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Brunswick High School Counseling Center 2013-2014 Educational Planning Course Registration Meeting For All Parents and Students.

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2 Brunswick High School Counseling Center 2013-2014 Educational Planning Course Registration Meeting For All Parents and Students

3 Meet the staff in the Counseling Center Mrs. Tuckey: Grades 9-12 ; Counselor for students A-K Mrs. Starmer: Grades 9-12; Counselor for students L-Z Mrs. Renn: Secretary Mrs. Wilton: Secretary/Transcript Secretary Mr. Dawson: School Support Mr. Beavan : Mentor/Internship Coordinator, Work Study Coordinator and SSL Coordinator

4 Goals for Tonights meeting Review graduation requirements Review process for selection of courses Review electives per subject area Review time table for collecting forms

5 High School Bell Schedule Bell to Open School: 7:20 am Period 1: 7:30-9:02am Period 2: 9:07-10:37am Period 3: 10:42-12:46pm Includes 3 lunch shifts. Time is dependent on your period 3 class Period 4: 12:51-2:20pm

6 Bell Tutoring Offered in the Media Center Tuesdays: Focus is on English and Social Studies Wednesdays: Focus is on Math and Science 2:30-4:00 pm Everyone is welcome Snacks and drinks are provided Bus transportation is provided

7 Basis Of Course Selection Student Abilities Educational Goals Teacher Recommendations Maintain rigor Check prerequisites Eight Classes and legitimate alternates If you are going to attend CTC, do Work Study or Open Campus you must still register for 8 course s

8 Maryland State Diploma Requirements 4 English 3 Social Studies –Government (9th) –Modern World History (10th) or AP World History –American Studies II (11th) or AP U.S. History

9 Frederick County Diploma Requirements 4 Mathematics (Algebra 1 or 2 and Geometry required) 3 Science (Biology required) 1/2 Fitness for Life 1/2 Health 1 Fine Art Foundations of Technology Financial Literacy for 2016 Graduates and beyond

10 Courses that Fulfill.5 Financial Literacy credit 1 credit Courses Career Research and Development 2 Introduction to Business Independent Living Microsoft Certification Training.5 Credit Course: Managing Your Personal Finance

11 Frederick County Diploma Requirements Credits - 25 Community Service High School Assessments Senior interview (completed through senior English class)

12 Program Choice Graduation Completers

13 Frederick County Diploma Requirements Completer Program : Foreign Language Languages offered at BHS: SPANISH LATIN FRENCH

14 Program Choice: Advanced Technology- 2 Credits Architectural Engineering Design 1 Architectural Engineering Design 2 **MUST TAKE BOTH FOR COMPLETER

15 PROGRAM CHOICE Career and Technology Completer CTC Completers: 4 Credits –Available for 10-12 grades –Brochures available in lobby –Shadowing takes place from November –February. Applications are due in February More information will be forthcoming from the CTC staff.

16 PROGRAM CHOICE Career and Technology Completer Brunswick High School Completers –Auto Mechanics (1, 2 and 3) –Horticulture (1, 2, and Agricultural Science and Horticulture 3 or Work study or Independent Study) –Child Development (1, 2, 3 and Parenting or Independent Living) –Agriculture- Animal Science (Agricultural Science, Pre-Vet Large Animal, Pre-Vet Small Animal, Work Study or Agricultural Independent Study

17 Work Study Completer Program If you use Work Study as your Graduation Completer you must take the following classes –10 th -12 th grader classes 1. Career Research & Development 1 –Focuses on career exploration, resumes –Job skills, interviews and job applications 2. Career Research & Development 2 Focuses on credit, budgeting and finances *****Meets Financial Literacy requirement Required for work-study completers 3. Two credits of Work Study (Available for seniors only). You provide your own job and transportation

18 Work Study Attend school part time while working. 8 hours of work per credit 2 blocks per semester 12 th grade Mark Trimble, McDonalds

19 Work Study Charlie Herrmann, engineering Nick Thompson, farming Work in an area of your choice Develop valuable skills

20 Work Study Logan Thompson, arborist Blake Heffner, auto detailer CRD 1 and 2 to be a completer

21 Internship Tom Lear, Asphalt paver May be paid or unpaid positions of possible career interests. 11 th and 12 th grade

22 Internship Fort Detrick has Science internships Must apply in junior year by Dec 1 st

23 Student Service Learning: Juniors and Seniors Only Students interested in helping community agencies and/or in serving as tutors to elementary, middle and high school students in need of academic support Students earn 1 credit Announcements will be made in April/May to come pick up an SSL form from Mr. Beavans office.

