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CH 35 Insights- Cold War (1945-1991- conflict, with no fighting, between USA/Democracy and Soviet Union/Russia/ Communism 1) Identify and define 3 examples.

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1 CH 35 Insights- Cold War (1945-1991- conflict, with no fighting, between USA/Democracy and Soviet Union/Russia/ Communism 1) Identify and define 3 examples of how the US moved away from its policy of isolationism 2) Analyze the difference between the Red Scare of the 1920s and 1950s (provide two examples of the 1950s Red Scare as evidence) 3) Evaluate if the United States could have done more to stop the spread of Communism in Asia

2 ID- The Communist Menace (864) Summary 1- What does the map infer about the goals of Communism? Seeks to spread out from Russia Summary 2- What do the orange and pink areas of the map represent? Areas that area under Russian control (and forced to join the Soviet Union/Russia) OI- The United States and the Soviet Union 1) What was Stalins ultimate goal after WWII? To ensure friendly nations next to Russia (turn them Communist) *Make sure they never get invaded from west again

3 2) What was FDRs goal for a post-war world? Open world w. no more colonies 3) What was the grand Alliance and what held it together? US, Eng, USSR Hatred of Hitler (Common enemy) ?Do you feel the US and Russia were friends during WWII?

4 ID- Postwar Partition of Germany (P 867) Summary 3- What happened to Germanys land in the east? (Lined areas) Became Communist (East Germany) Summary 4- What happened to Germany in 1949? Split into two countries 1) West Germany- Dem, 2) East Germany- Com. Summary 5- Where is Berlin, the Capital, located? East Germany

5 OI- The Problem of Germany 4) What happened at Nuremberg? Nazi leaders tried and executed for war crimes Held accountable for their actions ?How is this different from past wars? 5) What are Satellite Sates? Communist countries in Europe under Russias control

6 6) How did the US save Berlin when choked off by rail? Berlin Airlift- 1 year US fly supplies into West Berlin ?What is so unique about West Berlin? ?What does the Berlin Airlift say about the US attitude towards Communism(Esp. right after WWII)

7 ID- United States Foreign Aid (P 870) Summary 6- What was the name of the plan that provided aid for Europe? Marshall Plan Summary 7- Why do you think so much money sent to Europe? To prevent Europe from turning to Russia for help (and becoming Communist) OI- The Cold War Congeals 7) Define Containment? Who was the author? US would threaten to use force every time Communism tries to expand (George Keenan)

8 8) What countries were helped by the Truman Doctrine? How much was provided? Greece and Turkey ($400 milion) Truman Doctrine- US will help any country threatened by Communism ?How are these new policies different from past US foreign policy? 9) What was the Marshall Plan? What convinced congress to support the plan? US aid to help rebuild war torn Europe Europe would spend the money on US products ?Why US products? Why not German, Japanese, or Chinese? ?How would Europe been different if the US had gone back to isolationism?

9 10) What did the US recognize May 14, 1948? Why did the US offer support? Recognized the creation of Israel as a Jewish state Pay back for the horrors Jews endured b/c of Holocaust ID- Reaching across the Atlantic in Peacetime (872) Summary 8- What alliance did the US join in 1948? NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) OI- America Begins to Rearm 11) What is the National Security Council? advises Pres. on security and military issues creates CIA, NSA (spy agencies)

10 12) What is NATO? Military alliance b/t US, Canada, and Western Europe An attack on any country meant the US would go to war against Russia!!! 13) How was NATO a departure for the US? 1 st peacetime alliance – ?Should the US get so involved in protecting Europe or leave it to fend for themselves?

11 ID-The Hydrogen Bomb (873) Summary 9- What is the destructive byproduct of the Hydrogen bomb can affect areas thousands of miles away? Radiation (kills cells in the body) OI- Reconstruction and Revolutions in Asia 14) Who was the leader of the Chinese Communists? Mao Ze Dung 15) What was the Republican platform on China becoming Communist? Rep. blamed Dem. For losing China to Communists 16) What was the Democratic reply? Only war and invading China could have prevented China from going Com (US not willing to fight 800 mil. Chinese)

12 17) What occurred in Sept. 1949? Russia detonated an Atomic bomb ?How has the Cold War changed?What would a war b/t US and Russia look like? 18) What was the American reply? Hydrogen Bomb (US developed a bomb that was 20xs more powerful, so did the Russians shortly after) ?Is this the right idea to build more destructive bombs? Why do Americans support this route?

13 ID- Richard Nixon, Red Hunter (875) Summary 10- The micro film that Nixon is examining was used to convict what person? Alger Hiss (worked in State Department/Gov., convicted of selling secrets to Russians OI- Ferreting Out Alleged Communists 19) What was HUAC? ID a member? Who did they bust? -House Un-American Activities- created a Red Scare (II) looking for Communists secret living and trying to brainwash Americans - Richard Nixon -Hollywood 10- ten writers and directors who refused to testify before HUAC ? What was so wrong about testifying before HUAC? ? Do you feel HUAC was being Un-American or American?

14 20) What groups of people were accused of being perceived Communists? Hollywood- Why Hollywood? because many were Jewish, liberal, and influenced American culture 21) Who were the Rosenbergs? Convicted and executed for selling US Atomic secrets to Russia Could have been innocent!!! Why do you feel so many people wanted them dead? – Americans looking for a scapegoat to explain how the Communists could get the A-Bomb

15 McCarthyism- Sen. Joseph McCarthy started a Red Scare stating their were Communists working in the Government Had no evidence, was lying to gain notoriety and fame (re-election) – Anyone who opposed him was called out for being a Communist – Brought down after accusing the Army of hiding Communists Importance – Television- covered McCarthys speech and the Army-McCarthy debates » Television was a new powerful medium in providing information and shaping peoples opinions

16 ID- The Shifting Front in Korea (878) Summary 11- Explain the changes in the maps/ direction of the war N. Korea invades S. Korea (almost whole peninsula) US invades at Inchon (divides peninsula) US invades into N. Korea (near Yalu R. and China) China invades and pushes US back to starting point of war ?Who won the war?

17 OI- The Korean Volcano Erupts, The Military Seesaw in Korea 22) What was NSC-68? That the US would spend (and can afford) whatever it takes to to fight Communism 23) What organization supported the invasion of Korea? United Nations (called a police action to protect sovereignty of S. Korea) Allowed the President to send troops w/out declaring war ?What is happening to the role of the President since 1900? What kind of reaction do you think is going to happen?

18 24) What change in the Korean War caused the US not to be able to come home by Christmas? China invaded with millions of troops (Battle of Chosan one of the US worst defeats) 24) Why was General MacArthur removed/fired? Threatened to drop an A-Bomb on China ?Why did he get fired for this? Only the President has the power to use The Bomb (and is the head of the military), Gen. MacArther was going beyond his power ?What could have been the result if the US had bomb Communist China?

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