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Dan Pascoe and Brooke Lowry. American Beauty meets An Inspector Calls.

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1 Dan Pascoe and Brooke Lowry

2 American Beauty meets An Inspector Calls

3 The film begins on the day of the main characters death. It then retraces back a few weeks before the main character is killed by someone he knows. The film follows his life in the period leading up to his murder. Over the rest of the film, we see him make a number of enemies within his friends and family and the film ends with him being killed.

4 The opening sequence will involve the character walking down the street, with a series of cuts to a scene that focuses on the other characters, that could have killed him. This will be accompanied by a voiceover from the main character, introducing the characters and their relations to him. The film will be shot in a local street, and the cuts to the characters will be filmed in various places such as a house or the college.

5 A mix of Saw and Taken.

6 The main character wakes up in a dark room tied to a chair. The character's daughter has been kidnapped by the man who kept the main character in the room. Throughout the film, the villain makes the man play a number of games that involve sacrifices to get out the room and trace the steps to his daughter.

7 The opening sequence will begin with the main character waking up in the room. He will then turn on a Television the villain has placed there to give him a message about the first thing he must do to get his daughter back. The man will then view the video of the villain, who has his daughter, teasing the man. For filming, we can use a room at college or in a house for the tied up man. We are yet to decide on a location to film the video of the villain.

8 The Hangover with blood.

9 Four friends go on holiday for one of their birthdays. They go out one night and wake up in the morning with no memory of what happened the night before, with one of their friends missing. They find a piece of his clothing covered in blood on the floor of their hotel, and begin to look for him straight away. They soon realise that their friend is in serious danger, and find out they are also in danger and are being stalked by someone or something.

10 The film will begin with a montage of them going out the night before. They will then be seen waking up and finding the bloodied piece of clothing on the floor. Location: The film could be shot in a town at night for the characters night out, and then in a room at college or one of our houses for the waking up scene.

11 We welcome your feedback.

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