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West Europa is poised to hold elections. Help kick off the election campaign!

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1 West Europa is poised to hold elections. Help kick off the election campaign!

2 This simulation will bring the subject matter to life in a fresh way enhance critical thinking and analytical skills encourage students to see the world from a new perspective promote cooperative learning and problem- solving equip students with practical skills

3 Students learn fundamental lessons of comparative politics. They work in groups to: Create party messages Develop branding strategies for their parties Film a campaign ad Participate in a public debate Form a coalition government

4 A turnkey simulation fully online fully scalable class-tested superbly researched

5 A flexible design allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit their courses. You choose –the number of students participating –the duration –the modules

6 Choose from any of our prebuilt parties, each with their own unique history and characteristics, or create your own. Determine the length and intensity of your simulation by selecting any number of our six modules.

7 Each module has a description And specific tasks, organized by party roles (leader, press secretary, policy expert) Learning objectives

8 The resources you need, the functionality your students will enjoy Instructors have at their fingertips all of the resources they need to set up, monitor, and evaluate student performance. Message board functionality allows participants to interact outside class time.

9 Every custom simulation features its own forum that students can use to communicate with each other and complete tasks. Instructors can also use them to introduce news updates Each module contains a wealth of background information, worksheets, and instructor resources

10 Instructor resources include: Grading schema Templates for weekly student reporting Examples for adding topical updates and crisis response components Assessment tools for all assigned tasks Video of the simulation in practice Survey models for assessing group work And more!

11 Package with any of the above books for just an additional $15.95! Introducing Comparative Politics (Drogus/Orvis) + Simulation: 978-1-60426-573-6 Principles of Comparative Politics (Clark/Golder/Golder) + Simulation: 978-1-60426-574-3 Politics in Europe (Hancock et al) + Simulation: 978-1-60426-575-0

12 Student registration keys are shrink wrapped with the selected book package: Or can be bought at

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