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Who are we? And What is Far Infrared?

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2 Who are we? And What is Far Infrared?

3 Who are we? “Integrating Energy for an efficient future”
Prestyl USA,LLC using ILO Film Technology(France)was founded to: “Propagate Healthy Eco-responsible Heating Solutions” CEO John Milsom, (Elec, FSR, Red Seal, HVAC tech) founder of Prestyl Energy Corporation(PEC) 2011, has been involved with Prestyl USA since 2007: Creating the first solely heated residence by FIR in Canada at that time. Now as the Master Distributor and Canadian Technical support for their future products within Canada. PRESTYL ENERGY CORP “Integrating Energy for an efficient future”

4 In modern homes we mostly see forced air systems, …..
What is Far Infrared?: A little history first to refresh the history of heating In modern homes we mostly see forced air systems, ….. “Radiators”, which primarily operate as convection units, …..

5 The history…. …… difficult to repair “in-floor radiant” or “Hydronic” Systems, and more recently, expensive Geo-thermal systems. The latter are plagued by severe climate related limitations.

6 The history When heating systems fail to perform and people get cold they resort to using dangerous and highly inefficient supplemental heating units

7 We are focusing on Radiation, why?
The history Wilhelm Wien ( ) Max Planck ( ). Joseph Stefan ( ) Ludwig Boltzmann ( ) We are focusing on Radiation, why? We need to!

8 The Sun and radiation was here before fire


10 The FIR Application

11 Eliminate duct or piping losses Eliminate convection losses
Eliminate dust and pollen circulation Eliminate “hot head cold feet” syndrome Quickly recover comfort after doors have been opened and room air has escaped Save energy by implementing efficient and healthy “point of use” heating

12 Prestyl’s Panels can be mounted on walls, on ceilings, in suspended ceilings, or hung from chains. Simply plug them in 120/208/240

13 Reliability and Quality
With eighteen years of development the ILO film technology taken on important task in its own applications in trains, commercial wings for deicing, in the last 4 years the film has taken greater steps to become an intense emitter in building heating applications, unique in its characteristics.

14 FIR defined The operating temperatures ranges of FIR must sit in specific parameters. FIR wavelength in Microns, µm Converted to quantitative measurement in Celsius, we are looking at 7.5 µm = 110c, and 12 µm = (-)31c. (Using Wilhelm Wien’s Peak Radiation Formula) (The other end of the IR wavelength there is Near Infrared: µm. Temperatures 0.7 µm = 3600c. e.g., the Quartz Tungsten heat lamp range is aprox. 2600c = 1 µm.)

15 How do the panels do it? Just like it is with the sun, Prestyl panels heats the objects and people with soothing far-infrared waves. The air temp increases from the objects emitting some or all of the energy back. The floor, walls, and furniture become additive heat sources.

16 Performance Comparisons
Ceiling-mounted Prestyl Far-IR heater Wall-mounted Prestyl Far-IR heater Modern high-efficiency forced-air heater with auto ignition, insulated plenum and insulated ducting Older forced-air heater with standing pilot and minimally insulated plenum and ducting

17 Performance Comparisons
Unit efficiency up to 97% Unit efficiency up to 78% Unit efficiency 100% Unit efficiency 100% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100% Fan efficiency up to 93% Net efficiency (unit only) 90% Fan efficiency up to 90% Net efficiency (unit only) 70%

18 Performance Continued
Net 90% Net 70% Net 100% Net 100% Duct losses 22% Convection losses and warm air escaping though opened doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 35.59% Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though opened doors 5% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 80.00% Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though opened doors 25% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 60.00% Duct losses 18% Convection losses and warm air escaping though opened doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 48.08%

19 Performance Continued
Dynamic Net 48.08% Dynamic Net 35.59% Dynamic Net 80.00% Dynamic Net 60.00% Ceiling mounted Prestyl systems(CM) So….Prestyl typically has a 32% energy conversion advantage over high-efficiency forced air units ; and the typical advantage of 44% over older units with un-insulated ductwork…….. the conversion advantages can reach well over 50% ! Wall mounted Prestyl systems(WM) (1.25 multiplier to match CM) Here…. Prestyl typically has a 12% energy conversion advantage over high-efficiency forced air units (angle factor); and an advantage of 25% over older units with un-insulated ductwork,.... here the conversion advantages can reach well over 30% !

