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Company Profile Company Profile.

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1 Company Profile Company Profile

2 Coatings Without Us… Coatings Without Us…

3 Coatings With Us… Coatings With Us…

4 Nutshell: Importers – Exporters – Manufacturers
Profile Of Arihant More than 4 decades in Coatings Industry. Acts as an one stop shop for the customers. Sales Turnover of more than USD Million. An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company. Relationship Maker: Principals & Customers. Media Support for Seminars, Exhibitions & Advertisements. Raw Materials: Imports & Toll Manufacturing. Commenced an Application Laboratory in Mumbai from July ‘2007 for Inks & Coatings Industry. Nutshell: Importers – Exporters – Manufacturers Profile Of Arihant

5 Turnover Financials - Turnover

6 Indenters & Stockiest Rohm and Haas, United States (Acrylic Binders & allied for Paints) Wayne Pigments, United States (Anti-Corrosive Pigments) Oilzone, U.A.E. (Motorol Petroleum Distillates) Degussa, Germany (Synthetic & Adhesion Resins, Waxes) Tego Chemie Service GmbH, Germany (Additives & Silicon Resins) Hanwha Chemicals, Korea (PVC Copolymer & Acrylic Resins) Sumitomo Chemicals, Japan (EVA Copolymer Resins) Macri Chemicals, Italy (Multi-Decorative Paints System) Johnson Matthey Catalysts, United Kingdom (Adhesion Promoters) Weikem Chemicals, China (Cellulose Ethers) K.Patel Dyes, India (Bases & Basic Dyes) Camlin, India (Anti-Skinning Agents) Lakeland Chemicals, India (Wax Emulsions) Sterling Auxiliaries, India (2-Phenoxy Ethanol) Indenters & Stockiest

7 Principles Principles

8 Vinyl Copolymer Resins
Specialized Products Flush Pigments Yellow Rubine Blue Polyurethane Resins Acepak 125 Acepak 225 Polyamide Resins Acemide 55 Vinyl Copolymer Resins TEGH TECH TEGD Specialized Products

9 Warehouse We have our own warehouse which is approx. 12,000 Sq. feet built up area for storing chemicals. The warehouse is situated at Bhiwandi which is 40 kms away from Mumbai Unmatched warehousing with compartmentalized state of art storing facility for respective products with extensive distribution network ensures that customers receive the products at the right time Warehouse

10 Technical Laboratory Technical Service Organization:
Technical Service Lab in Belapur operational since August 2007 1 Technical Service Manager + 1 Chemist dedicated to Inks, Paints & Coatings Strengthening resources with 2 more Chemists Experienced in Indian conditions and familiar with typical Indian practices Well equipped with instruments Ink & Paint preparation lab batch Testing and analysis for application of inks & paints Vapi lab connected to ACR Tech service projects. Technical Service Capabilities: Sales Service requests / reformulations, optimization, other. Joint product testing. Collaborative Project New products Existing products- formulation cost reduction, enhancement in performance etc.. Customer training programs. Technical Laboratory

11 Technical Laboratory Technical Laboratory

12 Distribution Network Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Indore Kolkata
Mumbai (Head Office) Nagpur Pune Distribution Network

13 Association Memberships
We are members of the below mentioned esteemed associations & societies: AIPIMA – All India Printing Inks Manufacturers Association IPA – Indian Paints Association ISSPA – Indian Small Scale Paint Association IRMA – Indian Resin Manufacturers Association The Colour Society by U.I.C.T. - University Institute of Chemical Technology Association Memberships

14 About Inks & Coatings About Inks & Coatings

15 Printing Process - Inks
Letterpress Printing Inks News Inks Lithographic Printing Inks Web Offset Inks Heatset & Coldset Sheetfed Inks Metal Decorative Inks Flexographic Printing Inks Water based Inks Polyethylene and HDPE Bags Films – Cellophane, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Metal Gravure Printing Inks Publication Inks Lamination Inks – Surface & Reverse Foil Inks Film Inks – BOPP, Polyester, Polyethylene Printing Process - Inks

16 Printing Process - Inks
Screen Printing Inks Paper & Board Impervious surfaces Plastic containers Textile Inks Specialized Inks Ultra Violet & Electron-beam curing systems Ink Jet Inks Printing Process - Inks

17 Indian Printing Inks Industry
Total No. of Companies – 475 Volume in weight – 1,02,000 MT Value Wise – INR 1000 crores Imports of Inks – INR 10 crores Indian Printing Inks Industry

18 Inks Market Size (Data as of 2004)
Paste Ink Sub-Category  Tonnage Est. Growth News Ink  22000T 10-12% Offset  27500T Letter Press 9000T Nil Liquid Ink Gravure 23000T 22-25% Flexo-Solvent 8300T Flexo-Water 800T Inks Market Size

19 Inks Market Size (Data as of 2004)
Silk Screen Sub-Category  Tonnage Est. Growth 5500 T Specialized Inks 4% Inks Market Size

20 Paints & Coatings Industrial Paints Powder Coatings
High Performance Coatings Stoving Enamels Automotive Paints – OEM & Refinish Protective Coatings Wood Finishes Coil Coatings Can Coatings Architectural Paints Interior Paints Exterior Paints Alkyd Enamels Paints & Coatings

21 Indian Coatings Industry
Indian Coating Industry produces – 1,050,000 MT per annum Value – INR 8,800 crores (USD 1.95 billion) Global Market Share – 1.8% Per capita paint consumption – grams Organized Sector – Turnover above 5 crores – Constitute 57% - 600,000 MT p.a. – around 12 customers SME Sector – Below 5 crores – 43% - 450,000 MT p.a. – around 2,500 customers Growth – 17% p.a. value wise Indian Coatings Industry

22 Business Prospects We assure better business prospects.
Wide range of products to service all types of customers. Assured Quality. Assured Supply with good logistics back up. Highly accepted product information through various medias like print / online / multimedia. Technical Service. Regular visits. Quick response on sampling. Business Prospects

23 Group Companies Group Companies Group Companies
Arihant Chemicals & Resins (India) Pvt. Ltd. Tridev Resins (India) Pvt. Ltd. Group Companies

24 Tridev Resins (India) Pvt. Ltd. - Profile
One of the fastest growing Resins manufacturing company in India. An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company. Real Time – 24x7 – Technical service and support. Relationship driven. Long term research focus. Technically and Financially Sound Company. Capacity of manufacturing 3600 tons per annum of Resins. Department assigned for EHS (Environment, Health and Safety). Support a Global Distribution Network. Tridev Resins - Profile

25 Water Based Products – Hicoat Series
Products Overview Resins Ketonic – HK series Polyamides – Trimide Series PVB – Tripol Series Maleic – Triolac Series Phenolic – Triolac Series Water Based Products – Hicoat Series Acrylic Emulsions Overprint Varnishes Heat Seal Lacquers Acrylic Resin (Coming soon) Additives TA Series Defoamers Products Overview

26 Conclusion Arihant Chemicals & Resins (I) Pvt. Ltd. works closely together in today’s fast moving world and gears up for the tomorrow’s eco-friendly raw-materials for Inks and Coatings Industry replacing the conventional System. Opportunities can be converted to Possibilities and further to REALITY THANK YOU Conclusion

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