go out or you’ll get soon wet. 2. Drink this and you’ll soon fall asleep. 3. Hurry up or you’ll be late. 4. Don’t play in the street or you’ll have trouble. 5. Take a hot bath and you’ll soon be better. 6. Use your English every day and you’ll know it well. 7. Buy the tickets today and you’ll see the film tomorrow. 8. Buy the tickets beforehand or you won’t see the film.

11 Say What You Will Do in Each of These Situations.
For example: -You wake up in the middle of the night. - If I wake up in the middle of the night, I shall try to fall asleep. -You have no appetite. Not to eat. -You forget your name To try to recall it. when you need it. -You are late for the To apologize. second lesson. -You get a large sum of To make a round-the world journey. money. -All the lights in your flat To light the candle. go out.

12 Look at the Warning Signs.
What would you say to somebody who’s ignoring them? E.g. DANGER! Keep away from the edge!(to fall down) - If you don’t keep away from the edge, you’ll fall down. 1.Danger! Thin ice! ( to step on the ice/ to be drowned). 2.Dangerous road! (to drive fast/to have an accident). 3. Beware of the dogs! (to ignore the sign/ to get bitten by the dog). 4. Danger! No smoking!(to smoke here / to be a fire). 5. Wet paint! (to ignore the sign/ to get dirty). 6. Horn forbidden! (not obey the sign/ to get fined).

13 Translate the Following Sentences into English.
1. Если не будет холодно, я пойду купаться. 2. Если никто не придёт, мы будем вынуждены отложить нашу поездку. 3.Если ты мне позвонишь, я тебе кое-что расскажу. 4.Если я буду свободна, я пойду в библиотеку. 5.Если я буду занята, я отложу встречу. 6.Если я успешно сдам экзамены, я поеду на море. 7.Если я увижу его, я сообщу ему о нашем решении. 8.Если у нас будут деньги, мы возьмём такси. 9.Если я получу его письмо, я сообщу тебе. 10.Если он увидит тебя, он обрадуется. 11.Если ты будешь свободна, я приду навестить тебя.

14 TEST(type I). 1. If the earth ... warmer, the snow will melt.
6. If you ... your soup now, it will go cold. a) don't have; b) will not have; c) not have 7. If I see Mike this afternoon I ... him the news. a) will tell; b) tell; c) am telling 8. I ... with you if I have time. a) will go; b) go; c) went 9. If you ... away, please let me know. a) will go; b) go; c) are going 10. If I had $2 million, I ... round the world. a) will go; b) would go; c) went 1. If the earth ... warmer, the snow will melt. a) get; b) gets; c) will get 2. If the ice at the North and South Poles melts, there ... many floods in many parts of the world. a) will be; b) are; c) is 3. If you ... we'll catch the bus! a) will hurry; b) hurry; c) are hurrying 4. If you need money, I ... you some. a) will lend; b) lend; c) lends 5. If it ... on Sunday, we won't be able to play football. a) will rain ; b) rain ; c) rains

15 Conditional Sentences of the 2nd Type.
Условие По смыслу относится к Придаточное предложение Главное предложение Нереальное Настоящему времени If + Past Ind (was=>were) Would + bare Inf Could + bare Inf If you went to the woods, You would see the bear. If I were you, I wouldn’t smoke so much. If I could go abroad, I could bring you postcards.

16 Phonetic Drills 1.“If wishes were horses, Beggars would ride; If turnips were watches, I would wear one by my side.” 2.“If all the wood were water, And all the sea were ink, What should we do for bread and cheese? What should we do for drink?”

17 Use the Cues Bellow to Write II Conditional Sentences.
Example: Have a computer / use the Internet If I had a computer, I would use the Internet. Win the lottery / buy a new computer Play computer games all the time / be a bad student Go to Tibet / have enough money Be a computer expert / earn a lot of money Make new friends / use internet

18 Change These Sentences to Show Unreal Condition.
1. If it is not too cold, I shall go for a bathe. 2. If no one comes, we shall be obliged to postpone our trip. 3. If you have the scissors sharpened, they will cut better. 4. What shall we do if the storm breaks out? 5. Will you be very disappointed if we don’t come? 6. Will he be angry if I disturb him? 7. They will all laugh if I propose such a thing.

19 Answer the Questions. 1. What would you do if your fountain-pen leaked? 2. Supposing an overturned lorry blocked a road in a city, what would happen? 3. What would you do if the postman dropped someone else’s letter into your letter box? 4. What would you do if it began to rain hard when you were a long way from home? 5. What wouldn’t people be able to do if they had no electricity? 6. What would happen if the ice on the Antarctic melted?

