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Hertfordshire Financial Capability & Inclusion Forum SUPPORT PROVIDED TO RESIDENTS & CLIENTS Survey Analysis and Shared Information from meeting held 13.

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1 Hertfordshire Financial Capability & Inclusion Forum SUPPORT PROVIDED TO RESIDENTS & CLIENTS Survey Analysis and Shared Information from meeting held 13 th January 2014

2 Contents Introduction Encouraging Saving and Affordable Credit Discouraging Payday Loans Appliances, Furniture and Furnishings Ideas and Actions

3 Introduction Initial sharing of information at Housing Providers meeting in December Survey developed and circulated to wider group 15 responses received prior to meeting 13 th January This document also includes further links and additional information discussed at the meeting

4 Encouraging Saving and Affordable Credit HOUSING STAFF Financial Inclusion Income Teams Support Workers RESIDENTS Potential/New People with debt/financial issues ADVICE Internal and/or referred to: External agencies (see below) INFORMATION Leaflets Own Websites Other Sites (Examples and links below) TRAINING/EVENTS In-house, external and partnership events (Further information below) CREDIT UNIONS Range of relationships (see below)

5 Money Advice – who does what Housing – Internal Advisors* Tenants in arrears, at risk or change of circumstances Potential/new tenants Citizens Advice Bureaux* Anyone resident in local districts, but funding/resources vary so will prioritise help to those in greatest need. Light touch help for non priority debts. Telephone advice provided via county rota Christians Against Poverty Help those with high support needs – those in crisis at risk of losing their home. May not suit highly vulnerable clients. Money Advice Service Provide light tough advice via single 45 min sessions. Good for those with specific questions but not for complex debt problems StepChange Formerly Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) Free debt advice – suitable for non priority debts payplan Provide debt management plans, some services are chargeable Suitable for non priority debts National DebtlineFree advice on dealing with debt problems – also for non priority debts Credit Unions*Depending on resources, some CUs will support those who are in debt. HCC Money Advice Unit Currently funded to provide support directly to families in Broxbourne, Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead. Professionals may seek advice from MAU on benefits, welfare reform etc on behalf of their clients * Resources and services available will vary between different organisations

6 Information Provision- examples/links Thrive Homes Money Saving Expert Website HCC Money Advice Unit Film – Money Made Simple North Herts Homes

7 Financial Capability Training/Events For your clients/residents: –The Hertfordshire CABx can deliver this, contact Marion Seneschall or Carole Royce –NB the challenge is how you promote/package this so that the people who need it attend Local events – the Money Makeover events in Welwyn Hatfield were very successful in 2013 – 100 people in total attended.Money Makeover events For professionals – the HCC Money Advice Unit provides training on Welfare Reform etc for frontline workers in the voluntary and housing sector. Contact: Training Resources – a range of resources are available via the HTDC website for use by those delivering financial capability training.HTDC website –If you have resources available to share with others so we can continue to improve and update the

8 Credit Unions – Range of Relationships with Housing: Promotion Referrals Partnership Working Integrated in support team (e.g. YMCA) Specific products/agreements e.g.: –Funding/underwriting loans (NHH) –Managed Accounts for tenants (NHH/Hertsavers) –CredEcard (Watford CHT)CredEcard Jam Jar Accounts – topical interest due to Welfare Reforms –But complex to manage and costly to provide Other ventures launching in advance of Universal Credit: –E.g. Post Office pilot in Harpenden and Bishops Stortford

9 Discouraging Payday Loans TALK ABOUT IT 1:1 or small groups Simply demonstrate how debts can escalate Compare with alternatives e.g. CU loans Negotiate alternative repayments PREVENTION Training and Education Articles and Leaflets PROMOTE/PROVIDE ALTERNATIVES Own emergency loans (NHH, WCHT) Credit Union Loans Foodbanks Grants e.g. HWAS, Local funds National Housing Federation – My Home Finance and Contents Insurance Quids In

10 Support for Appliances, Furniture or Furnishings Information and referrals – furniture schemes, white goods schemes, Freecycle Financial help –Small grants, vouchers or discounts at furniture schemes (B3 Living, NHH, Riversmead) – often focussed on new tenants –Assistance to access grants e.g. Turn2Us, HWAS, Local Hardship funds (North Herts), DWP budgeting advances, Local trusts and charities e.g. SAFATurn2UsHWASDWP budgeting advances –CU loans for creditworthy clients Other support –Recycle furniture from voids and families downsizing (Riversmead) –Negotiate discounts/deals with suppliers (WCHT investigating)

11 What else has worked well Riversmead – partnership working with CAB and Genesis Housing North Herts Homes – fund worker from HYH for tenants under 25 A contribution from the individual to add sense of value and own esteem (YMCA) Ensure tenants aware of support available from your team and get help early on (Guinness South) Having a good rapport with external providers and regular communication/updating (Howard Cottage)

12 Key issues Cuts in benefits and welfare have increased demand Difficult to access help from HWAS: –Updated information has been requested from HCC and will be circulated Problems in obtaining repayments from crisis loan borrowers (St Albans CU)

13 Ideas for Discussion Central directory* for referral agencies (Riversmead, Paradigm, Sanctuary) Improved awareness of services and criteria* (YMCA) Newsletter with updates on whats available* (Howard Cottage) database to ask other members of the forum about experience in dealing with particular situations* (Howard Cottage) Low cost packages with suppliers (WCHT) Improved digital inclusion is a key priority (NHH/Digital Unite)Digital Unite –Planning to train up Digital Champions * Outcome of discussion at the meeting is on next slide

14 Information on Services, Grants etc The Herts Direct website has an alphabetical, categorised directory of community organisationsHerts Direct website –Provides overview and contact details, but may not be 100% comprehensive or up to date –Includes – Advice on Money and Debt; Furniture Schemes; Grant-making organisationsAdvice on Money and DebtFurniture SchemesGrant-making organisations More detailed information such as up to date eligibility for support or funding could be considered as part of the CAB Advice Services Transition Fund projects? –Further discussion and brief will be required

15 HTDC is a project led by Hertfordshire Community Foundation, registered charity number Sarah Elliott Development Worker Hertfordshire Training & Development Consortium

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