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Film School Confidential Get in. Make it out alive. Tom Edgar & Karin Kelly 2007.

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1 Film School Confidential Get in. Make it out alive. Tom Edgar & Karin Kelly 2007

2 Introduction to the Second Edition 1st edition was already ten years ago! During the course of ten years…. –The emerging of digital video as an accepted medium –The growth of Internet & Cellphone culture –MFA in film may be what the MBA was not long ago –Revolution of Documentary

3 Film Schools and Hollywood : A Brief History Film schools were campus jokes. Hollywoods best and most influential films were rooted in existential despair..(Think Bergman, Polanski, Kurosawa) In 1980 a pack of graduates from Southern California Film Schools got the chance to make movies. (Speilberg, Lucas) Their films became a hit, and so did the school The next megahit V.S. the low budget In general, you dont get to make a big movie until youve made a small one.

4 Why go to film school ? –Time –Structure –Freedom –Guidance –Contacts –Insurance –Teaching Credentials –Community

5 What about undergraduate film school ? Its great if youre going to college anyway But you may not be ready to make a film the time you get the opportunity Suggestion : dont get both BFA & MFA in film.

6 What about the film schools that advertise in the back of magazines ? New York Film Academy Los Angeles Film School Just a short course about how to use a camera Best as a prerequisite

7 What about skipping film school entirely ? If you want to be a technician, move to Hollywood! If you want to be a director, go to Film School or make your first outstanding feature yourself, by.. –Take some classes to write & direct SHORT films –Take some acting classes –Direct a one-act play for the stage –Watch as many great movies as you can –Hire experienced crew & be willing to accept their advice

8 Why are there so many film schools anyway ? Personal computer has made it much easier to be creative During the gold rush, few of the gold miners struck it rich, but the businessman did very well. Schools that do not offer classes in filmmaking are at a disadvantage in attracting new students

9 Four kinds of film school Industry Independent Experimental Documentary

10 Industry Film School

11 Independent Film School

12 Experimental Film School

13 Documentary Film School

14 University of Southern California (USC) ($ 209,508 ext. total cost - Industry / Documentary) 4 years curriculum in directing, 2 years curriculum in screenwriting, producing, or production Oldest & Most famous film school in the U.S. Technically flawless, a bit soulless Best things : the name, the technical training, better facilities, top-notch documentary program, well-prep. for Hollywood Worst things : its a program about the technology and business of film; any art that happens is usually incidental.

15 New York University (most expensive - Independent) 4 years curriculum, est. total cost $216,740 Very demanding, very concerned with storytelling Best things : embodies the spirit of independent filmmaking, best facilities*, graduate employable students with marketable skills, very prestigious, and living in NY can be a life-altering experience. Worst things : The bill and the stress. *24 Arriflex SRs, 1 Arriflex 35 mm, 8 Panasonic DVX100s, 4 Sony PD150s, 6 Avid Media Composers, ADR Foley & Mixing stage, large soundstage, recording studios, two large state-of-the-art theaters

16 California Institute of Arts (CalArts) (most expensive - focused on experimental film & animation) 3 years curriculum, est. total cost $165,370 An Art School for creative, motivated individuals with a strong personal vision, techno-cool Best things : small size & funky attitude, great atmosphere to be creative, strong programs in dance / design / computer animation, connection with Pixars Worst things : depressing town, too much freedom

17 Florida State University (least expensive - Industry) 2 years curriculum, est. total cost $89,316 More about learning through hands-on experience & collaboration Best things : Students get a lot for their money, graduate employment rate is very high, plentiful equipment, extremely active & supportive network Worst things : exhausting, no guarantee to direct a thesis film, a little bit too supportive for the real world

18 University of New Orleans (least expensive - Independent) 2 years curriculum, est. total cost $53,720 Very strong connection with drama program, not nearly demanding or fast- paced, Best things : The price, The equipment* is available when needed, Students could make a lot of film under a tight budget Worst things : Hurricane Katrina has complicated things, and the faculty is not always around to help *few CP-16, Arri SR, 6 Panasonic DVX100s, plentiful light & sound packages, 2 nice-sized soundstage, 7 Avid stations, Audio finishing Suite, Whisper room for Voice & ADR

19 More about the schools Visit filmschoolconfidential. net

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