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Smart Parking Sensors Mollie Cannon ENGR 518 12/4/12.

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1 Smart Parking Sensors Mollie Cannon ENGR 518 12/4/12

2 The Problem Number of cars on the road is increasing Motorists struggle to find available parking Parking = source of frustration, CO 2 emissions, waste of fuel, traffic jams Taken from Google Images

3 The Solution Sensors that determine if a spot is occupied or not Data sent to smart phones and other devices to display where parking is available Taken from Google Images

4 Types of Car Detection Sensors 1.Intrusive: installed beneath the pavement Examples: active infrared sensors, inductive loops, magnetometers, magnetoresistive sensors, pneumatic road tubes, piezoelectric cables, weigh- in-motion sensors 2.Non-intrusive: device mounted on a surface above or below parking space Examples: microwave radar, passive acoustic array sensors, passive infrared sensors, RFID, ultrasonic, video image processing

5 Video Image Processing Taken from Mitsubishi Electric

6 Video Image Processing Analyzes video imagery to detect changes between successive frames using CCTV RabbitCore Microcontroller image processing module detects space vacancy from CCTV feed Data analyzed on microcontroller before sent through Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Video sensor determines if space available

7 Video Image Processing Positives Low maintenance Cost effective Negatives Problems due to incorrect interpretation of data Poor lighting around camera leads to shadows mistaken as cars

8 Magnetoresistive Taken from Libelium

9 Libelium Magnetic Field Sensor Detects presence of car through change in magnetic field Uses permalloy magnetic field sensor (MSF) Taken from Libelium

10 Magnetic Field Sensor Thin film of permalloy Film integrated in Wheatstone bridge where resistance between 600-1200 Ω; V supply = 5V 3-axis sensor Output amplified and filtered Converted from analog to digital Limiting hysteresis effects

11 Node Placement Buried in pavement under parking spaces Info relayed to rest of sensor network through Waspmotes Zigbee radio Placement in ground depends on type of parking spot

12 Libelium Sensor Can be programmed by USB connection or through wireless network Software upgrades performed over radio network so sensors remained buried Powered through two Lithium non-rechargeable batteries

13 Streetline Parking app for smart phone Gives real time info on open parking spaces

14 Future of Smart Parking Sensors Used to predict future parking patterns Used for pricing strategies Contribute to smart cities

15 References 1. parking-sensor-platform-helps-city-motorists-save-time-and-fuel 2. parking-sensor-board_eng.pdf 3. product-releases/operating-systems/4224976/Streetline-Unveils- Next-Generation-Smart-Parking-App-Platform-- Parker%E2%84%A2 4. 5. 6.

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