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Early Film Music Films shown starting in 1890s

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2 Early Film Music Films shown starting in 1890s
Projectors were noisy for silent films Live music added to cover noise Piano used with film in Paris, 1895 In 1908, Paris company, Le Film d’Art, commissioned Camille Saint-Saëns to compose music for L’assassinat du Duc de Guise; live musicians played during film screeings Work by Saint-Saëns was a success, but increased expense for theaters 2

3 Early Film Music 1909 Edison film company produced list of classical works that would fit specific moods 1912 Max Winkler created cue sheets 1926 Warner Brothers produced vitaphone system Vitaphone films included Don Juan and The Jazz Sing 3

4 Film Composers 4 Max Steiner became one of the first movie composers
1933, King Kong 1939, Gone With the Wind 1942, Casablanca Bernard Herrmann 1941, Citizen Kane 1958, Vertigo 1960, Psycho Several other Hitchcock films Aaron Copland 1948, The Heiress 4

5 Later Film-Scoring Practices
Use of previously recorded music 2001: A Space Odyssey uses music by Richard Strauss; Johann Strauss; Ligeti; Khatchaturian Music is essential to film; only 40 minutes of dialogue Composing new music and existing music John Williams wrote score; music included in 88 of 121 minutes of movice Williams used a main theme that functioned like an opera overture Williams used leitmotif technique for each character, like Wagner 6

6 Featured Listening : “Main Theme” from Star Wars by John Williams
Composed for film in 1977 Movie music Moderate tempo, slows near the end Orchestra Quadruple meter with some triple meter Listen to the opening fanfare, heroic theme, battle music, and Princess Leia’s leitmotif Listening Excerpt from CD 2, tracks 38, p

7 Listening Guide: The Main Theme from Star Wars (contd.)
Fanfare Heroic theme played by brass and percussion, then entire orchestra Light and soft transition Strings build intensity Battle music (triple meter), then syncopated punctuations obscure meter Heroic theme returns in quadruple meter Princess Leia’s leitmotif is played by cellos and basses Heroic theme in high brass Fanfare-like statements in brass Tempo slows and intensity drops Closes with music from Elgar’s The Coronation March 8

8 Trend in Movie Music: Synthesizer
1964, synthesizer developed by Robert Moog Popular with rock bands Synthesizer improved through 1970s Synthesizers produced sounds like an orchestra and generated sound effects A composer could produce soundtrack without live musicians 9

9 Synthesizer Academy Award Scores
Midnight Express (1978) by Giorgio Moroder Chariots of Fire (1981) by Vangelis

10 Composers Writing for Live Orchestras
John Corigliano 1980, Altered States 1999, The Red Violin Philip Glass 1983, Koyaanisqatsi 2002, The Hours James Horner 1989, Field of Dreams 1995, Braveheart; Apollo 13 1997, Titanic 10

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