20 Why is Prestyl so special?
The core of the panels is the ILO film from France. A unique proprietary alloy that features heating characteristics not found in any other competitor’s product.

21 Environmentally responsible
Prestyl’s heaters are constructed from pure, 100% recyclable high-quality Aluminum rolls. 99% of the panels is recyclable 12 to 50% Utility $ due to lower energy consumption, most importantly Off Grid friendly due to its low w/sq’ sizing.

Far Infrared therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues (aiding reduction of chronic joint and muscle pain or sport injuries), promotes relaxation and comfort, induces sleep and relieves stress. 2) German medical researchers concluded one session of far infrared therapy for over 1 hour can have significant reduction of blood pressure thanks to a persistent peripheral vessels dilation. They also noted that blood viscosity was improved. After 1 hour of far infrared radiance, there is a significant decrease of blood pressure - cardiac ejection resistance - total peripheral resistance - and significant increase of heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, and ejection fraction (cardiovascular physiology ). 3) Sunburn - According to the Clayton's Electrotherapy, 9th Edition, far infrared radiation is the only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation.

5)Recently there have been reports detailing the hazards of exposure to certain kinds of (EMF)electromagnetic fields, such as those from high-tension power lines, cell phones, or from computer display terminals. Far Infrared heating systems have been tested in Japan and found free of toxic electromagnetic fields. The Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection has also concluded that infrared heaters are not dangerous. Instead, Japanese researchers have reported that far infrared radiant heat antidotes the negative effects of toxic electromagnetic sources. 6)Far infrared ray (the FIR HotHouse), cure various illnesses and keep the body fit. - 'The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy', Dr. Kyuo.

7) Therapeutic Effects of Far Infrared Heat - Chapter 9 of Therapeutic Heat and Cold, Fourth Edition, Editors Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin. Infrared Heat Therapy does the following: • Decreases joint stiffness. • Relieves muscle spasms. • Increases blood flow. • Leads to pain relief. • Affects soft tissue injury. • Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue. • Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated, edema, and exudes.

• The creation of a Japanese FIR Professional Association , Korea FIR Professional Association and a most-recently incorporated Hong Kong FIR Professional Association (as of 8/11/06) . • 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine Award Winners Murad, Furchgott & Ignaro found that nitric oxide gas, which is produced by far infrared, is used by white cells to defend against tumors and allows healing to take place. • Dr. Valentino Fuster, past president of the American Heart Association, called the nitric oxide discovery “one of the most important discoveries in the history of cardiovascular medicine because it promotes expansion of the capillaries and allows blood to increase circulation in the affected area and to then reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

• A 1999 publication by Dr. Horwitz strongly suggests that Far Infrared produces nitric oxide gas, which aided in the recovery of the five patients in a study, who could not get healing conventionally. They had various diabetic problems and were not able to heal, but they received the nitric oxide effect produced by the FIR, and healing took place for all of them.


28 Proudly creating US/CAN Jobs!
Imported ILO FILM via France Designed and manufactured exclusively for Prestyl USA by Ecolite Manufacturing in Spokane, Washington, US Exporting worldwide Distribution, Warehousing, and installation jobs in Canada Possibilities to Manufacture/Assemble in Canada -Power cord from various countries, looking for Can/US providers….

