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Rock series Rock is located in the medium-high price segment of straight-line edgers market; this value is given by: Performance: Double speed compared.

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2 Rock series Rock is located in the medium-high price segment of straight-line edgers market; this value is given by: Performance: Double speed compared to other machines with the same number of spindles Quality: superior finishing level Precision: extreme accuracy and repeatability Comfort: no vibration, no noise during processing Heavy duty: built to last, years with intensive use With these features, Rock becomes the most valuable (most convenient, inexpensive) machine, considering lifetime, maintenance costs, productivity and quality added value.

3 Rock processing Designed for flat edging with arris Also industrially polished chamfer up to 10mm (Rock 8 and 11), with special metal wheel or high-quality polished chamfer (Rock ) Glass thickness till 40 mm Glass weight up to 2000 Kgs (250 Kgs per meter)


5 How is all this technically obtained? Strong know-how and tradition Important R&D leading to innovative technical solutions Strong and heavy structure Enhanced automation

6 Strong and heavy structure Made entirely in: Cast iron –Structure –Spindles and cases –Transmission Thick steel –Front and rear carters –Racks, inlet-outlet arms Stainless steel –Conveyor guides ABS –Top cover, control panel, –inlet and outlet conveyors cover 16mm 55mm30mm Front & rear carters Spindles & cases Structure

7 Conveyors belts by chains The conveyors belts are driven by a chain system Rubber part in contact with the glass in long lasting anti-cut material The wearing part in contact with the glass can be easily replaced when needed, at a low cost.

8 Conveyor on guides The concept is based on by pads sliding on guides in tempered steel and stainless steel with an oil film in-between This ensure a long life and a parallel wearing allowing constant quality up to the end Guides are mounted on the structure and replaceable when worn out Pads in a material resistant to glass powder abrasion Centralized automatic lubrication system

9 Conveyor pads Conveyor pads based on a new patented concept with double material: 1.Body in very hard material with excellent mechanical performances (no flections, no thermal dilatations) 2.Part in contact with guides in Kevlar for wear-less performances The soft rubber part in anti-spot rubber. No marks on glass Replaceable Easy maintenance

10 Spindles driven by belt Spindles and motors are separated and linked by belt system No vibration from motor to spindles means better quality and longer spindle life Revolution speed perfectly adjusted to the wheel need All spindles managed from the front side Permanent lubrication system no maintenance required

11 Control panel with touch screen NC Rock uses the same CN platform as Drillmax and Promax 24V voltage on machine board Ethernet connection for data transfer or remote assistance Wheels absorption with precise graphic indication Main functions –Automatic removal adjustment –Centralized lubrication management –Counters: Tools life Total/partial working meters Total/partial working hours Programmed maintenance Alarms Removal adj.Wheels absorption Glass ThicknessSpeedGlass position in conveyor Statistics

12 Electrical cabinet Placed outside the machine to avoid any type of oxidation of the electrical components caused by moisture coming from the machine. No high voltage on control panel area Allows easy and quick maintenance

13 Automatic removal adjustment Glass to be removed is managed by NC trough an Y axis 5mm stroke. The operator can select the removal on the control panel and the inlet conveyor is automatically adjusted No manual hand wheel adjustment Y

14 Rock features Rock 10-45Rock 11Rock 8 Conveyor driven by inverter Automatic glass removal adj. High finishing quality Liquid cerium circuitOpt - Flat diamond spindles332 Diamond arrises1+1 Polishing arrises1+1 Flat polishing spindles342 Variable angle 0-45°--

15 Benefits heavy structure patented conveyor powerful NC rectified steel guides independent electrical cabinet Rock Low maintenance User friendly High speed High finishing quality Long lifetime maintenance free spindles driven by belt spindles assembled directly on the structure

