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Flat Stanleys Adventure at Warren Wilson College.

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1 Flat Stanleys Adventure at Warren Wilson College

2 Hello. My name is a Katie Green and I work as an Admission Counselor at Warren Wilson College. I was really excited when Flat Stanley arrived earlier this month because I LOVE to talk to students about Warren Wilson. I also knew Flat Stanley would have an excellent adventure here…

3 First, I introduced Stanley to a couple of friends. Thats Laurel and Richard, who both work in the Office of Admission.

4 Stanley and I stopped at the Work Program Office. ALL Warren Wilson students work on campus. Our students are carpenters, landscapers, accountants, farmers, plumbers, chefs, librarians, foresters, blacksmiths and recyclers… Just to name a few. Not only do our students learn lots of different skills, this work also helps them pay for school. Where do you think Stanley wanted to work?

5 Stanley visited the Piggery. This is where our students take care of the pigs and piglets.

6 These pigs are taking a break from the hot day near their giant mud puddle.

7 Stanley got to help film our new DVD.

8 Stanley took a quick nap in a piece of filming equipment. I was impressed Stanley could sleep with his eyes open.

9 The next stop for Stanley was a visit to the Forestry Crew. Crew members take care of the College's 650-acre forest and hiking trails. They also grow shitake mushrooms.

10 Stanley had fun playing with these wood scraps.

11 The Recycling Crew is responsible for collecting and managing over 25 recyclable materials, operating a Free Store, composting campus food waste, and sorting trash. What did Stanley find at the Recycling Center?

12 Should Stanley see if any of his friends are inside?

13 Yikes, Stanley! Be Careful.

14 Stanley checked out a pair of shoes at the Free Store. If they fit, he could have taken them home for free.

15 This is where WWC students compost our table scraps for the Garden and Farm.

16 Stanley loves to recycle. Do you?

17 The WWC Garden Crew takes care of five acres of organically raised crops, including vegetables, fruits, cut flowers and herbs.

18 Stanley seemed to love beets! Whats your favorite vegetable?

19 Sometimes the Garden Crew members work in their greenhouse.

20 Horse Crew students work with Jenny and Kate, our Belgium draft horses. These horses work hard at the Farm and Garden and in our Forests.

21 Stanley wanted to brush the horses too.

22 Near the end of his stay here, Stanley went rock climbing, an activity our students enjoy too.

23 Stanley had a great time at Warren Wilson College. He missed you but was glad to find out you arent that far away! Warren Wilson is located in Swannanoa, NC just like W.D Williams Elementary School!

24 Goodbye Flat Stanley! The Office of Admission at Warren Wilson College

25 Katie Green, Admission Counselor Warren Wilson College PO Box 9000; CPO 6375 Asheville, NC 28815-9000 Web: Email: Phone: (828) 771-2080 Fax: (828) 298-1440 Student Blog at YouTube at On Twitter at

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