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Overview of BS 8909 & BS 8909 Case Study: BFI

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1 Overview of BS 8909 & BS 8909 Case Study: BFI
Juhi Shareef, Eco Consultancy BFI Sustainability Project Manager

2 BFI Sustainability Review
Project run by: BFI Sustainability Director, Sustainability Manager & internal Sustainability Steering Group Data collected across all BFI facilities: Southbank, Stephen Street, Gaydon and Berkhamsted Engaged with key people from across whole organisation Developed sustainability policy & documentation Prioritised sustainability goals in short, medium and long term Produced Sustainability Review report with practical roadmap Watch this space…

3 BFI Sustainability Policy

4 BFI Gaydon “Archiving and preserving our nation’s great film heritage and film culture is sustainability in action” - BFI

5 BFI Gaydon BREEAM Excellent rating
Heavy pre-cast concrete construction means that the building has a large thermal mass and exceptionally low air permeability, which means the building is highly energy-efficient, particularly considering the low temperature and humidity conditions required for the safe storage of the collection Wildflower meadows planted to encourage diversity in both flora and fauna A sedum blanket covers the roof providing further species diversity and assisting in the slow natural drainage of the site. All possible efforts made to avoid disruption to local wildlife – badgers relocated; bat haven created; newt fence constructed; bird boxes erected Currently setting up a wind turbine feasibility study

6 Juhi Shareef Eco Consultancy
Overview of BS 8909 Juhi Shareef Eco Consultancy

7 BS 8909… British Standard 8909:2011 “Specification for a sustainability management system for film” Sustainability management system: A practical framework to support the cost-effective integration of sustainability principles into everyday decision-making, thereby enhancing performance

8 What we mean by ‘sustainability’
Sustainable development (goal): “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability (journey): "An enduring, balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress”

9 Sustainability: Social + Environment + Economic
Social: Social injustice, child labour, H&S, poverty, human rights, local community Environment: Climate change / natural resource consumption / pollution / biodiversity Economic: Return on investment maximisation, profit margin enhancement, shareholders value creation

System allows you to capture every impact Beyond recycling… FOR US, BY US BS 8909 was created by, and commented on, by film industry GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE The management systems framework is globally-accepted best practice, used by sustainability experts in many different sectors COMMON METHODOLOGY BUT UNIQUE TO YOUR FILM / ORGANISATION A common methodology works for different organisations with different sustainability impacts INCREASED EFFICIENCY Creating the system forces you to think through the process and improve it IT’S A JOURNEY Improve performance against your own organisation, over time FLEXIBILITY Easily adapt to new activities APPROPRIATE SCALE, COST EFFECTIVE Don’t be put off by the requirements! Helps identify cost savings: increased profit margins BS 8909 WORKS FOR EVERYONE …A single checklist wouldn’t work for a feature production vs a locations company vs a cinema vs a studio

11 Who BS 8909 applies to: Any organisation in film supply chain (download case studies): Development Production / studio Distribution Exhibition Supplier At any scale / size, from a small crew to a Hollywood blockbuster A film ‘project’

12 End credits… For organizations: “[You Ltd] operates a sustainability management system that conforms to BS 8909” For a film: “This film was produced by [You Ltd], which operates a sustainability management system that conforms to BS 8909”

13 Why BS 8909? As the UK’s lead organisation for film, the BFI have chosen to implement BS 8909 to demonstrate leadership to the film industry. Business case for BS 8909 for the film industry inc: Demonstration of leadership and effective business practices Improved operational efficiencies and significant cost reductions Increased business - ability to attract and retain clients Access to funding e.g. sustainability criteria in lottery / other funding and socially responsible investment Avoidance of negative PR / greenwashing through bad practice being reported in the media Awareness of, and compliance with, legal issues, and Demonstrating to Government regulators that industry is being proactive

14 2012 Report to Government “A Future For British Film” by the Film Policy Review Panel stated:
‘The Panel endorses calls to support the ‘Greening Film’ campaign and welcomes the BFI’s initiative in launching BS 8909, the official standard for “the sustainable management of the UK film industry”. The film industry is in a strong position to lead the way and inspire other areas of business to follow. We recommend that the BFI works with the Film Industry British Standard Working Group and that other industry bodies actively promote its adoption.’

15 Overview of BS 8909 Launched by Amanda Nevill at Cannes 2011
Tells you how to create a management system for film More than a checklist Covers all sustainability issues inc. carbon, environmental, economic and social Likely to become an ISO international standard Case studies Instead of Kitemark Wording for use in credits

16 Summary of BS 8909 PLAN What is your vision for sustainability? How are you performing now? Look at your production / business – where are sustainability opportunities and risks? Prioritise issues Any legal requirements? Make sure everyone (stakeholders) knows what you are doing and has an opportunity to let you know of any issues / ideas / concerns Sustainability policy: what are you committed to? Few bullets -1 page Set objectives and targets: keep it simple! E.g. Objectives: measure energy use; reduce waste on location, travel … Roles: someone at the top + sustainability champion (prod. mgr?) Check it’s working for you! Things staying on track? New activities? What lessons learned? DO CHECK ACT

17 BS 8901: Specification for a Sustainability Management System for Events
BSI & LOCOG worked together to develop the idea for a sustainable event standard following successful London 2012 bid Events industry wanted to show being proactive Industry worked closely with BSI to develop standard Following the success of BS 8901, ISO was developed by 30 countries; published in 2012

18 BS 8901 to International Standard ISO 20121
Events industry now has its own standard LOCOG and the ODA both successfully implemented ISO 20121: London 2012 Games one of the first to adopt the standard Other early adopters include Coca-Cola GB and Games venues Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy and Earls Court 2007 2009 2010 2010 2012 2010

19 Leadership of UK events industry
“London 2012 is proud to have been the catalyst for ISO This is a piece of legacy with the potential to transform how events around the world consider their economic, environmental and social impacts.“ (LOCOG) “Over the next few years as sustainability becomes an inherent factor in all businesses, this standard will provide the event industry with an opportunity to lead” (Howard Kerr)

20 Opportunity for leadership
BFI will lead the way and help with: Straightforward, step-by-step guidance to ‘translate’ BS 8909 Ensure BS 8909 is a useful and practical support Training & skills support Inform industry of any new carbon / sustainability regulations Assessing whether use of BS 8909 can be included as part of funding criteria in good time so industry is prepared Communicate benefits and business case for sustainability and best practice Keep an eye on resource for film industry Larger organizations e.g. production companies, studios and trade bodies can also lead by example

21 UK Film Studio Facilities Sustainability Group
Commitment: ‘“The UK Film Studio Facilities Sustainability Group has committed to meeting on a regular basis to look at the feasibility of championing BS 8909, the Sustainability Management System for Film, and extending Albert, the carbon footprinting tool for film, to film production”

22 Lessons for UK film industry
Smaller organizations need to become comfortable with sustainability and management systems Creative industry can come up with creative, engaging solutions! Great work being done by our friends in US but UK can lead world in this field …Common sense approach that will gain competitive advantage, save money, support people and protect the environment

23 Where to go for help: …this is your resource please come and see us at BFI stand

24 Eco Consultancy T: 0208 995 1070 E:

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