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MSP/EOC Results: 2011-2012 Grapeview School District October, 2012.

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1 MSP/EOC Results: Grapeview School District October, 2012

2 MSP Improvement & Growth Reading & Writing – Bright Spots Elementary 4 rd grade Reading was the highest ever and in Mason County at 81.5% proficient (71.4% WA State Standard) 35.1% up from last year 4 th grade Writing 63%, State 61.3% up 15% from last year 5 th grade Reading missed standard by.2% 70.8% vs state at 71% Up 14.3% from last year Middle School 6 th grade missed Reading standard by 1% at 69.6% vs state standard at 70.6% 7 th grade met standard at 80% vs 71.2% state standard, 41.9% up from last year

3 MSP/EOC Improvement &Growth Mathematics & Science – Bright Spots Elementary 5 th grade Science was 70.8%, up 9.9% (state standard 66.1%) Middle School 6th grade math was 64.2%, (state standard 61.4%) 8 th grade science was 66.7% (state standard 66.3%

4 Areas of Concern/MSP Reading & Writing *3 rd grade reading scores dipped, 14.2% lower than state standard *In writing in 7 th grade, we had an increase from 2011 from 33.3% to 56.7% but still behind state at 71% Math & Science All grades except 6 th took big dips in Math

5 District Scores – Reading Grade LevelDistrict 2011District %54.2% 446.4%81.5%* (+35.1%) 556.5%70.8% (+14.3%) 676.9%69.6% 738.1%80%* (+41.9%) 875%57.1%

6 District Scores - Writing Grade LevelDistrict 2011District %63% (+16.6%) 733.3%56.7% (+23.4%)

7 District Scores - Math Grade Level %25% 435.7%44.4% (+8.7%) 545.8%25% 665.4%65.2% 747.6%44.% 850%33.3%

8 Math – End of Course 8 th Grade Math AssessmentState ProficientGrapeview % Proficient EOC 171.1%54.5%

9 District Scores - Science Grade Level %70.8%* (up 9.9%) 875%66.7%*

10 Other Data to Consider

11 DIBELS Next Summary GradeFallSpringBenchmark Goal K

12 STARS 2 nd grade0.2 to to to to to to to to to to to rd grade2.6 to to to to to to to th grade2.3 to to to to to to to th grade3.3 to to to to to to to to to to 5.0

13 Our Actions to Improve Student Achievement Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum New Math adoptions at all levels: Grapeview adopted new math material and began implementation during the school year. Teachers like the new curriculum and have had one year to train and will continue through out the school year to receive help from the vendor in areas staff has identified as need and through our Monday staff development. Highly Effective Instruction in Every Classroom Every Day Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project

14 Our Actions to improve Student Achievement Math * Small group instruction has been implemented by putting a para- educator into each class for math *Teachers will be working with the low groups *Tracking math through STAR Math, three times a year testing *Implementing Easy CBA, progress monitoring, three times a year *Accelerated Math in every classroom for practice and review *Dream Box available for students, this program can be accessed from home, keeps track of practice time, good intervention for outside school

15 Our Actions to Improve Student Achievement Our Key Work Collaboration that improves student learning, Monday early release Protocols are identified and taught to staff Examples: Lesson study, Principal/ Teacher evaluation frameworks, differentiating instruction, effective use of technology in the classroom, common language across grade levels, Cornell notes, formative assessments, book studies, parent communication and involvement Focus on Results Continual, focus on results: DIBELS-both reading and math, STARS, Double and Triple Dosing of at risk. Move students as needed, teachers teaching the lowest groups Clear Commitment to Improved Student Success at all levels

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