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Film Tourism Liz Buchanan Tourist Board Training Scotland.

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1 Film Tourism Liz Buchanan Tourist Board Training Scotland

2 Research Results 2007 Significant positive effect on tourism Contribute to wider branding of UK Historical films reinforce UKs historical reputation Associated sites, not shooting locations, benefit most Historical/religious buildings & rural villages most successful Emotional productions highly successful Television drama series generates the tourist effect Study: How Film & Television Programmes Promote Tourism in the UK

3 Winning Combinations Tourism-generating screen products: Strong story High-visibility screen products Positive, uplifting tone Linked to established brand Historical buildings/rural landscapes Place/locations plays a key role in story = Blockbuster = Positive Impact on Tourism

4 The Scottish Picture Made in Scotland

5 Screen Industry: Value to Scotland £1bn revenues per year 8000 people employed Taggart sold to 77 countries Grand Theft Auto Computer Game - $2bn worldwide

6 Capitalising on Opportunities Case Studies Marketing (Braveheart) Product Development (Film Crews Welcome)

7 Braveheart Blockbuster Characteristics Strong story High visibility Positive tone Linked to wider brand Historical/rural locations Place important to story

8 Braveheart Tourism Initiatives Stirling Premiere Press Coverage Stirling branding campaign Websites Itinerary Private tours

9 Braveheart Long term impact Led a huge tourism surge Four or five good years Braveheart Phenomenon still persists

10 Film Crews Welcome Developing Film Tourism niche market Tourism industry/film industry partnership Awareness raising FCW industry workshop FCW Quality Assurance Welcome Scheme

11 Film Crews Welcome Why do we need FCW? Revenue generator Demanding customers Inconsistent provision & standards

12 FCW Workshop Aimed at all businesses Explains what the film industry includes Raises awareness of challenges & benefits Encourages businesses to work together

13 FCW Quality Assurance Scheme Scheme Criteria Flexible arrival times Flexible meal times Extended bar/lounge service Laundry service Room cleaning at any time Internet access & office services Confidentiality Adequate parking

14 Film Crews Welcome Film Crews Welcome DVD

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