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2 film 1.Motion pictures collectively. 2.The motion-picture industry, or its productions, operations, etc. 3.Motion pictures, as a genre of art or entertainment.* * "film." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 27 Jul. 2009..

3 Film Studies Majors Study historic and contemporary issues depicted in films the role of gender, class, race, or status in American and other cultures films the influence of media on society...and more

4 Film Studies At The University Of South Carolina Undergraduate Options Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Major: Film Studies Minor: Film Studies Graduate Degrees None

5 Film Studies Majors Develop Skills In historical/comparative analysis critiquing films describing the influence of media on society thinking critically problem solving, conceptual, and analytical thinking knowledge of social factors in communication seeing connections arguing logically/ independently using effective verbal and written communication to convey facts, theories, and ideas

6 Employment Settings Business & Commerce: Includes management and direction of for-profit organizations including the development of business plans, marketing strategies, product development, and human resource management.

7 Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Business & Commerce Account Executive Advertising Specialist Commercial Designer Entertainment Lawyer Facilities Manager Fund Raiser Information Assistant Marketing Specialist Media Planner Media Relations Representative Personal Assistant to Director Press Agent Product Merchandiser Program Assistant Promotions Director Publicist Quality Control Manager Retail Merchandiser

8 Employment Settings Education: Includes classroom instruction, curricula development, research, writing, administration, program management, and lecturing. Teaching and research positions at colleges and universities require an advanced degree. Most other teaching positions require appropriate certification.

9 Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Education Academic Advisor Admissions Counselor College or University Faculty Curriculum Developer Distance Education Technology Coordinator Drama Coach Education Administrator Film/Video Production Instructor Librarian, Special/Academic Teacher

10 Employment Settings Media Arts / Film / Entertainment: –Includes the theater, movie, radio, television, radio and amusement park entertainment industries as well as popular press and Internet publications. Sound and visual thinking and its applications in electrographic and photographic media production is also included. –Public/media relations professionals, journalists, editors, and publishers also work within this setting.

11 Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Media Arts / Film / Entertainment Actor/Actress Animator Art/Creative Director Arts Programmer (TV/Radio) Audio-Visual Production Coordinator Broadcast & Sound Technician Camera Operator Casting Assistant Cinematographer Colorizing Technician Community Arts Center Director Costume Designer Educational Television Coordinator Film Director/Producer Publicist Subsidiary Rights Director Talent Agent Radio Producer Set Designer Theatre Manager Video Producer Multimedia Director TV Reporter/Researcher Theme Park Unit Manager Sound, Visual or Special Effects Specialist

12 Employment Settings Writing, Editing & Publishing: Includes the areas of creativity, the precise use of language, and details. Further specialization may lead to writing your own works of fact of fantasy, proofing the quality and style of someone elses writing, or managing the logistical and business side of writing.

13 Sample Occupational Titles Associated With Writing, Editing & Publishing Archivist Author/Journalist Columnist (Arts or Movie Review Section) Dramaturge Entertainment Editor (Newspaper/Magazine) Features Writer Film Critic Film Editor Film Historian Grant Writer Layout Manager Magazine Researcher Photojournalist Publishing Company Manager Script Writer Script Supervisor Story Editor

14 Strategies For Developing Skills To Get The Job You Want Pursue an excellent academic record Obtain part-time, summer, or internship work experience Develop strong writing and speaking skills Develop photography or videography skills Secure leadership positions in campus or community groups Shadow the work of a professional

15 Books And Web Resources Books Careers In Media And Film by Georgina Gregory Smart Moves For Liberal Arts Grads: Finding A Path To Your Perfect Career by Sheila J. Curran Careers in Science by Thomas Easton Web Resources American Film Institute Independent Film & Television Alliance

16 Resources For More Information USCs Department of Film and Media Studies Career Center Library Film Related Websites DEO College of Arts and Sciences Career Development Program

17 Career Center Contact Information University of South Carolina Career Center 6th Floor, H. William Close Building (BA Building) Columbia, SC 29208 Phone: 803-777-7280 On-call counseling without an appointment: M - F, 1:00 am - 4:00 pm (Summer and holiday hours may differ, please check the website at



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