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Digital Consummate Innovation through Imagination Implementation Ideas for Solar Energy in different Sectors.

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1 Digital Consummate Innovation through Imagination Implementation Ideas for Solar Energy in different Sectors

2 About us Digital Consummate - manufacturers of Thin film and monocrystalline Solar Panels as well a turnkey vertical integrated solutions for solar thin film panels. With a focus on International markets, Digital Consummates services include variety of products of Solar Panels which will have a uniqueness of touching 25% efficiency and the research is already on to increase the same to 40% within the next two years. Our Main mission is to play an important role in Solar Power in India by 2012 and to be one of the world leaders in Renewable Energy by the year 2015, by showing our strength in technology and also in Research

3 Factory and offices Factory at Udumalpet and Palani in India Offices in India: Coimbatore - Chennai – Bangalore - Hyderabad - Mumbai – Delhi International Offices: Dubai – London – USA – Singapore - Australia

4 Solar Design and Construction Turn-key vertically integrated equipment Solutions which include: Design of Manufacturing Facilities Consulting for the development of Solar Panel Manufacturing lines for both Thin Film and Polycrystalline silicon Panels Evaluation of land and region Feasibility Studies Training and Supervision of Staff and Employees Set Up of Manufacturing Installation

5 Our Strategy

6 Vertical Integration Utilization Expertise in application and strategic development of manufacturing facilities. Production of IGS-based thin-film PV modules that produce both a Si and CIGS thin-film PV modules Logistical Support for Manufacturing Capabilities Convert the rooftop of the facility to place panels to sustain the electrical demand of the overall manufacturing facility Manufacturing capacity can produce 30 MW of panels per manufacturing line Recommendations towards 480 MW installations to achieve economic efficiencies

7 Solar Farm Assembly & Monitoring Construction, Design and Implementation of Solar Farm Developments Large Scale Power Generation Projects (1 MW to 100 MW) Conduct local utility firms for integration into Local Grid feed Feed-in Tariffs (FIT)/Net metering: the electricity utility buys PV electricity from the producer under a multiyear contract at a guaranteed rate Global remote 24-hour Monitoring of Manufacturing Installation Points of communication with real time electrical prices, feeds and weather

8 Digital Consummate Solar Power Group Partnership Overview Our Company will be one of the leading the development and the manufacturing of solar thin-film PV technology in the world. With manufacturing plants strategically placed in Coimbatore, India, our cutting edge thin film photovoltaic amorphous silicon and copper-indium-gallium – diselenide solar panels, in combination with next generation concentrator modules using multi-junction Fresnel lenses are specifically developed to produce solar electricity at the lowest possible price per kilowatt-hour. As a bonus, green energy will be delivered by aesthetically pleasing solar panels thanks to various unique color configuration availability that unlike our competitors, can be installed under various angles, and work under the most demanding conditions due to a superb solar tracking system. Key features of our solar thin-film technology: Highly cost effective and efficient compared to the produced output. 20+ year legacy of performance reliability. Requires little maintenance compared to other PV technologies. Unprecedented performance in low light areas Longevity

9 Solar Farm Development Digital Consummate Solar Farm Land Development requirements: 1 Megawatt of Electricity per 1.4 acres (for the panels alone) 10 Megawatts of Electricity per 14 acres MEGAWATT (MW) - One-thousand kilowatts (1,000 kW) or one million (1,000,000) watts. One megawatt is enough electrical capacity to power 1,000 average California homes. (Assuming a loading factor of 0.5 and an average California home having a 2-kilowatt peak capacity.) **\

10 About Digital Consummate In recent years, conventional sources of energy produced falls short of the overall requirements, leaving vast scope for tapping the solar energy as an effective alternative. All countries have initiated measures to encourage development of solar energy both in public and private sectors. Considering the huge potential of the power sector, DC has proposed to launch its solar panel manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. This unit is designed to cater to the requirements of Domestic and Overseas Solar Plants. Digital Consummate was formed in 2010 with a main aim to manufacture Solar Panels of high efficiency, mainly to minimise the space requirement and increase the output. We have succeeded in this and got the certificate from Government of India. It is promoted by Mr. AR Lakshmann and Mrs. L Umaiyal, with a authorised share capital of 100 lakhs and paid up share capital of 50 lakhs.


12 Support and Service

13 How can we help you…? With our technology we can install solar power plants for Govt. Organisations Factories Govt and Private Residential Electrification Telecom Towers From our Business Partners Solar Lantern Solar AC Solar Fridge

14 For Organisations We need only 1.4 acres of land to install 1 mW of Solar Panels (Panel Area alone) 1 mW of panels will produce 8 mw per day With the size and efficiency of our panels the following Govt Buildings can be solarised. Buildings Schools Colleges Bus Stations / Depots Agricultural Sector

15 For Factories Implementation Methods From 20 kW to 2 MW Can be installed on roof tops and / or at the nearest vacant land Interest Subsidy can be availed for Capital Equipment. A loan can be arranged from any Nationalised bank Subsidy of Rs. 81000/- per kW upto 100 kW.

16 For Home Can be installed from 300 W to 60 kW Can be connected to TNEB input if needed Solar Water Heaters can be combined with our system Capital Investment Loan can be arranged from any Nationalised Bank for eligible families.

17 Telecom Towers Approximately around 56075 towers are in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry cs/tower-industry/ Around 40% of these towers are in Rural area which can produce upto 1000 Mw per day. In collaboration with BSNL Rural Electricity needs can be met. No need to build infrastructure with high cost. i

18 References Orders In Process Residence – Mr. V Jagannatahn - Coimbatore Factories – Lakshmi Adwaith Steel - Arasur Coimbatore Elchem Industry – Ambattur - Chennai EID Parrys - Chennai TI Cycles – Chennai

19 References Orders In Process Corporation – Coimbatore - Chennai Chain of BSNL Mobile Towers ITC owned Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pumps SBI ATMs in Coimbatore and Chennai (On test basis)

20 References Orders In Process Builders SBOA Association MARG Chennai RBI Quarters Bombay Institutions VIT Vellore SRM Institutions, Trichy

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