24 Student Service 75 Hours (infused into the curriculum) Go above and beyond what is required? Earn scholarship $$$$ and Meritorious Certificate **Form available in Counseling Center

25 High School Assessments Algebra 1 English 10 Biology Government Without Government Combined score:1208 With Government: Combined score1602

26 English Levels: Merit Honors (not for grade 12) Advanced Placement

27 English Elective Publications 1, 2, 3 and 4 Work on the Yearbook !

28 Journalism For 10 th, 11 th and 12 th Graders Write and create for an on-line BHS magazine Have an advantage on college applications/scholarships Be a …….music critic, sports commentator, lifestyle commentator, movie critic Learn about advertising and public relations work

29 Film Studies For Grades 11 and 12 only Study the best movies of our times and of the past Study the technical and aesthetic aspects of filmmaking Explore what makes a film Great Analyze documentaries, animation, comedies, drama and classics Parent Permission Required

30 Creative Writing For Grades 11 and 12 only Be a part of the BHS literary magazine Have an advantage on college applications/scholarships Write poetry, lyrics, short stories, journals, on-act plays and/or start a novel. Participate in writing workshops

31 Social Studies Levels & Electives Merit and Honors Advanced Placement: –World History AP –U.S. History AP (can be yearlong or semester) –AP Human Geography –AP Psychology Electives: –Psychology –National & Global Issues –World War 2 (AS 2 Required) –Philosophy of Knowledge: Capstone Project Required

32 \ Math Courses and Electives *** 4 Credits needed Algebra 1 with Data or year-long Algebra –Common Core Algebra (18 week or yearlong) Common Core Geometry and Geometry Honors Contemporary Math Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Honors Advanced Algebra 3 with Trig Honors Statistics and Probability and AP Stats Pre-calculus Honors Calculus 1A and 1B Calculus 2

33 Science Courses and Electives: Introduction to Chemistry and Physics –(Merit and Honors) Biology –(Merit and Honors) Environmental Science Chemistry (Fundamentals and Honors) Algebra-Based Physics Advanced Placement Options: AP Biology 1 and 2 (Yearlong) AP Environmental Science AP Physics 1 & 2 (Yearlong) AP Chemistry 1 & 2 (Yearlong)

34 NEW Science Elective: Earth System Science Research **Prerequisite: 3 Lab Science classes JUNIORS AN D SENIORS ONLY This science class uses the latest information developed through current technologies in this research-based course. Students utilize skills and processes from previous science classes to study the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the Earth system. Students will spend over 50% of the course conducting independent research, producing a scientific presentation to communicate results. This course culminates with the presentation of research findings in a scientific poster session

35 Technology Options Microsoft Certification Training 1 Introduction to Business Managing Your Personal Finance.5 Credit Accounting Website Development Career Research & Development 1 Career Research & Development 2

36 Family and Consumer Science Elective Cultures and Cuisines: This course looks at food by studying the diversities & commonalities of cultures, history, geographies and people. Students will prepare and sample foods from around the world.

37 Family and Consumer Science Elective Independent Living Prepare to make decisions for your future career and family. Activities provide relevant and practical experience which include: studying the value of nutritious meals, examining housing choices, demonstrating the principles of interior design, financial planning, instruction in clothing care and selection and developing skills for becoming a wise consumer.

38 Performing Arts Intro to Theater, Acting II and Advanced Acting and Theater Production Tech Theater Chorus Marching Band (Fall) Instrumental Ensemble (Spring) Class Piano 1-2 Guitar 1-3 Music Theory

39 Visual Arts Drawing & Painting 1-2 Art 1-3 Digital Photo 1-4 Ceramics 1, 2 and 3 Computer Graphic 1-3 AP Studio Art ( by teacher permission ONLY)

40 P.E. Electives Team Sports 1-4 Team Sports Baseball/Softball Team Sports Basketball Team Sports Football Strength Training 1-5 Personal Fitness 1-3 Sports Medicine (Biology Prereq) Athletic Coaching

41 Signature Programs @ BHS APEX Program: Entry into APEX is second semester of 9 th Grade –Students take 6 or more AP courses and at least 4 AP exams –Enroll in Algebra Based Physics 9 th grade year Teaching Academy @ BHS –Check the BHS website for more details

42 BHS TEACHING ACADEMY ONLY JUNIORS AND SENIORS CAN APPLY!!! First course is INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING Second semester: Mentor/Internship for 2 class periods at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

43 BHS TEACHING ACADEMY Academy Admission Requirements: 1. 3.0 GPA or better 2. 90% Attendance for previous year 3. Must fulfill the University of Maryland Completer Program requirements (2 years of foreign language and minimum of Algebra 2 in math). 4. Write a brief essay telling why you want to enroll. 5. Two teacher recommendations ** See Mrs. Lenzo for an application.

44 Other Academy Opportunities Check the HIGH SCHOOL COURSE OFFERING GUIDE for a list of Small Learning Communities by School – Must provide your own transportation Environmental Academy, IB Program, NJROTC, Arts and Communications and Pre-Engineering Academy

45 Receiving Credit A student must earn a grade of D or better in the course. Credit can be withheld because of excessive absences –You may have no more than 5 unexcused absences in a term. –You may have no more than 10 unexcused absences in a semester.

46 Promotion Policy In order to be promoted to the next grade level you need: –6 credits to be a sophomore (10 th grader) –12 credits to be a junior (11 th grader) –18 credits to be a senior (12 grader)

47 Important Dates Registration forms will be collected on February 13 th or we will pick your classes for you! Must be signed by you and your parents. Make an appointment with your counselor if you are not sure what you need to take for your graduation requirements.

48 COLLEGE NIGHT College Night for Juniors and their parents –March 2oth at 7:00 pm- Whos coming: UMCP, Towson, Frostburg, McDaniel, Hood, Shepherd, FCC, SAT Prep Instructor, Financial Aid Advisor and College and Scholarship Search Opportunities

49 Counseling Center Hours During the school year: Monday-Friday 7:20-2:45 Summer Hours: Monday- Thursday(Times Vary) Call before you come in. 240-236-8550

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