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Vita CR LLI Sales Training

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1 Vita CR LLI Sales Training
Unrestricted Internal Use

2 Why LLI? Long Length Imaging (LLI) exams include scoliosis and other leg-length exams that require a larger area to be imaged than can fit on a typical 14” x 17” screen Target: Facilities that would perform long length exams include hospitals, general imaging centers, orthopedic clinics, and chiropractic offices

3 Target Customers Customers looking for solutions enabling imaging of full spines, lower extremities with patients in an erect or supine position and a solution that can be used in multiple places: On the radiology table in the x-ray room In the x-ray room with patients in an upright position with cassette against a wall Bed side exams where the cassette would be pushed under the patient In the operating room

4 Target Customers Customers wanting to transition more of their radiography operations for digital for: Improved workflow Eliminating film & storage expense Easy access & image distribution Target Decision Makers: Radiology administrators / Office managers Target Influencers: Radiologists, Orthopedic surgeons, Radiology technologists

5 Value Proposition Enjoy the benefits of digital capture and processing of long length exams with the easy to use Carestream Long Length Imaging System and your Vita CR system.

6 The Carestream Long Length Imaging System
The Carestream Long Length Imaging System is an option for the Carestream Vita CR Family of systems. The LLI System is also an upgrade option to the installed base of PoC 360 Systems The LLI System will work on CRs in the tabletop configuration only– it will not work on readers on Z-Carts Accessory options include a portable caddy with grid, wall stand holder with grid and beam attenuation filters

7 LLI System Components – Screen & Cassette
The Carestream Long Length Imaging System uses a single Carestream GP flexible screen and double-ended 14” x 33” cassette Weight 10.8lbs / 4.9kg Size 14” x 33” / 35 x 84cm Source to Image Distance (SID) ” / cm

8 LLI System Components – Screen & Cassette Cont.
The tech is able to use the solution in full daylight conditions- no need to use in subdued light or darkroom to load or process the cassette After exposure, the tech will first insert the cassette end labeled “#1” in the CR scanner; When the scanning is complete the tech will then insert the end labeled “#2” to scan the opposite end of the screen. The software will automatically stitch and display the resulting image for review

9 LLI System Components - Software
Software Version 3.0 SP5 or higher is required + LLI Stitching Software License (CAT no or – Page 14) The user would select the Full Spine / Full Leg exams from the Organs/Sub-Organs Buttons

10 LLI System Components – Software Cont.
As part of the Carestream QC Software, a stitching algorithm is used to automatically combine the 2 scanned images into a single image for display– this is the same algorithm used for the Kodak DirectView LLI products There is no need to manually align, order or rotate images in preparation for stitching– the software does it automatically Distribute the stitched image to softcopy workstations or hardcopy laser imagers just like any other scanned image Note: Printing true size will not fit a regular paper size

11 LLI System Components – Support Bracket
The LLI system will use a support bracket attached to the reader to support the long cassette while it is inserted in the scanner This stabilizing mechanism prevents plate movement and cassette distortion over time The support bracket slides out of the way when a long length cassette is not in use

12 LLI System Components – Portable Caddy with Grid
The portable caddy with grid allows for imaging of supine long length exams or could be hung on the wall for upright exams Easily move from location to location Grid cannot be removed Note: Can NOT be used interchangeably with the DirectView Classic/Elite Portable Caddy, as cassettes are different sizes Weight 17lbs / 7.7 kg Size 17”W x 1.2”D x 40.2”L / 43 x 3 x 102 cm Grid Ratio 8:1 with 103 LPI

13 LLI System Components – Vertical Cassette Holder with Grid
Conveniently holds LLI cassette for upright long length exams Has a range of ½” from the floor to 74” and can be adjusted in 1” increments to accommodate the patient height and body part to be imaged Can use close to the floor to image the ankle for leg-length exams – eliminates the need of the patient climbing a step Grid cannot be removed Note: Can NOT be used interchangeably with the DirectView Classic/Elite Vertical Cassette Holder, as cassettes are different size Grid Ratio 8:1 with 103 LPI (Same as portable caddy)

14 LLI System Components – Beam Attenuating Filters
Required for optimum image quality Beam Attenuation Filters help ensure uniform exposure by compensating for varying degrees of body thickness; This creates a more uniform density and look throughout the stitched image CSH provides these as an option for customers who do not currently own filters The attenuating filters are made of a lead-plastic material that is 30% lead by weight. Since lead is an efficient absorber of x-ray the filters attenuate the x-ray beam

15 LLI System Components – Beam Attenuating Filters Cont.
The filters are magnetically held in place by a filter holder (Cat# ) that easily attaches to the collimator accessory tray 2 filters are available: Lateral thoracic spine CAT# AP/PA CAT#

16 Beam Attenuating Filters – Patient Positioning
AP/PA Beam Attenuation Filter CAT# Beam Attenuation Filter Holder CAT# Lateral Beam Attenuation Filter CAT#

17 Workflow Double click the Acrobat icon below to view a detailed LLI procedure for Vita

18 Key Selling Points The Carestream Long Length Imaging System allows customers to move their scoliosis and leg-length exams to digital for improved workflow, easy access to images and easy storage The portable caddy with grid allows users to perform bedside supine exams for broader use; Gridded exams provide higher image quality to the radiologist; The caddy with wheels makes it easy for the tech to move from room to room The vertical holder with grid allows easy positioning of the patient for upright exams; The user can quickly place the cassette for the exam needed– extends from the ½” off the floor to 74”

19 Key Selling Points – Cont.
The Carestream automatic stitching software uses a proven algorithm for fast and accurate stitching; No tech interaction is required LLI cassettes are lighter than their analog alternatives (approx 2.5lbs) making it easier for the tech to move around The beam attenuation filters and holder provide a uniform image from top to bottom making it easier for the radiologist to make their diagnosis


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