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2 THE SITUATION Sources: College Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Science Foundation Less than 2.4% of college students graduate with a degree in computer science…. Thats fewer than 10 years ago

3 2012 HIGH SCHOOL A.P. ENROLLMENT Exposure to CS leads to the best-paying jobs in the world. But its only available in 5% of high schools Exposure to CS leads to the best-paying jobs in the world. But its only available in 5% of high schools Source: College Board

4 $500 billion over 10 years!! THE NUMBERS ADD UP FAST! The highest-paying salaries in the US, job growth 2x the national average 67% of software jobs are in other industries: manufacturing, retail, banking, govt Sources: BLS, NSF, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

5 Only 5% of high schools teach AP computer science. As of 2012 there were fewer classes offered than 10 years ago Exposure to CS in high-school is a fast-track to the best jobs in the country, but its largely out of reach for most Americans, esp in under-served rural or urban communities We have an opportunity to fix the American dream WE CAN FIX THE AMERICAN DREAM obligation

6 Short film starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey,, Chris Bosh, many others. Directed by Lesley Chilcott (An Inconvenient Truth) CODE.ORG LAUNCH – CHANGE THE DISCUSSION

7 Politicians (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) – Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Governors of Colorado, Washington. Mayor Cory Booker, Mayor Bloomberg, Marco Rubio, Thune, Eric Cantor Business leaders – Richard Branson, Steve Ballmer, Sheryl Sandberg, and CEOs/founders of Lotus, AOL,, and many many others Educators – Presidents/deans of Stanford, Harvard, U of Washington, Harvey Mudd. Supt of LA USD. – Heads of Teach For America, KIPP schools, Aspire schools. – Union leaders: Randy Weingarten (AFT), Dennis Van Roekel (NEA). – NGSS/ Doctors, lawyers, scientists, astronauts – Leland Melvin (NASA), Lee Hood (modern genomics), Larry Corey (Fred Hutch), Stephen Hawking, Dr. Oz Celebrities – Bono, Ashton Kutcher, Linkin Park, Enrique Iglesias WEVE RECRUITED SUPPORT FROM DOZENS OF LEADERS

8 It would be wonderful if every kid wrote computer programs and understood how computers work. It would certainly make you a better thinker Bill Gates

9 In fifteen years well be teaching programming just like reading and writing. Well be looking back and wondering why we didnt do it sooner. Mark Zuckerberg

10 support the american dream n make coding available to EVERYONE! Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg)

11 Over 20M views on YouTube + FB Distributed to 500,000 teachers to play in classrooms. Shared over 100,000 times on Facebook Hundreds of articles, dozens of TV appearances, including 5 min on NPR, and CNN Headline NewsCNN Headline News Played in ½ the movie theaters in the country before the trailers for 2 weeks CODE.ORG AUDIENCE #1 video on YouTube for a day!!

12 INCREDIBLE RESULTS More than 3,500,000 students tried learning online More than 730,000 signed petitions (with ZIPs) and growing Teachers and principals from over 12,000 schools want help setting up coding classes or clubs More than 25,000 software engineers already volunteered to help teach/mentor. CS enrollment in high schools that promoted the video tripled !!!

13 Why do you say Code instead of Computer Science? What is your plan for equity within the school, universal access? Now that lots of people are excited, how do we coherently steer them towards CS (and not HTML and PowerPoint)? WITH SUCCESS, CONCERNS: CS ED COMMUNITY

14 CODE.ORG S GOALS Short-term: (1)Get computer science into more U.S. classrooms (2)Change the rules in the easiest states (3)Inspire students, parents Medium-term: (1)Every school in the US offers some form of computer science instruction (2)Every state recognizes computer science as part of STEM Long term: (1) Every student is exposed to computer programming at an early age (2) Computer Science is in the core

15 1.Educate: Get CS into schools – Work with supportive districts to provide for the professional development, mentorship, and policy support to set up and sustain computer science classes – 7-10 demo cities before expanding more broadly – Develop curriculum in a few areas that can help all teachers – Building on work by NSF and NSF-funded projects 2.Advocate: change the rules. – Get all 50 states to count computer science toward graduation – Use a coalition of tech companies and other orgs for lobbying – Get the Common Core / NextGen standards to include CS – Computing in the Core as sister-org, partnering with CSTA 3.Celebrate: inspire youth (and parents) to learn – Continue using social media, celebrities, videos, to inspire students – Run regional, state, and national events to reward/recognize CS in K-12, esp for women and minorities THE NEXT DECADE: 3 MAIN AREAS OF ACTIVITY

16 CELEBRATE: AUDACIOUS MARKETING GOAL An Hour of Code for every student


18 Thousands of schools will host Hour of Code activities all week starting Dec 9, 2013 In every state we will have signature events with a local politician, tech leader, celebrity, or athlete to kick it off at a local school Were asking the nations top leaders to participate (examples: President Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg) KICK OFF HOUR OF CODE AT A LOCAL SCHOOL

19 Already agreed: – Google: promoting from search page!! – Microsoft: free hardware for participating schools – Teach for America: 22,000 teachers to participate – Donors Choose: asking 250,000 teachers to participate – Electronic Arts: licensing video-game artwork for curriculum – Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Other tech leaders. – (Many other smaller partners) In discussions / very interested: – Amazon, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Starbucks, etc – NCAA, Boys & Girls Club – Numerous celebrities and athletes WHO ELSE IS PARTICIPATING?

20 If you are in this room, we want you to participate Sign up at http://csedweek.org Contact if you are hosting an CS ED WEEK 2013

21 What does success look like? 10,000 schools 100,000 teachers 10,000,000 students and parents If we get to even 1,000 schools, it will be enough to permanently tip the scale of nationwide awareness Laying foundation for future efforts to educate or advocate CS ED WEEK 2013

22 ADVOCATE: CHANGING POLICIES IN EVERY STATE In 36 of 50 states, computer science doesnt even count towards high school graduation requirements. (in China: its required to graduate) In states that recognize it, C.S. enrollment is 50% higher Sources: ACM, College Board 2013 present-day. (WA just flipped)

23 In Washington State: HB-1472 passed with nearly unanimous support – 95-3 in Democratic house – 45-1 in Republican controlled Senate – CS now counts towards math or science graduation credits In the US House of Representatives, the Computer Science Education Act was introduced by a bi-partisan group of sponsors. NCAA recognition of CS ADVOCATE: RECENT SUCCESS

24 Pat Yongpradit, Director of Education – Help pick demo cities – Establish programs to prepare math, science, CTE teachers to teach CS next year – We want to work together with NSF and NSF- funded efforts (CS-P, ECS, NMSI, and others) We are still very early at this, we want to gain experience and traction, learn what it takes to succeed/fail before expanding EDUCATE: GETTING CS INTO SCHOOLS

25 Were developing our own resource modules 100% free, open-source, web-based, zero-install Focused on areas that are under-served (not re- inventing wheel): – Video lectures to teach CS Principles topics – Short Inspirational content, casting role models from all walks of life to emphasize equal access – Web-based, self-guided curriculum for early introductory programming, targeting 1hr/week for K-8 students We hope to contribute free tools that can be used by any teacher to educate and inspire CURRICULUM

26 CODE.ORG VISION CHALLENGE PLAN US YOU Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science Questions?


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