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2 History Milestones in VSF-G´s History Founded in 1990 as Veterinarian Development Organization by vet students of the Veterinarian School of Hanover Since 1997 named Tierärzte ohne Grenzen 1998 first project in Sudan supported by USAID

3 History 1998 first paid permanent staff 1998 opening of Regional Office Nairobi Today: -about 50 paid staff -Budget around 1,5 Mio

4 Structure Structure of VSF-Germany General Assembly Board of Directors 5 Regional Groups Head Office in Hannover Regional Office in Nairobi

5 Structure VSF-G is a member-based organization with about 130 members, mostly veterinarians or vet students The general assembly meets once a year and elects the Board of Directors, currently consisting of 4 directors

6 African Regional Office Director: Dr. Willi Dühnen, veterinary Representative: Dr. Günther Hartmann, veterinary Altogether fourteen co-worker Thirty co-worker in fieldprojects in five teams

7 African Regional Office

8 Regional Groups 5 Regional Groups are active They do small fundraising-activities, run shops or organize university courses, especially DEP (development education programm)

9 Gießen Leipzig Berlin Rostock Hannover (Head Office and Regional Group) Regional Groups

10 Headoffice The Head Office is located in Hanover in the premises of the Vet School staff-members: -Chief Executive (full-time) -Financial Controller (part-time) -Assisstant/Secretary (part-time)

11 Incountry-Projects Lectures and Information Events Publications Exhibitions Booster-Day Education Project for Children

12 Education for Children Project-days in Schools and Kindergarten Objective: Create awareness about the importance of animals and to inform children about daily life in Africa

13 Education for Children

14 Booster-Day 1. Time: 25th May 2004 Co-operation with 30 Vets in Hanover and surounding Participation of famous personalities Objective: Information + Fundraising

15 Booster-Day

16 Main aim: Increase public awareness of our organisation Workshop We´ve come this far.-Now what? Reports about our work by four TV stations and several newspaper articles Production of a short film (12 minutes) about our work, chiefly in South Sudan Publicity

17 Future High Priority Activities Stabilization and Reorganization of Financial System Improvement of Management and Communications Professional Public Relations and Fundraising

18 Future Expansion of the work in the ostafrican area (Tansania, Northsudan) Focus more the development work next to emergency measure Searching for new partners Establish a foundation

19 Future Set up structures that allow to take up other project countries Make VSF-G well known in Germany amongst the respective target-groups

20 Projects

21 South Sudan (Bahr- El-Ghazal, Jongolei, Shilluk Kingdom) Eastern Equatoria (Kauto Payam) Kenya (Massai Mara) Projects – Where?

22 Train locals in basic animal treatments Improve animal health Secure food supply Insure income for weak minorities Maintain peace Involve women Projects - Aims

23 Reservoir area of Rinderpest Mass vaccination campaign Training of animal health workers Active disease surveillance Projects – Boma

24 Peace treaties between neighbouring tribes Peace meetings also dealt with child abduction and attacks among the tribes Projects - Boma

25 Located in the transit zone between North and South Sudan Pilot project to secure food supply and income for weak minorities, e.g. widows -Emphasis on small animals -Production of oil and honey trade Projects – Shilluk Kingdom

26 Introduction of vaccine against East Coast Fever to the area -One of the most wide spread diseases -High mortality rate Evaluation of the efficiency of the vaccination Aim: reduce calf mortality between 30- 50% to less than 2% Projects – Massai Mara


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