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2 SUBtv the most compelling and respected interactive media brand with 18-24 students across the UK An introduction to MediaKick.TV

3 Introduction SUBtv began broadcasting nationwide in 2003. Part of JVTV group, strong private financial backing. Circa £4 million invested to date. Installed within 115 University Union Venues and operating 700 plasma screens, SUBtv provides national and localised programming direct to a huge student population. SUBtv reaches 1.6m 18-24 year olds a week, 32% of the national total. 95% of students visit the bar three times a week or more and stay on average for 2.5 hours (SUBtv / SRA research Mar 2005) The venues are a relaxing environment and 74% of students think that the screens add to the atmosphere in the bar.

4 The Technology SUBtv is a national TV channel broadcast via a plasma screen network. The screens have full audio and visual capabilities and provide the soundtrack and visual entertainment to the environment. SUBtv content is forward stored overnight via ADSL lines individually linked to each site, ready for playout the next day. There is some local functionality accessed by the Union staff via a touch screen usually located behind the bar. Content is scheduled and played by the SUBtv Airtime System. This is bespoke software developed in–house exclusively for use on the SUBtv network. Content is played out as MPEG video meaning no degradation of sound or picture quality.

5 TV without TV Costs – SUBtv reaches 1.6 million students at a fraction of the cost of conventional TV advertising. This is 60% of all 18-24 year olds in Higher Education and 30% of all 18-24 yr olds. Digital animated adverts with audio in prime locations on high impact plasma screens Advertising aimed at your target student audience Played at peak times throughout the day Your advert on SUBtv website for student recall of offers What we are offering

6 Some of SUBtvs National clients: Hutchinson 3Skype Sony BMGUbisoft MTV Teacher Training Agency Barclays TV Licensing CamelotRFU VodafonePuma SmirnoffCoors COIAllied Domecq Buena Vista Lever Faberge O2Coca- Cola Warner Bros.

7 In March 2005 an extensive research project was carried out Across 7 universities, in total 1000 students were questioned about a wide range of subjects, here are some snapshots of the findings. 71% agreed that the Bar was a relaxing environment. 74% agreed that the screens added to the atmosphere in the bar 56% own a laptop or PDA Why Students? Research – Source : SRA

8 65% would enter more SMS based competitions that offer drinks promotion 82% access the internet at least once per day 48% spontaneous recall of SUBtv (up from 23% in November) 47% would vote in Student Union presidential elections by SMS via SUBtv 30% prepared to get involved with creating content for the screens Research – Source : SRA

9 Music – The latest music videos, artist exclusives including The Killers, Coldplay, Outkast and The Foo Fighters. Live music events filmed by SUBtv e.g. Fairtrade gig at The Coronet and NSMA finalists and Glastonbury 2005. Sport – Live Premiership, Kitesurf, Extreme Sports, live events. University sport including live ticker tape results from all BUSA sports fixtures, 6 Nations Rugby. Animation and Film– Aardman and Student originated animation, short films, mainstream film content with new release information News – Half hourly ticker of news and sport Local – Content created by students and universities broadcast on an individual university level SUBtv is not OFCOM regulated SUBtv allows you to wrap your message around live TV content, as well as broadcasting full TV and web execution Programming

10 70% of broadcast schedule Animated advert with audio to get attention Full screen eye catching advert to enhance your image Advert duplicated on SUBtv website enabling advert recall 30% of broadcast schedule Attention is focused on screens due to Sky broadcasting Advert duplicated on SUBtv website enabling advert recall If not a major event, venues will play adverts and SkyTV simultaneously

11 Track Record Ubisoft Ghost Recon 2 Inter-University Gaming Tournament SUBtv installed temporary XBOX network in 14 Unions nationally. The contestants battled real-time across an XBOX Live internet environment for a prize fund of £1500. SUBtv recruited local co- ordinators to run the game play and incentivised union staff to ensure maximum participation. The week-long tournament allowed plenty of time for trial and amplification of pre-release marketing campaigns.

12 Whats on the website? have created an online community for students where they can interact with other students in a virtual environment All adverts can be recalled at any time via this website

13 The Options Adverts of 10 / 20 / 30 seconds Your advert played six times each day at peak times Options to update advert at least 4 times a year to keep your offers fresh

14 The Production Professional guidance to see you from brief to broadcast Highly qualified Graphic Design team who will create an animated advert to match your corporate identity Manipulation and enhancement of your existing artwork With the addition of our professional photography and stock imagery

15 The Production Skilled animation to bring your feature to life Proof of artwork before broadcast Music & voice produced to grab attention and compliment your advert Your feature live on all screens in the Union within 8 weeks from today

16 How much does it cost? Advert Length (seconds) 102030 Airtime per Year £780£1040£1300 Overall Cost per week (based on 42 weeks per year) £19£25£31 Production Cost £475 All prices subject to a two year (academic) agreement and VAT

17 Sample Adverts

18 Example Payment Schedule Today 25% of total Airtime Deposit by Cheque or Credit Card On Broadcast of Advert3 Quarterly payments spreading your airtime fee on Standing Order Example:Airtime Cost = £1040.00 x 2 (years) + £ 475.00 artwork fee = £2080.00 Cost Today= £638.75 3 quarterly payments of= £638.75 All prices subject to VAT

19 Your campaign will be produced and managed by


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