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SpinoWraptor Pallet Wrapping System Smithfield 2007.

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1 SpinoWraptor Pallet Wrapping System Smithfield 2007

2 2ENPA 2007 SpinoWraptor

3 3ENPA 2007 SpinoWraptor SpinoWraptor Wrapping machines have been identified as the worlds best wrapping machines because of their programming capabilities at the user level. They also have the best pre-stretch system which does reduce the amount of film used to wrap pallets. As wrap technology improves SpinoWraptor will be able to pre-stretch wrap to 500% while other current machines on the market will only achieve 300%. Current wrap technology will allow a 200% pre-stretch. The machine is complete with a host of safety features and operator protection which meets or exceeds Australian OH&S requirements. The machine is CE compliant. "CE" is a certification process for the manufacture of machines and electrical items which come from Europe specifically. A "CE" certified product like the SpinoWraptor Pallet Wrapper, means that it is compliant with very stringent rules for manufacture and testing in Europe. "CE" is fully recognised by the relevant authorities in Australia. Below is a link to a site which talks about CE markings.

4 4ENPA 2007 Introduction Early 2007 WRS approached Smithfield warehouse to trial pallet wrapping technology supplied by Propak Industries. A loan unit was installed at the warehouse and testing begun. The unit was a single pallet unit. Smithfield team did comparisons between this unit and other units on the market. It was determined that a unit with feed in and out roller bed systems would be best suited for the volume of work at Smithfield.

5 5ENPA 2007 Introduction Finalists for the installation where Chep and WRS/Propak. WRS/Propak won the business due to technological superiority and cost. On installation further technological improvements where made resulting in a superior solution than at first expected but for the same price.

6 6ENPA 2007 Benefits Cost Productivity Safety Environment

7 7ENPA 2007 Cost Benefits Following figures are based on the use of 20um wrap. Labour is based on $18 per hour. Hand Wrapping Average use is 300 grams per wrap. Cost per wrap $1.05. Average labour 4 minutes per pallet to wrap. Cost per wrap $1.20. Number of injuries per year hand wrapping? Cost per wrap? Total Cost per pallet $2.25. WRS/Propak Offer WRS/Propak was able to supply a superior machine resulting in significant savings per pallet wrapped. DHL will own the machine after 5 years. Service 24/7 – warranty 3 years

8 8ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits

9 9ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits

10 10ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits

11 11ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits

12 12ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Automatic Processing Removes the need to have operators starting the wrapper, progress the wrapper to next step or any other manual intervention apart from wrap reloading. Also reduces waste issues such as tailing on wrap and over wrapping. The use of this wrapper allows the operator to remain on a fork and wrap and put away multiple pallets without leaving the forklift. Timing has shown that a hand wrap will take 4 minutes not including time to then move the product. Using this system we have been able to achieve 4 pallets wrapped with 2 put away and an additional 2 loaded for wrapping within 10 minutes. This will be variable dependant to put away distance and staging distance from wrapper. Pre-programming allows up to 8 wrap types for different pallet requirements for example storage verses transport. Reduces reset time on different wrap requirements.

13 13ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Automatic Start When a pallet is placed on the in-feed conveyor the machine senses when the forklift has exited the area before allowing the pallet to move to the turntable. The sensor which is built into the conveyor will not allow any pallet movement until the forklift is 1 (one) metre away from the sensor. Additional protection is by programmable time delay after the sensor tells the machine that the pallet can move as the operator is out of the way.

14 14ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Fully Automatic operation. The complete cycle of pallet wrapping is fully automatic Step 1 – The operator places an unwrapped pallet on the in-feed conveyor. Step 2 – When the turntable is free the pallet moves automatically to the turntable. Step 3 – The pallet is fully wrapped When the pallet is on the turntable the following actions are also fully automatic. Film attachment to the pallet Cutting of the film after wrapping Sealing with heat. A feature of the sealing system is that film tails are eliminated.

15 15ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Fully Automatic operation. Step 4 – After the pallet is wrapped and the out-feed conveyor is empty the wrapped pallet automatically proceeds to the out-feed conveyor. Step 5 – The operator removes the wrapped pallet from the out-feed conveyor Step 6 – The next process starts automatically. The wrapped pallet moves to the out-feed conveyor and the unwrapped pallet moves onto the turntable for wrapping. It is normal to have 3 pallets on the machine at one time. One unwrapped, one being wrapped and one wrapped.

16 16ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Programmable Wrapping Styles The machine can have 8 different named pallet wrapping programs – which manage the wrapping. The programs can set the number of top and bottom wraps, the wrapping speed and amount of film stretch applied to the pallet. This optimises load containment using the minimum amount of film. This area is protected by a password control so that optimum wrapping is maintained, and only reset by authorised personnel.

17 17ENPA 2007 Productivity Benefits Other Features Automatic height detection of pallet – allows different height pallets to be wrapped. Wrapping of inboard pallets. The machines film attachment method allows loads that are inside the pallet base to be wrapped. Pallet counter on the machine – provides accurate counting of pallets wrapped per day, per week, per year. Allows trend management.

18 18ENPA 2007 Safety Benefits Operator Safety All forklift drivers are able to remain on their forklifts, as the pallet wrapper is fully automatic. The machine is complete with a host of safety features and operator protection which meets or exceeds Australian OH&S requirements. The machine is CE compliant. Critical areas are protected by electronic sensors which prevent machine operation while personnel are in the danger zones. An emergency stop is triggered by operating a lanyard which is positioned across the front of the machine. While a roll of film is being replaced in the machine – the machine cannot be operated.

19 19ENPA 2007 Safety Benefits Operator Safety Roll carriage inside the mast – all moving parts inside the mast Roll changeover made at waist height – reduces the potential for back injury. Warning Light flashing when in operation. Warning signs fitted.

20 20ENPA 2007 Other Features Environmentally responsible – film consumption per pallet can be calculated by the machine. This is an indication of pallets per roll. This machine has shown a significant reduction in film consumption due to the finite control over film pre-stretch. The environmental benefits include less waste to be disposed of at the receivers end Lock-out of programs – Password protection of wrapping programs. Many of the safety features and automated features on the wraptor actually reduce the chance of damage to the machine thus reducing service calls and prolonging the life of the machine. For example pallets cannot be loaded directly onto the turntable. This removes the chance of damaging the wrap applicator equipment.

21 21ENPA 2007 General Comments The SpinoWraptor Trans T3 has achieved the following; Eliminated the need for hand pallet wrapping, which has meant more consistent wrapping and better load containment.. Large exposure to back injury associated with hand wrapping has been eliminated. Improved productivity and reduced bottlenecks in the area. This machine has shown a significant reduction in film consumption due to the finite control over film pre-stretch. The environmental benefits include less waste to be disposed of at the receivers end. Load stability has improved significantly Saved floor space that was previously used for staging.

22 22ENPA 2007 General Comments The SpinoWraptor Trans T3 has achieved the following; Full Training on Installation provided Easy to operate Operates on 240volt standard power outlet. WRS maintains and services the machine for 5 years. WRS/Propak have been very proactive with ensuring our experience has been positive. This machine fulfils and exceeds our expectations.

23 23ENPA 2007 Thank You

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