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Doing Catechesis in a Media Age The medium IS the message- McLuhan.

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1 Doing Catechesis in a Media Age The medium IS the message- McLuhan

2 In this presentation…. u The nature of learning and input u To Teach as Jesus Did u Using media to preach u Some suggestions on the use of media in the process of catechesis.

3 How we learn... u Input from five senses…plus u The retention factor u The nature of students in this age u The power of the story (even urban myths) u Media serve the needs under multiple intelligences theory: they serve all the intelligences.

4 Students Like Dislike

5 Aetatis Novae, 1992 At the dawn of this new era, a vast expansion of human communications is profoundly influencing culture everywhere…Nowhere today are people untouched by the impact of media upon religious and moral attitudes, political and social systems, and education.

6 The Evolution of Media Pre-literate: storytelling Literate: Print material Post-literate: Electronic media Post-post literate The nöosphere??

7 Scripture shows use of media: u Old Testament: Burning Bush Ten Plagues Dreams u New Testament: Parables Coin of the realm Fig Tree

8 Media teach: u Issues such as sexuality, morality, violence, consumerism, materialism. u Values of life/death/the human condition u A point of view, e.g. stereotypes u Behavior u Culture

9 Media have become the language through which we interpret our lives and our experiences.

10 We often use old wineskins to describe new wine: u Horseless carriage u Iron horse u Laptop computer u Hard disk space u Desktop

11 Media talk=everyday talk u Beam me up, Scotty… u Show me the money! u Badabing! u Talk to the hand; the head is busy u Can you hear me now?

12 What should media provide? u Connectedness: in the shared experience u Metaphor: in the shared meaning u Sacramentality: in the sense of the transcendence u Understanding: in the lesson drawn.

13 Jesus: the Medium and the Message u Priest Cool Hand Luke u Prophet The Dead Zone u King High Noon

14 Using Media and New Technology u Television, movies, music provide a platform for metaphor and experience. u Electronic media provide a unique opportunity for connectedness u In this post-post-literate age, media need to be interpreted in light of our beliefs and seen to be sacramental in character.

15 Ways to use TV, Film and Music u Stage situations from Gospel stories as if they were part of a TV show or movie; u Analyze commercials for stereotype;(e.g. portrayal of fathers) u Analyze beginnings and endings of sitcoms; u Watch music videos first w/o sound; next w/o video. Analyze the result. u Use film characters to analyze moral questions;(e.g. Green Mile)

16 More Ways.. u Teach how color, lighting, camera angles convey a message;(e.g.Psycho) u Analyze cultural trends through the use of film over the years; do the same with music.(e.g. any teen flick) u Analyze American consumerism through the use of commercials(e.g. product placement) u Look for how and when morality are portrayed(e.g. Spiderman)

17 Still more ways... u Look for the effect of music on movies and TV shows(e.g. Law and Order) u Look for movies that are re-writing of Scriptural stories(e.g. Close Encounters) u Analyze music, movies and TV shows for how they portray the use of alcohol and drugs.

18 Some caveats u Pay attention to licensing and fair use regulations; u Dont use media in such a way that it obfuscates the message u Remember: the lesson is utmost


20 Cyberspace and Church u No longer do the teacher and the student have to be in the same place at the same time. u Information is no longer limited to the educated. u Concepts such as space and time have new meaning.

21 Saint Blogs Parish u Represents a cyberparish u Blogs exist on any topic ranging from spirituality to theology to current Church practice. u Blogs give Catholics an opportunity to be heard on any topic. u This puts the entire concept of parish and Church on its head.

22 Some popular Catholic blogs A Catholic Blog for Lovers Http:// Care and Feeding of a Catholic Church Choir Http:// Catholic and Enjoying It Http:// CLOG, a blog on canon law Http://

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