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A Student Technology Learning Center Based on Partnerships EDUCAUSE Regional Conference BGSU Student Technology Center April 2004.

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1 A Student Technology Learning Center Based on Partnerships EDUCAUSE Regional Conference BGSU Student Technology Center April 2004

2 BGSU Information Bowling Green, Ohio Founded in 1910 20400 students from 49 states and 67 countries 144,000+ Alumni Annual fees for students of $13,300

3 Problem Statement Can we help students use technology to their academic advantage? How can we prepare students for lifelong learning involving technology? How can we help promote technology literacy in academic initiatives?

4 Student Tech Background Started in 2000 from Success Challenge monies from Ohio Board of Regents Partnership between Provosts office and Information Technology Services Dr. Linda Dobb started three main initiatives: –Laptop Loan Program –Establish a Student Technology Center –Development of online tutorials

5 Student Tech Background First 8 months of the 2002-2003 academic year = 4170 students served First 8 months of the 2003-2004 academic year = 5950 students served i.e. 42.7% increase

6 Partnerships on Campus We have many partners on campus, but two exceptional ones are: –Dr. Savilla Bannister - Assistant Professor, Division of Teaching and Learning, College of Education –Dr. Cynthia Baron - Assistant Professor, Theater Dept.

7 Partnerships on Campus Other partnerships include: –Academic Investment in Math and Science - Laptop Loan Program –Admissions Office - Recruitment –Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology - Software Training –College of Education and Human Development - Short Term Personal Technology Trainer Program –Film Studies - Digital Video Program –Graduate Student Enhancement Program - Small Group Workshops –National, Regional, and Local Technology Vendors - BGSU Northwest Ohio Technology Fair –Registration and Records - Blackboard Flash Tutorial Development –Residential Computing Connection - Marketing and Communications

8 Partnerships Off Campus Wood County Committee On Aging –Providing free unlimited access to Atomic Learning Tutorials Bowling Green High School –Developing a Virtual Student Technology Center with our guidance –Funded by a Bowling Green Community Foundation grant

9 Personal Technology Trainer Long term tutoring relationship Results in ongoing partnership between students and StudentTech employees Approx. 25 people have enrolled to date Tried partnering with athletic department, but few students took advantage New program with numerous learning experiences

10 Laptop Loan Program Started with a grant 4 years ago Financial Aid Office and Disability Services were first partners Available to any student receiving finanical aid AIMS Program: Academic Investment in Math & Science –Provide laptops for all of the students in the program for a period of 5 weeks

11 Digital Video Program Partnership with Technology Infrastructure Project Initiated to promote the use of digital video at BGSU Started with 28 Mini-DV digital video cameras in 2001 Currently includes: –51 digital video cameras –75 Firewire hard drives –6 light kits –10 lapel microphones –5 hand held microphones

12 Tech Fair Started in 2001 to promote campus technology literacy Has evolved from smaller walk-in event to a larger advertised and marketed event Last year was largest ever, including over 60 national and local exhibitors and vendors Over 1300 people attended in 2003 Partnerships: Win-Win situation for BGSU and exhibitors –Exhibitors win: showcasing their products to Northwest Ohio –BGSU win: showcases BGSUs technology oriented university –Admissions Office win: recruitment via the High School Web Contest

13 StudentTech Online Tutorials Online tutorials covering all major software supported on campus Developed in-house by students at StudentTech Created in response to student needs for training on technology Partnership with Registration and Records to create a Flash-based tutorial on registering for classes

14 Atomic Learning Tutorials Web-based video tutorials College of Education and Human Development requested from Office of CIO Helps prepare students for Technology Competency Tests in College of Education and Human Development Partnership with community through Wood Co. Senior Center

15 Overarching Principles & Lessons Support From Above Support From Below Students First Philosophy and Practice Building Effective Partnerships Marketing and Communications Plan Paying Fantastic Attention to Detail Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

16 Questions? Thank You for Your Time! Copyright BGSU Student Technology Center, 2004. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

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