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VOLUNTEERING | PPT PREPARED BY I NEED HELPERS. A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF I NEED HELPERS I am truly excited to introduce you to the concept of serviced.

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2 A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF I NEED HELPERS I am truly excited to introduce you to the concept of serviced learning / event volunteering and would like to extend my thanks for downloading this presentation from our website resources section. Volunteering is very dear to me and has influenced my career greatly. Today, I strongly endorse volunteering because of the direct networking opportunities and the practical experience provided to students. After leaving high-school I volunteered for a number of events whilst undertaking my event management qualification at William Angliss Institute (Melbourne, Vic). The first event I volunteered for was the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). This event was an eye opener into the volunteering world and of large scale events. The event inspired me to set my personal career goals and volunteer for other Melbourne hosted events. A year later, whilst still completing my studies, I applied for my dream-job within the core LMFF event team. At the time I didnt hold any formal event management qualification and to my surprise I received the role within the events department. I obtained the position because of my motivation, commitment and practical experience presented by my volunteer involvements. By volunteering you are working towards receiving your dream job too – or – finding the right event sector that you enjoy. I hope to meet you all in the industry one day soon! Alex Alex Rixon-Booth Director I Need Helpers


4 SO WHAT REALLY IS VOLUNTEERING? Event Volunteering is different to community volunteering; however they share the same core principles and definition. Volunteer Australia & the Fair Work Australia Ombudsman have provided the following key detail in the term: Volunteering is an activity which takes place through not for profit organisations. Have you been asked to volunteer in the for-profit sector? This may be in breach of the Fair Work Act – consult legal advice or question the event representative before getting involved. But some of I Need Helpers events are in the for profit industry? I Need Helpers have been in discussion with both the CEO of Volunteer Australia and the Fair Work Australia Ombudsman. We have clarified our position within the industry and understand the limitations of roles and responsibilities ensuring our practise is ethical and of value to students within our serviced learning program. Other volunteer staff recruitment agencies have failed to do this – Its great to gain experience but make sure you abide the governing laws in place.

5 HEAR WHAT OTHER STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT VOLUNTEERING! I enjoyed that I could work with like minded people, where i was learning and having fun. I like volunteering for I Need Helpers because I can communicate the same way for each event, I don't have to have a million different emails to respond to. Louisa Karmouche | William Angliss Institute The thing I enjoy most about volunteering is that it allows for learning relevant, practical skills on the job. Feeling needed and seeing the results of the work youre doing, provides an internal sense of satisfaction and leaves you feeling motivated. If the work you do can be listed on your resume, perhaps accompanied with a written reference, thats even better! Rachel Taggart | Victoria University (VU) I enjoyed the most is the network of people that I met as I volunteered for I Need Helpers. I enjoyed that we helped out with a charity and got to enjoy the entertainment but we were also gaining more experience in events and how they are conducted. Ruby Carrera | Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) event student

6 A MESSAGE FROM OUR STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE I found that when I volunteered I didnt see it as a job or volunteer work, It was more than that and a lot of fun which helps show you if youre truly going to love Event Management. I established that volunteering with I Need Helpers also provided me with an easier way to network with people who are already in the events industry. Last year all our teachers constantly remind you that networking is a massive part of events - you meet so many people and its good to build up your contact list. In many cases when going for other volunteer roles or even just paid work, they tend to ask what work experience you have had. With my volunteer experience I been quickly placed on interview lists and already ahead of those people with no volunteer experience. Pamela Alexopoulos William Angliss Student Representative

7 WHAT ARE THE DIRECT BENEFITS TO YOU? Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and contacts within the events industry. I Need Helpers is dedicated to providing students with that opportunity along with a hands-on experience that cannot be attained in the classroom. By volunteering in the industry you will gain an extra edge on top of your qualification, that others wont have. Volunteers on our database have the opportunity to experience many sectors of the events industry including: Fashion, Charity Events, Concerts, Exhibitions and many more! All volunteer experience will help solidify course content and give you an idea of career direction. Benefits of volunteering: Working with industry professionals. Networking opportunities. Identify career direction. Resume building. The ability to explore career opportunities in a voluntary capacity.

8 WHAT TYPE OF EVENTS ARE THERE OUT THERE? There are so many events out there to be involved with, from large international events to smaller local community charity events. What are you interested in? Music Sports Conferences Fashion Arts Fundraising / Charity events A list below are a few events I Need Helpers have been involved with – It might give you some ideas: St Kilda Festival 11 St Kilda Film Festival 12 Eureka Climb 10 11 12 – ft. Michael Clim Think Inc 11 ft. Josh Thomas Financial Education Summit ft. Sir Richard Branson Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 11 Mindset To Millionaire Conference 11 Polly Woodside Family Day 11 Ben and Jerrys Opening Night Charity – ft. Kate Millier Hedike 112 Music concert B.R.A.V.E – Bands rock against violence events.

9 WHAT SORT OF TASKS / RESPONSIBILITIES MIGHT YOU BE PRESENTED WITH? You may be presented with a verity of tasks during your volunteering involvement. Remember there are some tasks that volunteers are unable to complete. I Need Helpers ensures all tasks assigned to students are of an educational benefit and fit within Volunteer Australia guidelines. We have listed a few of the common roles that you may be presented during your time: Ticketing Marshalling FOH ushering Survey collection Bump – out assistance Registration desk duties Administration assistance Gift bag or product distribution BOH dressing and model liaison Event preparation and logistic matters Directions and information booth attendant

10 OKAY, SO HOW DO YOU GET INVOLVED AND GAIN VALUABLE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE? There are many ways to find out about volunteer opportunities in your local area. We suggest checking out your institute career services, Googleing your favourite events and most importantly joining the highly motivated student database of I Need Helpers. Being a part of our database you will receive emails regarding relevant volunteer positions available within industry that we are both coordinating or assisting. Additionally you will be able to enter into volunteer competitions and receive higher responsibilities at events like volunteer coordinator and volunteer coordinator assistant. I Need Helpers will connect you with rewarding and enjoyable event opportunities that will enhance your future employment possibilities.

11 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! See event opportunities before they are promoted through our newsletters. Keep up-to-date with the latest event news and see whats happening around Melbourne. KEEP UP TO DATE WITH INDUSTRY NEWS! FB/INEEDHELPERS


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