16 Maybe using a DOUBLE EDGER? Maybe using a CNC machine? How can I get it? 90° ±0.3mm/m 1900mm ±0.5mm/m 800mm ±0.5mm/m


18 Edge-to-shape Edge to Shape: the innovative evolution developed by Stefano Bavelloni and PATENTED by Neptun which allows the straight-line edgers of the Rock series to perform edge processing, with control of the final geometry both in terms of angles and final desired dimensions. From irregular to 90°an now also from 90°to a defined irregular shape

19 90° ±0.3mm/m 1900mm ±0.5mm 800mm ±0.5mm ?° ? ? ETS Edge-to-shape From indefinite shape to square and to size

20 1904mm 804mm ETS Edge-to-shape 1900mm±0.5mm 800mm±0.5mm 90° 797mm±0.5mm 3 mm 1898mm±0.5mm 2mm From indefinite shape to defined irregular shape

21 Edge-to-shape Rock evolves from conventional machine into a real CNC machine Thanks to CNC solutions, the high precision mechanics, and the new patented conveyor of Rock. Rock can now be used as an alternative in all the processes that, up to today, could be carried out only by CNC machines or double edgers.

22 Edge-to-shape Concept: Thanks to the powerful CNC the angle and the length of the glass are measured by a laser system Glass is introduced by interpolation of Y and C axes Y C Measure angleMeasure length

23 First step: Processing of the first edge in order to get a good reference (no need to correct the angle in this phase) Second step Turn piece 90°and use the first edged side as reference, correct the angle, edge the second one: Angle 1^2 goes 90° Third step Turn piece 90°and use the second edged side as reference, correct the angle, edge the third one: Angle 2^3 goes 90° Fourth step Turn piece 90°and use the second edged side as reference, correct the angle, edge the fourth one: Angles 1^2^3^4 go 90° Edge-to-shape 90° squaring cycle concept

24 Edge-to-shape Limits Glass can be processed in four cycles (four sides) provided that the maximum removal is 5mm per step, otherwise it has to be introduced more times Glasses ha to be placed with a minimum distance of 100cm between each other in order to allow all adjustments Tolerances: – 0,3mm/m on diagonals – 0,5mm/m on final dimensions –Maximum angle correction: 0°24 with standard inlet 0°17 with 3200mm inlet

25 Edge-to-shape What does angle correction 0°24 or 0°17 mean? 0° 3mm 500mm 0°24 3mm 765mm 0°17 With standard inlet/outletWith 3200mm inlet/outlet

26 Possibility to perform processes that are typical for double edging machines without incurring in high investments in terms of capital and required space. Possibility to prepare glass sheets for other processing phases on CNC work centers, limiting the further processing time only to the drilling or milling phases. No set up time, so flexibility and convenience in using it also for single pieces and small batches Possibility to process multiple glasses simultaneously by job list up to 10 pieces in the same time Edge-to-shape Advantages

27 ETS Job list The operator inserts the dimensions of the glass sheets to be processed in the job list and processes the pieces. Once finished, the CN displays the final obtained dimension, in case of non conformity a red number is shown. In case of irregular shapes, the four lengths are imputed

28 Possible options

29 Inlet or outlet module lenght Conveyors module can be: Lengh –Standard 2000mm –Longer 3200mm Height –Standard –Higher +1000mm

30 Independent motorization on inlet Independent motorization allows to stop the inlet conveyor for the loading phase. By a foot command operator can start & stop conveyor with hands free Safe loading operation Possibility to load while machine ids processing

31 ETS predisposition With ETS predisposition, there are no ETS functions but all mechanical ETS parts are already mounted. It results cheaper when afterwards ETS would be implemented as no parts has to be replaced.

32 Remote service Remote service is a package consisting in: Hardware firewall for internet connection between Neptun central service and the installed machine –The price of the initial kit includes the first 12 month service Free software upgrades: in case a new software release is issued, Neptun provide it free of charge otherwise would be charges (example ETS2 upgrade for non square would cost 4.000)

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