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Film making has come from a passion. Together with solid business attributes and an in-depth knowledge in national and international film, this is surely.

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2 Film making has come from a passion. Together with solid business attributes and an in-depth knowledge in national and international film, this is surely a recipe to success Bharat Chohan – CEO / Founder

3 Company Background Magical Productions is an independent film production company, formed in 2007 by Managing Director: Bharat Chohan. Since inception, a great deal of time and effort has been spent in gathering and laying the groundwork for entering Magical Productions into the film industry, both nationally and internationally. Now with a strong board of experienced individuals and reliable company advisers, globally, Magical Productions is all set to roll.

4 The Key Team

5 BHARAT CHOHAN FOUNDER/MANAGING DIRECTOR / CEO Bharat Chohan has been involved in the movie industry since 1996. He has been voluntarily involved in a number of Bollywood films like Indian Babu and Chocolate to name a few.

6 SURESH WADKAR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Groomed for Indian classical music, after winning the Sur-Singar competition in 1976, Suresh Wadkar very quickly became one of the most sort after male artist in Bollywood. He has accumulated an endless list of awards and achievements to his name.

7 ANURADHA PAUDWAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR A Bollywood playback singer, her career started in back in 1973, since then Anuradha Paudwal has established herself as one of Indias most prolific and successful female singers winning many awards and being acknowledged in many prestigious events.

8 SAMRAT BHANDARI DIRECTOR Samrat Deep Bhandari is a law graduate, with M Sc. In Finance, Regulation and Risk Management, is also a dual qualified Chartered Secretary. Attended Harvard Business School, the ISMA Centre at the University of Reading and has been in the financial services for the last ten years.

9 Our vision is to become the market leading, self- sufficient film production house in international film aimed to a truly global audience. We also aim to drive our company forward from strength to strength and entertain the world with the most innovative and creative films.

10 The Growth Plan

11 Magical Productions has major growth plans for the future with an unparalleled slate of films to yield high returns for the company. Our aim is to get the highest values from distributors and exhibitors, satellite & terrestrial channels and licensees.

12 Magical Productions is involved in production of television documentaries, ad films, music videos and corporate videos. We also have plans to widen our horizons into home entertainment by marketing and distributing DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs all over the world through the set up of its very own distribution offices in UK and abroad. This will be done under its own label Magical Productions Home Entertainment in the near future.

13 Magical Productions also has plans to acquired rights for scripts and/or un-complete film projects. Another way we hope to move forward is to invest into completing current on going projects with the potential to yield a high level of return. Magical Productions will soon be looking into acquiring state-of- art facilities and rights to classic movies from the UK, India and the USA so that they can be digitally re-mastered and given a new lease of life.


15 CLOPHILL Horror/Thriller, this is a documentary style film based on actual documented evidence and paranormal occurrence in a village nearby. Currently in Post-production.

16 Mp-2 (working title) A true international film... Its a comedy, cultural and musical lovely story with a twist! Likes of which has never been experienced before. The calibre of stars earmarked for this project is Imran Khan (Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na, I Hate Luv Stories), Sienna Miller (G.I. Joe, The Edge of Love) and Deepika Padukone (Om Shanti Om, Love Aaj Kal). The supporting cast will include well known, award winning actors from UK, US and Indian film industries. The director will be in the league of Andy DeEmmony (West Is West) or Gurinder Chadha (Bhaji on the Beach, Bend It Like Beckham, Bride & Prejudice, Its a Wonderful Afterlife). All cast and crew are yet to be finalised.

17 Mp-3 (working title) Heart melting story of an individual and the truth of how poverty stricken families from third world countries sacrifice their childhood to obtain a better life for them and their families, but realise that the journey is not as simple or easy as the thought. Pre-Production stage.

18 SHREENAATH Magical Productions is in midst of setting new ties with an upcoming animation house. Collaboratively, Magical Productions are working on a feature length 3D animation SHREENAATH scheduled for international release together with a global music release.

19 BUSINESS CYCLE Development This is the stage where an idea is fleshed out in to a viable script. Pre- Production At this stage, a project will be fully financed and have its principle cast, director and cinematographer in place. Principal Photography This is the phase of film production which is where the film is actually shot Post- Production This is the general term for all stage production occurring after the stage of shooting and/or recording the complete work.


21 TARGET MARKET Magical Production's movies are aimed to appeal too both Hollywood and Bollywood. By having two independent markets boosts potential revenues streams.

22 WHY INVEST Were a ever growing company, which is bursting with potential, young talent and the drive to make all our ambitions come to life. The projects that we are working on now are just the begging we plan on creating many more and plenty of success

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