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Collaboration: The Heart of Data-Driven Decision Making What is collaboration? What does collaboration look like? How do you start collaborating? How.

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2 Collaboration: The Heart of Data-Driven Decision Making What is collaboration? What does collaboration look like? How do you start collaborating? How do you create a self-sustaining capacity for a collaborative culture?


4 If youre not sure yet what your big idea is, drop what youre doing and figure it out. Doug Neff


6 Year to Date Attendance School20112012 GoalYTD 05/06-05/1205/13-05/1905/20-05/2605/27-06/0206/03-06/09Difference AIR FORCE HS93.34%95.00%93.23%91.72%90.55%89.97%92.24%95.80%3.56% BOGAN HS75.16%80.16%80.29%74.55%79.72%63.63%72.11%70.45%-1.67% CURIE HS85.01%90.01%83.27%81.00%81.47%76.94%79.28%71.22%-8.06% GAGE PARK HS72.48%77.48%75.39%72.82%72.22%75.22%68.75%83.78%15.03% HANCOCK HS78.21%83.21%83.95%80.59%82.06%80.32%84.34%91.39%7.05% HARPER HS72.98%77.98%79.14%77.86%73.50%74.90%78.00%79.89%1.89% HOPE HS72.18%77.18%77.15%70.82%73.63%69.92%72.12%77.31%5.18% HUBBARD HS89.30%94.30%90.43%87.62%85.22%84.52%83.80%88.76%4.96% KELLY HS89.34%90.00%88.51%87.92%87.00%86.41%85.20%90.86%5.67% KENNEDY HS82.95%87.95%83.91%82.47%84.63%81.27%83.09%81.72%-1.37% LINDBLOM HS92.65%97.65%94.25%92.97%86.95%91.31%93.21%93.46%0.25% RICHARDS HS90.56%95.56%86.00%86.14%86.62%87.71%87.72%91.13%3.41% ROBESON AA HS67.26%72.26%73.85%75.70%71.16%66.86%76.47%59.92%-16.55% ROBESON HS73.53%78.53%75.32%79.41%80.31%76.01%78.96%75.71%-3.25% SOUTHSIDE HS85.52%87.52%87.87%91.89%87.78%87.50%88.10%88.47%0.38% TEAM HS87.27%92.27%86.00%83.52%78.92%76.38%77.51%85.04%7.53% TILDEN AA HS69.91%74.91%63.37%60.90%56.38%54.04%55.50%64.66%9.17% TILDEN HS78.41%83.41%71.71%65.62%65.68%59.52%65.57%81.79%16.22% Network82.74%85.30%84.02%

7 Level 4-6 Misconduct for Track E Schools Level 4-6 Misconducts for SY 2012 GAGE PARKHARPERLINDBLOMRICHARDSROBESON AAROBESON HSSOUTHSIDETEAM* TILDEN AA HS* TILDEN HS Total Infractions for SY2010-2011 218370186918918010353357 Goal for total infractions SY 2010-2011 (20% decrease) 174.429614.455.2151.214482826.445.6 Goal # of Infractions divided by 40 - weekly 4.367.40.361.383.783. Times Current Week 37 Target Pace to reach goal 161.32273.813.3251.06139.86133.27.425.924.4242.18 # of Infractions YTD 163218944271221531114165 Above or below pace to meet 20% decrease -1.6855.84.327.06112.8611.2-7.6-5.1-89.58-122.82

8 College Enrollment 2009 - 2011 School Name201120102009 NumberPercentNumberPercentNumberPercent BOGAN TECHNICAL HIGH14653.916150.017853.9 CURIE METRO HIGH35862.033261.333256.1 GAGE PARK HIGH8942.011840.37740.3 HANCOCK HIGH9150.67345.96535.9 HARPER HIGH3738.54840.36545.5 HOPE COLL PREP HIGH7762.19258.210652.7 HUBBARD HIGH16359.715451.313954.7 KELLY HIGH29054.924246.421651.2 KENNEDY HIGH13151.813752.914655.7 LINDBLOM HS13484.37385.96484.2 RICHARDS CAREER ACAD4952.14443.12738.6 ROBESON HIGH5447.47042.27038.5 SOUTHSIDE OCC ACADMY------ TEAM ENGLEWOOD4457.9 TILDEN HIGH2630.24037.04930.8

9 Seniors on Track to College SCHOOL NAME College/YesUndecidedCollege/No Total Enrollment Total % of Students Enrollment% % % Bogan26968%307%96 24%39599% Curie47780%6010%60 10%597100% Gage Park16163%8433%9 3%25499% Hancock16080%2412%15 7%19999% Harper* N/A Hope7971%3128%1 1%111100% Hubbard25069%9225%21 6%363100% Kelly30152%20635%79 13%586100% Kennedy23275%3010%43 14%30599% Lindblom8978.8%2220%2 1.8%113101% Richards5153%2425%21 22%96100% Robeson12886%1812%3 2%149100% TEAM7695%11%3 4%80100% Tilden6959%2320%25 21%117100% SW Network 234271%64520%3789%3365100%

10 The Mission

11 Office of School Improvement Perseverance Beating the odds Accountability for tangible results, especially student test score growth Hard work Healthy competition Personal responsibility for growth and actions Seeing promise in students even when they cannot see it in themselves The power of intellectualism, diversity, and ingenuity Fun


13 20/20 To graduate every student college and career ready.

14 Tildens Current Mission To provide a quality education to all students, including students with special needs. Our priorities are to provide students with career pathways, college readiness skills, social and emotional learning and an educational foundation, utilizing technology, that will enable them to become productive citizens of a global society.

15 Tildens New Tweetable Mission Each group must come up with a 160-characters- or-less mission statement in five minutes. The intention is to create a mission statement that everyone can easily remember and be used as a reference in an elevator conversation. Count the characters including the spaces between words to check your work or try tweeting it to @docswin using Twitter. Write it on chart paper, so we can post it.

16 Tag Line A tagline is a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing materials and advertising. The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a brand or product (like a film), or to reinforce the audience's memory of a product.branding sloganmarketing advertisingbrand memory

17 Today, the Classroom. Tomorrow, the World. Your mission. Your promise. Your brand.

18 The Learning Principles

19 School Structures Rate each principle using the following scale: – 4: I can demonstrate this & can help my colleagues do this. – 3: I can do this well. – 2: I get it, but I need to see this in action & get some support. – 1: I need professional learning opportunities. What classroom supports or professional learning opportunities do I need? Circle the number of the principle(s) that causes you to pause. I need clarity or discussion on…

20 Culture of Collaboration

21 Influences on a Teachers Practice

22 The Whole Child Counselors Deans A-Team CARE Team Security Community Schools Initiative Cafeteria Clerical Supports Student Activities Director Instructional Leadership Team Student Development Leadership Team Engineers Others


24 Courageous Leadership

25 Time to plan…

26 Think About What are the best practices for building relationships during the first week of school? What club or organization would I like to sponsor or co-sponsor if I have not already signed up for one? Will Mr. Swinney really ask me about those articles he gave me to read?

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