29 Prestyl Energy Corporation Next… Product details and technical info…
Thank You Prestyl Energy Corporation Master Distributor for Canada Johny Milsom (FIR)-3939 And Prestyl USA, LLC Next… Product details and technical info…

30 The Panels Prestyl offers its far-infrared heaters as printed artworks (both standard and custom prints) as well as ceiling-mountable white, black or custom colored architectural units. The standard is 120v or 240v plug-in, the 208 or 277 Volt units have a min order of 500 presently. Also a flexible assembly is available to cover the cord, if required by code in certain applications. E.g.. plenum drop ceilings spaces….

31 A larger 42” x 42” unit is also available.
Standard dimensions are 2’ x 2 ‘ and 2’ x 4’ (both are designed so that these would also fit into standard suspended ceiling grids found in North America. A larger 42” x 42” unit is also available. All can be hung via chain or ceiling/wall mounted.

32 Typical Installation (single units)
Single panels as “point of use” plugged-in where heating is needed Typically, a switched outlet installed behind the panel, controlled by an in line-voltage thermostat. Line-voltage thermostats can also be a separate plug-in unit (please contact your dealer, electrician or PEC for details)

33 One-person “on-ceiling” Installation
Rather than using a helper, the purchasable “S”-hook or a “home made” hook, can be used to suspend the panel while the electrical connection is made. Either plugging in or hard wiring.

34 “On-ceiling” Installation
Insert the flat (longer) lip of the bracket first Lift the panel towards the ceiling and slide it to engage the right-hand side of the bracket Lower the panel so it will rest on the bracket, and close the latches (watch the latch slide in) Latch

35 Typical Installation (suspended Ceiling)
Depending on local codes, panels in a multi - panel system may be plugged into thermostatically controlled outlets, or be hardwired. Note: Some local codes require optional flex conduit, if this is the case, panels must be ordered with the “Flex-assembly option” , consultation required…

36 Sizes and Specifications
Nominal Voltage Power Normal Extreme cold -40c Size Hertz (Watts) current (A) current (A) 24” x 24” / 208-50/ 240-50/ 277-50/ 24” x 48” / 208-50/ 240-50/ 277-50/ 42” x 42” / 208-50/ 240-50/ 277-50/


38 Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 46
Certifications All panels are: ETL listed and approved for residential and commercial applications. Conforms to UL STD 1278; Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 46 Export panels comply with most international certifications, including GS(Geprufte Sicherheit-”Tested Safety” Germany /EU), KEMA(Global “Energy & Sustainability testing), NF(Norma Francais FR/EU/international standards “meets safety and quality”), CE(Conformité Européenne- “Certified Quality”), GOSTR(Gossandart Russian “Safety & A Mandatory Certificate).

39 System Sizing & Examples
Maximum “Range” or Ceiling-height: <15’, 9’=(best,*) Typical installed power required per sq.ft : 3.7W – 5.5W Note: Taking in all variables to calculate the proper coverage is crucial. Never an issue for oversizing except $, under-sizing looses the effectiveness of the system. Using a “sizing calculator” that defines the relationship between installed power, ceiling height, “loss factors” (such as doors/windows/structure), and climate will assist to effectively size the areas. Examples: In a well-insulated home with and 8’ ceiling in Canada(R2000+), 3.7 Watts per square foot ; in very cold climates it could be up to 5.0W per square foot. Including garages. All depends on building integrity. Shops with O/H cranes would mount 45deg off perimeter wall, over the working areas off the path of the ‘crane zone’.

40 Accessories & requirements
Relays: Any suitable relay or contactor will work, we recommends hybrid or electronic relays. Power supplies: AC or DC can be non inverted. Caution: Proper sizing of the system must always be planned out and provide a single line to the client for their electrical inspectors.

41 Accessories & requirements (continued)
In-Line Thermostats: Thermostats with a “dry loop closure” on heat call (typical “Heat only t-stats). A “set-back” thermostat. Unlike with forced air heating, the thermostat should be set to activate at night to store the heat in the mass, and set lower during the day to save energy. If there is a “tier” system of billing in your region.

