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Learning, Architectures and the Golden Gate Bridge Andrew Joly Design Director LINE Communications.

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1 Learning, Architectures and the Golden Gate Bridge Andrew Joly Design Director LINE Communications

2 The Big Picture: 70:20:10 Dimensions of a Design Strategy Learning Architectures What does this mean for us?

3 McCall, Eichinger and Lombardo Experiences Relationships Education

4 What does this mean for us? This is how people learn, not a learning strategy Therefore: Support the 70% Develop the 20% Design the 10% within the context of the other 90% ©LINE Communications 2011

5 Learning Content Expert designed asynchronous content to meet results-focused requirements Rapid Nuggets Traditional e-learning Show-me/Try-me powerpoint (+) Scenarios Simulations Games Documents Assessment tools Quizzes/Profilers Video/Audio etc. x ©LINE Communications 2011

6 Live Learning & Tools Networked & Informal knowledge systems to support person-to-person, applied, on-the-job, volatile learning & knowledge webinars virtual Classrooms online meeting tools email forums blogs wikis rating social networking tools voting and ranking tools y ©LINE Communications 2011

7 z Learning Journeys Mentoring/training Refresher activities Follow-on group activities Resource Material Formal Learning Pre-Learning Invitation Awareness/Teaser ©LINE Communications 2011

8 z Learning Journeys Awareness, communications, refreshers, networks, and tools to drive learning to unconscious behaviour communications campaigns awareness/teasers champions & mentors pre & post learning formal learning action learning groups events & road shows refreshers top-ups ©LINE Communications 2011

9 z x y Learning Content Live Learning & Tools Learning Journeys ©LINE Communications 2011

10 z x y

11 Learning Architecture

12 A Learning Architecture: A structure and strategy A set of: resources courses tools pathways conversations.........that join together to form a knowledge and learning 'world' ©LINE Communications 2011


14 Film/ Teaser refresher version of workshop Induction version of workshop email introduction Charter poster e-learning Launch event Campaign Collateral Intranet support Offline activity sheets Assessment [1 week later] Workshop Competition Programme or Course

15 ©LINE Communications 2011

16 LMS Induction KM/ Product Database Online 'Modules' Workshop/F2F Learning Foundation Learning Programme Product Sales Mentoring programmes Operations Product/Launch material databases Refresher programmes Management Programmes Sales Tools & mobile apps Games & sims Masterclass Videos e-learning Organisation level Architecture: Retail ©LINE Communications 2011

17 The Foundations of a Learning Architecture

18 Knowledge Resources Dialogue Learner Journeys Communities Learning Resources Reflection & Reinforcement Application and Exploration Internal Communications Evaluation Extension © LINE Communications 2011

19 Defence Academy Knowledge resources Learning resources Communities Dialogue (synchronous / asynchronous) Learner & journeys Application & exploration Reflect & reinforce Learner & journeys Learner & journeys Jim Potts Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

20 What does this feel like for a designer or learning strategist?

21 Course = Control ©LINE Communications 2011

22 Programme/ Blend = Strategic mix ©LINE Communications 2011

23 Blend + Informal What happens between the formal learning? Creating pathways between elements Creating clusters; signposting Some hardwiring Mix of push & pull strategies Harness experiences and feed back into learning

24 Blend + = Touchpoints Blend + Informal ©LINE Communications 2011

25 Organisational Learning Architecture = Conversations & Channels ©LINE Communications 2011

26 Learning Organisation ©LINE Communications 2011

27 @linecomms

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