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How does learning take place?

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1 How does learning take place?
What conditions facilitate learning? What makes learning more permanent?

2 Technology in education
Devices Gadgets Technology in education Machines Instruments

3 Educational Technology: A definition
Is the development, application and evaluation of systems, techniques and aids to improve the process of human learning.

Material Tech Non Material Tech Lo-Technology Theories, Laws, Principles of Learning Hi-Technology Methods and Strategies of Teaching

Realia - these are real object Models - Representation of an object

Dioramas - static displays that combine a three-dimensional foreground with a two-dimensional background, thus creating an aura of solidity and realism.

7 Diorama

Mobiles - These are systems of two- or three-dimensional objects that are hung from the roof of a class by thread, thus producing a visually-attractive display whose shape is constantly changing due to air currents.

9 MEDIATED TECHNOLOGY Educational Television Motion Pictures
Overhead Projector Opaque Projector Slide Projector LCD Projector

10 Educational Technology
Choosing & Applying Educational Technology

11 What instructional material is suited to my objective?
What instructional material is available for my specific lesson. If there is none, shall I develop one? Shall I use the traditional technology or shall I use computer bases technology? Am I ready or my students ready?

12 Shall I use multimedia presentation
Shall I use multimedia presentation? Is there a technology enabled environment to meet my needs? Shall I use overhead projector or dramatize my lessons? Shall I use film? If yes, what film? It really necessary to use film?

13 Shall I use audio recording or audio video clip
Shall I use audio recording or audio video clip? Why this audio recording? Why this audio video clip? What can this audio recording better do than audio video clip?

14 Educational Technology
Application of Educational Technology

15 Arouse and sustain the interest and attention of the students.
Concretize concepts and ideas to promote meaningful learning. Provide self-activities for independent learning. Promote continuity of thought.

16 Increase the quality of learning while decreasing the time spent.
Check student’s preparedness. Make learning more interactive.

17 Specific Technology for
Procedure in Using Specific Technology for Teaching

18 Previewing Effective timing Tying experiences Review or follow up

19 Criteria for Evaluating Educational Technology

20 Size Relevance Color Economy Durability Easy to handle Novelty

21 REFERENCE Garo, Candelaria D. (2008). Theories and principles of educational technology. Mandaluyong City, Philippines: National Book Store, Inc.


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