42 Accessories & requirements (continued)
Relays per thermostat: please review the specifications of the thermostats and relays selected Optional DIN-rails/Cabinets: Nowadays, many systems are based on DIN rail standards. Size and design the system with what is common for the location without “recreating the wheel”

43 Accessories & requirements (continued)
Flex conduit option: Where code requires this, Prestyl offers a: “Flex Assembly Kit” option for its Fire rated requirements.

44 Availability - Solid colors
Standard white and black panels all sizes 120/240V Stock to 3 weeks 208/277V Special Order* Custom Architectural colors all sizes 120/240V 2-6 weeks Notes: At time of order, delivery can be defined accurately from stock and amount required. * 208 Volts and 277 Volts (presently, a min. order of 500 units) may take 2-6weeks

45 Availability - Custom Print
Standard “stocked” prints, (in 2x2, 2x4 Only, 42”sq. soon) 120/240V Stock to 3 weeks 208/277V Special Order Additional print choices, (in 2x2, 2x4 Only, 42”sq. soon) 120/240V 2 to 4 weeks Customer supplied files, (in 2x2, 2x4 Only, 42”sq soon) 120/240V 2-6 weeks 208/277 Special Order Notes: At time of order delivery can be defined accurately for stock

46 Availability - Accessories
Inline T-Stats up to 30 A circuit loading at 80% (typical code for heating) Relays, PLC’s, Delta V and any system for control can be used of course Responsibility for supply at the designers and end users discretion.

47 Building requirements
Like any other technology, Far-infrared (regardless of manufacturer) is limited by the laws of nature/physics A building must be reasonably weather-tight and sufficiently insulated A very important consideration is the floor; The floor must be well insulated, especially around the perimeter. If the concrete is wet, the area of the building with the wet floor will not warm up until the moisture has evaporated. The USE of Insulating paint additives / vapour barrier and subfloor for a solution. If active water is present FIR will not work!

48 Building requirements (continued)
If an office shared a slab floor with an unheated warehouse, conduction to the unheated space will require more panels than calculated.( insulated the sub-floor in the office will solve this problem.) Buildings with old steel or aluminum single pane windows conduct cold into the building and will need to be fitted with storm windows or will require more panels than calculated Never install fewer panels than calculated. More is better, fewer panels means higher operating costs and cold unhappy people.

49 FIR Highlights Comfortable (soothing warmth all over)
No dust or pollen circulation (does not move the air) Prevents mold (floors walls and ceilings warmer than the air) Improves ability to learn/higher productivity (documented lower absenteeism, no noise pollution, no hot head cold feet syndrome, just a more comfortable environment) Saves Energy (typical saving 20-50% or more) Environmentally responsible (100% recyclable) AC or DC (non-inverted systems) Easy to incorporate into established systems

50 FIR Highlights Residential including the garage
Specific uses of extra high value in; - Commercial – Gyms and public washrooms, kitchens, clinics medical/dental, garbage areas… - Schools - Cafeterias, change/wash rooms, classrooms, nurse station…. - Agricultural - Calving stalls, pig barns, chicken coups, sterilization rooms… - Industrial - E Houses, wash cars, office and lunch trailers, C-cans, temp hoardings, material containers, job boxes, warmth on JLGs and Genie Lifts…. No more Propane delivery, maintenance on furnaces or Herman nelsons/frost fighters Instant set up at site, no waiting for fuel hook up. No fire hazards or adding combustible fluids to the site. Easy Panel change out if ever required.

51 Prestyl Energy Corporation, John Milsom
Thank you again for your time and interest in learning more! Prestyl Energy Corporation, A division of FIR Heating Canada Inc. Master Distributor for Canada John Milsom (FIR) 3939 On behalf of Prestyl USA, LLC © 2011 Prestyl Energy Corporation, Canada, and © Prestyl USA, LLC., All rights reserved No part of this presentation may be duplicated or copied in any form without the express written permission of Prestyl USA, LLC PRESTYL ENERGY CORPORATION

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