20 Predicting Outcomes. Prompts:
To break eggs. To burn. To injure one’s finger. The addressee not to receive a letter. To fall. To fracture one’s hand. To dislocate one’s knee. 1. What would happen if you tried to run on an icy sidewalk? 2. What would happen if you cracked nuts with your teeth? 3. What would happen if you fell while carrying a dozen eggs? 4. What would happen if you touched a bulb that had been on for many hours? 5. What would happen if you mailed a letter but forgot to put a stamp on it? 6. What would happen if you hit your finger while hammering a nail?

21 My Dreams. What would you do if you were a cowboy, an actress, a teacher, a queen? 1.If I …(be) a cowboy, I… … (ride) a horse, 1.If I …(be) an actress, I … … 1.If I… (be) a teacher, I … … 1.If I …(be) a queen, I … … Prompts: To wear a big hat and shabby jeans, to wear a crown, to check homework every day, to have a villa, to meet a lot of interesting people at parties, to show in public, to look after cows, to become a friend to my pupils, to wear stylish dresses, to play interesting roles, to go in for charity, to look my best

22 Finish the Sentences. E.g.- What would you do if you were a little child?. - If I were a baby I would ask a lot of silly questions. I … … (smile) and … (cry) If I … (be) a bird I … … (sing) and … (fly) If I … (be) a snake I … … (hiss) and … (crawl). If I … (be) a ball/ I … … (jump) and … (fall) Prompts: To ask a lot of silly questions, to play all day long, to watch cartoons, to go to bed early, to get up late, to sing songs all the time, not to go to school, not to do homework, not to have serious problems, not to go shopping, not to clean my flat, not to wash up.

23 Listen to and Discuss. Tit for Tat. An American lady, travelling in England some years ago, got into a compartment of a smoking-carriage where an Englishman was smoking a pipe. For a while she sat quietly, expecting that the Englishman would stop smoking. But the she began to cough and sneeze, trying to show him that she objected to the smoke. At last, seeing that the man took no notice of her and did not put out his pipe, she said: “If you were a gentleman, you would stop smoking when a lady got into a carriage.” “If you were a lady,” replied the Englishman, “you would not get into a smoking-carriage” “If you were my husband,” said the American lady angrily, “I would give you poison.” The Englishman looked at her for a moment or two. “Well,” he said at last, “if I were your husband, I would take it” Answer the following questions: 1. Who got into a compartment? 2. Who was sitting there? 3. How did she try to show him that she objected to the smoke? Dramatize the dialogue between the gentleman and the American lady.

24 Translate the Sentences.
1. На вашем месте я бы позвонил ему. 2. На вашем месте я бы пошёл к врачу. 3. На вашем месте я бы поехал на море (купил книгу, словарь, закрыл дверь.) 4. Я бы позвонила ему, если бы знала его номер телефона. 5. Я бы позвонила ему на следующей неделе, если бы у меня было свободное время. 6. Если бы он пришёл сейчас, мы бы всё обсудили вместе. 7. Я бы извинился, если бы чувствовал себя неправым. 8. Я бы купила это платье, если бы оно не было такое дорогое.

25 TYPE III. If- clause Main clause Past Perfect
would + have + past participle or could + have + past participle or might + have + past participle

26 Say What the Following Sentences Imply.
The sentence “If he had worked harder, he would have passed the examination.” implies that he did not work hard enough and therefore did not pass the examination. Say what the following sentences imply. 1. If I had left earlier, I should have caught the train. 2. If I had not followed your advice, I should have got into trouble. 3. We should have prevented the accident, if we had been there in time. 4. If I hadn’t refused his offer, I shouldn’t have regretted it afterwards. 5. If they had spent a year in England, they would have learned to speak English quite well.

27 Conditional Sentences of the 3rd Type.
Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets: 1. The photographs would have been much better if it (be) lighter in the room. 2. He (die) if the surgeon hadn’t operated on him. 3. People (become) hardened to cold if they took cold baths regularly. 4. If the hunter had been less cool and skillful, things (take) a very dangerous turn. 5. If you (stir) the tea, it would have been sweeter. 6. If ice (be) heavier than water, it wouldn’t float. 7. If you (postpone) doing the job now, you regret about it later. 8. If you had strained your ears, you (hear) a slight noise in the bushes.

28 The Students in Two Teams Read the Text and in Turn Make Conditionals Type 3:
There was a family who was very poor so they lived in a little house. One day the children were very hungry so the mother went to the market. On the way she crossed a bridge and saw something in the river. She leant over the bridge and her purse fell into the water. It sank to the bottom of the river so she couldn’t reach it. A fish swam by and swallowed it. She had no money so she went home. There was no food in the house so she went fishing. She caught a big fish so she had something to cook. She cut the fish open and found her purse inside with all the money still in it. Example: Team A S1: If they hadn’t been poor, they wouldn’t have lived in a little house. Team B S1: If the children hadn’t been hungry, the mother wouldn’t have gone to the market.

29 Make Up Conditional Sentences
e.g. Daniel had fallen ill.( put on coat / catch cold). Daniel wouldn't have caught cold if he had put on coat. 1. Nick has broken his leg. (climb ladder / break his leg). 2. Mr. Davidson had got a smashed car. (drive carefully / avoid accident). 3. John Smithson was the second in the competition. (run faster / win the race). 4. Chris has cut his finger. (play with knife / cut finger) 5. Mary has got a terrible headache. (have headache / take aspirin) 6. Mrs. Smith has nothing left for supper.(leave fish on the table / cat eat it).

30 Make up the Sentences. 1. He is busy and does not come to see us. If The girl didn't study well last year and received bad marks. If He broke his bicycle and so he didn't go to the country. If He speaks English badly: he has no practice. If I had a bad headache yesterday, that's why I didn't come to see you. If The ship was sailing near the coast, that's why it struck a rock. If He was not in town, therefore he was not present at our meeting. If The pavement was so slippery that I fell and hurt my leg. If The sea is rough, and we cannot sail to the island. If They made a fire, and the frightened wolves ran away. If It is late, and I have to go home. If I was expecting my friend to come, that's why I couldn't go to the cinema with you. If He always gets top marks in mathematics because it is his favourite subject and he works a lot at it. If I didn't translate the article yesterday because I had no dictionary. If We lost our way because the night was pitch-dark. If The box was so heavy that I couldn't carry it. That's why I took a taxi. If ... .

31 “The Little Red Riding Hood”
Write the tale in your own way, using Conditional sentences (Type III). e.g. If Grandmother hadn’t been ill, the Little Red Riding Hood’s mother wouldn’t have baked a cake. Then think of: the Little Red Riding Hood stopping to pick some flowers; the Wolf being frightfully hungry; the Wolf meeting the girl; the Little Red Riding Hood being very naive; the Wolf wearing Grandma’s night – clothes; the Hunter coming to rescue….

32 Complete the Sentences, Using the Information in Brackets and the Correct Conditional (1,2,3).
Would you buy these shoes______________________________ (have the money). If I’d got home earlier, __________________________________ (see them). I could have got that job ________________________________ (want it). If she rings me again, __________________________________ (I tell her the news). She’d be angry ________________________________________ (know about this letter). We’ll miss the train ____________________________________ (not hurry). She might have done it for you ___________________________ (you ask her).

33 Translate into English.
1. Если бы вы оставили записку, я бы зашёл к вам вчера. 2. Если бы вы позвонили мне вчера, я бы предупредил его об этом. 3. Если бы он сдал книгу в библиотеку вчера, я бы тогда её взял. 4. Если бы у меня вчера были деньги, я бы купила это платье. 5. Если бы он навестил меня на прошлой неделе, я бы сообщила ему о нашем решении. 6. Если бы он не подвёл меня, я бы сделала эту работу на прошлой неделе. 7. Если бы вы мне позвонили вчера, я бы предупредил его об этом. 8. Я бы пошёл вчера в кино, если бы у меня было желание это сделать.

34 TEST. 1. If he were in Moscow, he……us. a) will visit; b) would visit; c) would have visited. 2. If I……..Chinese, I should go to China. a) know; b) knew; c) had known. 3. If I had had time, I……. the translation. a) should finish; b) should have finished; c) finished 4. If you had taken my address, you….. my house easily. a) would find; b) would have found; c) found 5. If he…… to the concert, he would have enjoyed it. a) comes; b) come; c) had come.

35 Mixed Conditionals Предложения смешанного типа, как правило, в таких предложениях используются Type 2 и Type 3 Conditionals. Translate: If you were more polite, you wouldn’t have spoken to your boss like that. If she had not missed the bus, she would be here now. If I had taken the medicine yesterday, I would be well now. If you had seen the film, we could discuss it now. If we hadn’t missed the train, we would be at home now. If he were clever, he wouldn’t have said it. You could have made it yourself if you weren't so lazy.

36 Type 0 Conditionals (general truth)
If-clause Main clause Present Simple go/goes Do/does

37 Make up Some Sentences:
if / no / rain / the grass / not / grow. ice / float / you / drop / it / in water. you / not / eat / you / die. my daughter / eat / too much chocolate / she /get / sick. iron / rust / it / get / wet. if/steam/ boil/to/ it/water/turn.

38 LITERATURE: 1. Арбекова Т.И., Власова Н.Н., Макарова Г.А., Я хочу и буду знать английский - М.: ЧеРо, Дроздова Т.Ю.,Маилова В.Г., Берестова А.И., English Grammar: Reference and Practice, Version 2.0,- СПб.: Антология, Elaine Walker, Steve Elsworth, Blueprint, (Intermediate), Longman, Liz Kibey, Friends,3,Pearson/Longman, Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska, Opportunities, (Pre-Intermediate), Longman, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Round-Up, 3, Pearson/Longman, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Round-Up, 4, Pearson/Longman, Virginia Evans, Round-Up, 5, Longman, Virginia Evans, Round-Up, 6, Longman, 2000.

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